Nominations for Club Member & Runner of the Month Oct 2015

Runner of the month, it’s a toughie it always is but I’m picking Richard slater again for his continuous marathon performances.
Member of the month ‘our’ Sinead, she’s throwing 110% effort into the club just now.

ROTM – Emma Walton for a superb time at Chester making it effortless and breaking the woman’s record.

My runner of the month is Michael Clucas for his PB and sub 3:30 in the Chester Marathon.
My member of the month is Jason Rippingale for helping so many people achieve PB’s at the Chester Marathon & in other races.

Tough one this month, members should be everyone at Chester doing the club proud but I have to say Ged Johnson and Chris Ball stood over two BBQs and cooked for the entire club, both absolute troopers so maybe they can share one?
Runner would be Rick Slater, two marathons in a month, Chester and Yorkshire, he might only be little but he’s a bundle of energy and gives 120% in everything he does.

Runner of the Month:

There are so many deserving winners this month…but for me it’s got to go to Jeff! He just gets on with it, takes on board any advice (maybe not the marathon training plan!!) and is getting faster and faster in all races that he’s doing! Really well done.

Member of the Month

Going to vote for you again Sue in the hope you will accept it! Your role is like a full time job in itself and all the hard work you put in behind the scenes can often go unnoticed…I think the atmosphere at Chester sums up what a fab club we are and how passionate you are to get people running!

Runner of the month – Adam for smashing Dublin or Emma for breaking a long standing club record.
Member of the month – Simon Wilson for a great Blackpool run and eat.

After some great performances it was a tough choice this month with pbs being smashed for me Jeff Whitfield is my runner of the month. He just gets faster and faster.
Member of the month is a close call too after much thought my choice is Rick Wilson two marathons and still finds time to help c25k and Marshall the park run in Blackburn Mr Motivator to a great many runners.

This has been probably the toughest month to choose a ROTM, there have been loads of outstanding performances such as those who ran Chester Full and Metric marathon, Rick Wilson deserves special mention for his two marathons. Margaret Keighley’s fantastic run at Leicester giving her a GFA result! Craig Wilki and Adam Bateman smashing their marathon PBs are two others deserving massive credit! New members out there racing as well, however the club records are not broken too often and whilst she may go on to break more, my nomination this month is for Emma Walton for her record breaking run at Green Drive Five.

For MOTM, special thanks go Simon Wilson for organising the Illuminations run and to members of the committee for turning around the VLM draw so quickly, especially Lisa Ingham, for her perseverance in pushing for that 3rd place with EA. Acknowledgement to Rowena and Sue for getting home Beth and Rick respectively at Chester. However my nomination for this month goes to our very own angel – Donna Cook – she not only helped our own runners but many others as well up that hill at Chester, running constant hill reps for a number of hours, thank you Donna.

Runner of the month for me is David Birtwistle, he had a great Chester run and has persevered until he got his 1st at Witton Parkrun

Member of the month – Rowena
She has “loaned” herself out to help others with their training runs and it’s just lovely seeing her loving her running as much as she is just now.

Its a really tough month to choose tbh as Chester was such a great achievement for so many.
Rick, Beth, Rowena, Emma W, so many pbs it’s unreal overall and too many people to mention I think you should get a bloomin mention too for all your extra hard work.. aren’t you allowed to vote for the chairperson???

In a month of some great performances you could pick lots of winners however I think Richard slater stands out by a long way 5 races 2 gold standards 3 silver and two marathons in a week at 57 years of age speaks for itself member of the month Donna cook for helping all our runners up that hill at Chester are own special angel.

So many to choose from this month! Great performances from so many amazing runners yet again.
My ROTM is Jeff. He just keeps chipping away at his pbs and gave a great performance at Chester and Green Drive to name a few. Very excited to see what he brings next year!
My MOTM is Donna, who without a shadow of a doubt saved me going up that blooming hill at Chester. Her infectious enthusiasm, great advice and her wiling to run each and every one of us up that hill at Chester really does make her an angel!

Could have been so many this month-excited for things to come!

I would like to nominate Emma Walton for Runner of the month, whilst again it has been a month of personal achievements for a lot of individuals it’s not every month someone breaks a long standing club record. Well done Emma !!  Also nomination for Member of the Month, has to be our very own Race Angel, Donna Cook.. Perfectly time and great support at Chester on the killer hill at the end

ROTM – Finding it more difficult than ever to choose just one. So many PB’s, first timers a record breaker and a winner, everyone deserves a massive well done. My ROTM is John Clucas, 2 marathons in a month and a marathon PB. Special mention to Emma Walton and David Birtwistle, suspect both will feature heavily in many more nominations for ROTM!

MOTM – Also a really difficult one, however, vote goes to the Chester BBQ crew (AKA Ged, Chris and Janette), slaving away over a hot BBQ in the sun all afternoon! Also thanks to Simon Wilson for organising Blackpool, brilliant night.

Thanks, that’s taken about an hour of my life that I won’t get back!!

I would like to nominate Donna cook as member if the month for her role as race angel. The role of angel is not normally associated with Donna (!!!) but she was a star at Chester and her support and enthusiasm was appreciated by everyone. Well done Donna

Member of Month – Jane Matthewman for working quietly behind the scenes consistently.
Runner of the Month – Adam for his excellent performance in Dublin 🙂

Member: Suzanne Bell for her support on so many races
Runner: Emma Walton for breaking a club record and wearing those blue shorts 🙂

Many worthy winners this month. My top 3 would be Emma Walton, Adam Bateman and John Hannon. I’ll go for Adam. He’s always deserved to get a time like 3.20 with all the training, but he’s finally done it. For member of the month, for me it’s between Donna Cook for her support at Chester, or Rick Wilson, who has done 2 marathons this month, but has also continued with couch 2 5k, and has often been seen marshalling parkruns. I’ll go for rick on this one.

As a club member who does not live locally, at weekends, Simon Wilson will find it really difficult to get recognition through these monthly awards , however his efforts in organising a really successful Blackpool illuminations run and eat are I believe worthy of winning member of the month.

I know he was anxious for everyone to have a good night and he made a real effort to make it memorable for both BRR and the other social runners who attended.

Well done and thanks Simon.

Loads and loads to choose from. Some great performances from loads of runners. My vote for runner of the month goes to Adam Bateman. What a top lad! He worked so hard for Dublin. He ran it perfectly! Showed everyone how to pace a race. Really well done!

ROTM – Jeff Whitfield, some cracking times, at Chester for debut plus green mile 5 too, just getting quicker and stronger every race.
MOTM – Donna Cook, always an incredibly

Enthusiastic member but seeing her towards the end of Chester and her helping myself and Mark up that bloody hill deserves a medal never mind a trophy.

I’d like to nominate Sinead for her amazing enthusiasm and dedication, especially to social secretary role and Christmas do. How can you not feel upbeat bring around her???