Training Run on Friday 24th July

Hi All…

Friday 24th at 1.30pm Myself and Sheila are going to run a 17 miler, if anyone would love to run the full distance or part way are very welcome to come and join us.


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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:


    The route we are going to do is mainly all road and starts from St Augustines school in Billington through Whalley, Barrow, Clitheroe, Chatburn, Downham and back along a track to Pendleton, Wiswell, Whalley, Billington. The full route is about 16 miles but for alternatives there are a couple: meet us in Whalley and this makes it about 13.5 miles or at the Eagle in Barrow to make it about 12 miles.
    We had intended to set off around 1.30pm but can delay a little if you wanted to join us. If you let either myself or Liona know what distance you wanted to do and I can judge the start time/meet time etc.
    It will be a slow run as the distance will be my furthest for some time.
    Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. Junayd
    Junayd says:

    Hi, thanks for such a fast response.

    I would love to run the full 17miler with you guyz, thanks for waiting for me, as am not free between 1:30-2pm. However these dayz, I’ve no transport, not permitted to drive on medical grounds so am dependent upon family members taking me out. Sis just left for her summer european vacation, so no lift. (spoke to bro in law, and he has no clue on d location). With uncle tomtom on a summer vacation i guess i’ll run on my threadmill in the morning, hehe.

    You guyz carry on, I dont want to let you down or keep you behind as its not in my hands. whilst running on the threadmill i’ll pretend am running alongside you both hehe.

    A quick hi to all the club members i met on wednesday. You ALL were such lovely + carring, felt like i’d known you all for a while. One of the best stuff to happen to me in d last year, was to join d runnig club and meeting such wonderfull family. Bless you all.

    Sheila and Liona, when it comes to running, count me in… Be it physical or spritually, hehe…

    May as well save my details for future runs
    (Live near Little Harwood / Daisyfield – Blackburn)

  3. Liona Riding
    Liona Riding says:

    Hi glad you enjoyed meeting everyone at the club. Sorry you could not make the run on Friday, we will let you know when we are running our next long run. We are hoping to run the Whalley nab trail/road race on Tuesday night then go to the club on Wednesday. Keep up the good running.


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