Winter Warmer

The Winter Warmer is Blackburn Road Runners’ annual race, occurring every first Sunday of February.

The event features a 2K fun run for children at 10 am which takes place within the surroundings of Witton Park. The main 10K race, kicks off at 11 am. Runners navigate the challenging ascent of Buncer Lane, followed by a scenic descent through Pleasington’s countryside before making a triumphant return to the track for a race finish. Expect a warm and friendly welcome, along with ample support throughout the race.

We provide a dedicated team of pace runners for the 10K, ready to assist you in achieving your desired times. Our pace runners maintain a consistent, pre-determined pace throughout the race, with the flexibility to make slight adjustments at different points to accommodate changes in terrain. Count on them to guide you towards your goal with expertise and lots of support.

Additionally, we host an awesome cake stall offering a variety of treats for you to enjoy after the race. All proceeds from the stall contribute to our nominated charity, making your post-race indulgence even more meaningful.

Our event has exceptional reviews on Racecheck, boasting an impressive all-time average rating of 4.8 out of 5! Join us for a memorable day of running and a truly enjoyable race experience.

Videos from Past Events