Training Run on 27th June 2009

The day started off nice and warm, myself and Sheila walked the dogs and then decided we would run a route that Sheila had done before going to Mongolia and when she was training for the London Marathon.

The start of this 13mile route is uphill, by the time we reached the top we both felt quite warm.  After running the first two miles we both knew this was going to be tough run the weather was hot and humid.  We carried on until around the 7 mile marker were we then reached Gisburn and refilled our water bottles, with a big sigh of relief.

We both forgot how undulating this route was.  Normally you take in the scenery but not today, the main thing now was to finish in one piece.

The British weather is so unpredictable, and today was no different with around 2 miles to go the sky turned black, and when we wanted it to rain it did’nt bother until we got back and in the car, then the heavens opened tarmac on the roads had broken up, and the roads were like rivers , we both just looked at each other and laughed.  That was one hard training run today and at one point I was thinking of ways of trying to shorten the route as the heat was unbearable.

Well done Sheila, thanks for a good run.  If anyone is daft enough to join us on these runs you are most welcome they are fun . . . . . honest!


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  1. Junayd
    Junayd says:

    Hi all, i’ve been reading some of the articles, recently discovered the site. I’ve been sick for a while, and whilst during my recovery i decided to take the challange of running to help me fight myself. This has helped me allot with increasing the will power.

    i’ve never ran before ever, but now for the last few months, been running on my treadmill.

    Am looking for runners in Blackburn, who can run alongside me, coach, help and motivate me.

    Aim is to run the London Marathon 2010

    Any tips… Thanks

  2. Susan Wolstenholme
    Susan Wolstenholme says:


    Come and join us on a Wednesday night at Witton Park ( entrance off Preston Old Rd), we start at 7pm and are not fast at all (although some members can be when put to the test) Particulary motivating and helpful for those training for GNR/ London as a wealth of experience to tap into, way better than on a treadmill!!

  3. Susan Wolstenholme
    Susan Wolstenholme says:


    Sounds like an interesting run, there’s no stopping Sheila now!! She’ll be doing a marathon again before we know it x

  4. Liona Riding
    Liona Riding says:


    Like Sue said above come and join us on a Wednesday night, you will enjoy running with other people and get to know of races that are coming up being it a 5k or a 10k to marathon distance.

    Meeting other runners helps a lot and the encouragement that you get from club memebers is good.

    There is always members from our club running London and at weekends meets up also to do long runs gradually building up each week until marathon day.

  5. Linda Rusyn
    Linda Rusyn says:

    Hi Junayd

    How is the running coming along?

    Hope you are keeping it up, you do need to run outside as well and take in all this beautiful countryside we have.

    Please remember to do your stretches though before and after, I learnt the hard way and had an awful lot of injuries, also make sure you have the correct trainers. Sweatshop in Chorley are very helpful and will point you in the right direction, most of all enjoy your running,

    Good Luck


  6. Junayd
    Junayd says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all your support, my apologies for not replying promptly, took a while to figure out how to reply, he he.

    Shafiq cheers for a reminder.

    Running Update:
    Last Monday, I decided on a attempt to run the full marathon from the luxury of my bedroom, for the first time.

    Managed to run for 20 miles, in 3:05 and then further 2 miles (walking) warm down in 35min. Unfortunately was not able to complete the full target of 24 miles. Was flat out, I expected my legs to be in pain the next day however strangely they wont so bad, by Wednesday was ready to hit the gym again. (Guess after the run, self massage, stretching and constantly keeping the legs moving helped).

    Was just thinking wow, how difficult it was for me to get the 20 miles covered in 3hours, how then do those super-fit, elite athlete do the full run in record times of 2hr:+ . Hats off to them!!

    Like I mentioned before, I started to run to help me and further give me increased will power to overcome being sick. On browsing the internet, discovered increased blood flow to the brain takes place and the chemical endorphin is released in the brain, which can help relax the brain, So thought well, if i just lie in bed all day and drown myself with the sorrow of being sick, this would ultimately lead me to bed bound for years to come or life. So going against the contrary advice of my consultants, I decided to go on long walks, then short runs and then long runs, from the convenience of my bedroom (treadmill).

    One of the problems, I faced whilst being sick was loosing weight rapidly, and my body eating into my muscle. The doctors decided to put me on high-protein liquid supplement feeds, did not work.

    I decided, enough is enough, I’ve listened to what the doctors had to say and others,now am going to do it my way, (coming from a martial artist background had the basic knowledge that, if you put the muscle into good use, it will over time increase in size, so I set myself on the self -acclaimed theory that if I run,
    a) it will increase the muscle size on my legs (forcing the body to keep onto what it has) and by default take my weight up.
    b) if i were to run at low intensity, whilst ensuring my heart rate is kept below 65% of the target heart rate in excess of 90mins, It may train my body to use fat as fuel rather my muscle.

    The consultants at the hospital told me to aim for something in your life, and keep focused onto that. This will help you fight for recovery, I said, “I want to run the London Marathon 2009 and join the police service”. Was told be realistic, marathon is way beyond what you can endure to, however training to become a police officer should be fine, as you need a healthy BMI and will help me raise my BMI.

    So I decided that, in the past I wanted to run the marathon , but did not make the first 2eeks of training. So for now, understand time is not on my side for the 2009 run, however prepare for the 2010. If you are dead by then, then who cares at least you tried, and if I make it till then, then i will bounce out as a healthy fit individual. hehe

    Been at it for few months and now the results

    My Head: I feel more relaxed and happy then ever before.

    Complexion: Even thou, still look almost malnourished, however I look more alive and alert, and less sick.

    My Weight:, On the last check-up.. I was weighed at 58.4Kg, which is a big jump from 51kg.

    Diet: I feel more hungry, so am able to take in more calories, started on chicken/fish and salad as my solid diet, from no solid. However still on my prescribed supplement feeds. I get so hungry at times, if am asleep need to get up and have a quick sip of my feed or whatever on my bedside.

    The doctors are pleased with my progress, however i haven’t told them yet of my secret routine. Thought wait till I hit 64/70kg and then I’ll let them know.

    Little do they know my muscle mass gain does not come from prescribed supplements

    I would say to everyone… run run run.

    See you guyz on Wednesday hopefully… and Thanks for taking your invaluable time to read my long boring story. hehe



  7. Linda Rusyn
    Linda Rusyn says:

    Hi Junayd

    Wow !! you certainly have it all planned out very impressive, maybe you could teach us something. My advice on stretching seems a bit trivial and you certainly have it all planned out.

    Just to let you know we are not at Witton tonight, running from the Wellsprings near Pendleton and having a meal afterwards. We will be at Witton next Wednesday and for the following 4 weeks, hope to see you there

  8. Junayd
    Junayd says:

    Lol, me teach you guyz, uff… its the other way round, will be learning of you guyz.

    Awe, what a shame… I was really excited on meeting everyone today. Dont know where Pendleton is, If there is anyone from blackburn, (near LittleHarwood/Daisyfield) area and going to Pandleton, then I would appreciate if they can also give me a lift too. Hehe

    my 07871 237 840

    If not, see you all next week.

  9. Shafiq Khan
    Shafiq Khan says:

    Hi All ..

    I reckon this page is getting a little long winded … Have I to re-enable the forum?

    Junayd, I live pretty close to you (Near Shear Brow). Would love to take you around for a run, but I got injured @ the moment from the Bradford Relay 🙁

    You can also always contact us if you need any help or advice… But by the looks of your posted messages you seem well on your way to run a wicked time 🙂

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