Windermere Marathon Recci Weekend

As a few of you may be aware, I am hoping to run ten marathons in ten days at Windermere next year.

Kindly Sheila and Janet said they would come and recci the course with me over a weekend.

We set off Saturday morning nice and early and booked in at the bed and breakfast in Newby bridge.
We leave the car and then take another car to Brathey which is were the start of the marathon is.

We go through the usual bottle bags, check, jelly beans, check, yes been to the toilet for the umpteenth time check, spare change just in case and off we go.  Oh forgot the camera came on this marathon route too.

The sun is shining and we are all feeling good, we take it at a nice pace.
We was in for a surprise as the traffic was really busy and we had to be really carefull running along these busy roads.

People that know me , know I have a saying “it is not a hill” , I have totally changed my mind “there is some great hills around and as all three of us remember the first major one was at mile seven”.
I take pictures along the route which hopefully will follow shortly.

Janet and Sheila are running really well and we take in the views between yes the hills.
At last we reach the end  of the first day at newby bridge  12.6 miles in 2:01 which on that route we are  very pleased with, and as Janet has only run up to nine miles she did fab, and of course Sheila and myself.

We shower and have a qucik drink and then head off to find something to eat.

To our dissapointment we find most eating places don’t serve food until 6pm, as it was only 4.45 we decide crisp will have to do until then.

Ahh the food arrives and we talk about the the run and then the day ahead of us.

As we drive back to the bed and breakfast we go along the second half of the marathon , and say it seems alot easier than the first half.

Morning arrives and after a lovely breakfast (not recommend when doing a long run, sausage, egg, mushrooms, toast etc. ) we set off.

I remember Sheila and myself laughing and saying it did’nt seem so bad in a car but running it, the ups and downs just kept coming.  But the views were worth it.

The run through Bowness,was something, there was people everywere.
Nearing the end it became easier.

At last we arrive at Brathey.

Well done girls and thanks for reccing the route and can’t wait until the next time.

(The thought of doing the full route ten times everyday aaahhhhhhh, but hey I will do my best)