Interested in joining our club?

That’s great! We’d love to have you come and run with us.

How to Join

We have different paced groups and as long as you can run at least 3 miles at any pace you’ll be fine joining us!

Blackburn Road Runners is affiliated with England Athletics, a member of UKA (UK Athletics).  In order that a runner can train with an athletic club, and ultimately compete for them, they must be a Member of that club.

Full 1st Claim Membership is open to person(s) who are amateurs as defined by England Athletics and are aged 18 years and over.

Non-members/prospective members are able to attend Club runs for a maximum of one month, following which an application for membership must be completed and subscriptions paid.  Before membership can be approved, prospective members must attend four consecutive Wednesday Club runs to become familiarised with the club and its members.

We understand it can be very daunting for some to take the initial plunge to join us so please contact our Club Membership Secretary, Debbie Bolton, who will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Types of Club Membership

  • Full 1st Claim Membership
  • 2nd Claim Membership
  • Social Membership
  • Overseas (Non-UK) Membership

Please click here for more details about how to apply for Club Membership with Blackburn Road Runners.

It’s ideal if you are training for an event such as the Great North Run or the London Marathon as we can provide all sorts of training advice.   If you just want to keep fit with other like minded people and get out on a Wednesday night…again we fit the bill!

Our Social members play an invaluable role within the club, supporting our runners at race events as well as marshalling.