About the Club

Welcome to Blackburn Road Runners, a vibrant and inclusive club comprising runners of various ages and skill levels. Established in 1986, our club holds a membership of approximately 300 individuals and is proudly affiliated with England Athletics.

At Blackburn Road Runners, our core objective is to promote running in the Blackburn area, whether for competitive purposes or as a means to stay fit and active. We take pride in offering mentoring, companionship, encouragement, and valuable advice to runners of all levels. Our paced groups cater to everyone, requiring a minimum ability to run at least 3 miles at any pace to join our community.

We accommodate individuals seeking to enhance their overall fitness, engage in road running, cross-country & trail running, fell & hill running, and participate in relay races – ranging from 5k to ultra-marathon distances. Our social activities are exceptional and often the envy of other clubs!

Throughout the year, we organise a comprehensive winter and summer calendar, featuring regular social runs and races. Our awards system allows runners to set and achieve goals at different distances, with an annual Club Championship recognising outstanding accomplishments.

Join us every Wednesday at 6.50 p.m. at Witton Country Park for a 7.00pm run of approximately 5-7 miles, followed by a well-deserved social drink and supper back at the Cherry Tree Cricket Club.  Additionally, once a month, we explore different venues, often country pubs, for a delightful social run and meal, aptly named ‘Run and Eat.’ These nights offer a more informal group run at Witton Park.

To train and compete with our athletic club, membership is essential. Prospective members can attend club nights for up to one month before completing an application for membership and paying subscriptions. For details on Membership, please visit our membership portal https://membermojo.co.uk/blackburnroadrunners

We look forward to welcoming you to the Blackburn Road Runners community!