Training Run on 4th July 2009

Well would you believe it, myself and Sheila decide to run another tough 13 miler, will we ever learn? (NO).

A few days before Andy, Eileen and Lisa and Sheila and myself run up the Whalley Nab route which is 5.5 miles and straight up, in the baking sun, so are legs are still a little stiff from then, any how  the weather really hot again today, so the suncream is pasted on nice and thick as you all know I only have to look up at the sun and I’m burnt.

We set off in good humour and chat away, the first mile is down hill ahhhhhh nice , running along we admire the beautiful scenery as we always do, I wish we had a pound for every time we say oh how lovely is ths run.

A couple of miles into the run the rain came down in torrents, it was like pouring bucket of water over ourselves , clothes sticking to us was bad enough but not being able to see as like I said earlier I had pasted the suncream on which ran into my eyes what a site we must of looked. Not bothered though we are not going to win Miss beauty queen. If its not rain it seems to be mud the fun of running.

Funny though as we start to do another big climb the sun decided to come out, and dry us.

Guess what?  Just as we got dry it poured down again, we get to the end,  and glad to beging home to get wet again but this time in a nice warm bath.

Watch this space were will Sheila and I run next weekend.  Like I said you are all welcome.