I started running about 3 years ago in the run up to my wedding. I started off at small mileage 2/3 miles and built up to about 6. As the miles started to go up I really mentally struggled running alone. My goal was to keep fit for before the wedding and fit into my dress (I am an eater and dieting has never been something I could do). My wedding came and went and was of course fabulous.

I wanted to carry on running but I really struggled alone. My brother in law Dave constantly tried talking me into coming down for a club night run but at first I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I wasn’t a confident runner and am a shy reserved type of person (stop the laughing please) okay so I am not shy but I definitely had no confidence as a runner and worried that if I went down I wouldn’t be able to keep up and would slow everyone down.

Dave never gave up badgering me and I agreed to try a Saturday run… well what can I say I LOVED IT! I remember one of the first runs we did we ran down to the paper mill – Andrew Boardman ran with me and was so encouraging I even managed to nearly make it to the top of the hill next to the paper mill, I felt exhausted but was ecstatic.

Then came the Wednesday night run and was I nervous? – hell yes – I kept thinking all the big guns would be there the really fast runners and nerves really kicked in as I didn’t feel confident enough but I went along and everyone was so welcoming and there were runners of all abilities which really made me feel at ease.

I did my first race – the autumn breaker – I felt sick with nerves anyone would think I was racing with Usain Bolt the way I was. Andrew Gardner was pacing 1 hour so I stuck with him and he run me in just over 56 mins for my first 10k I was over the moon I couldn’t believe I had done it in under an hour.

The club members and supporters which there are many are amazing and my confidence as a runner has grown tremendously since joining the club and I have met some amazing friends. I look back and think to the time when I couldn’t imagine running further than about 6 miles and now I have done 10k’s, a 10 miler and a half marathon and am in training for the metric marathon. I couldn’t have got where I am without the support of the club #brrstrong