Nominations for Club Member & Runner of the Month January 2016

ROTM: Michael Lilley
MOTM: Rick Wilson

2. MOTM – Sinead for her sterling efforts on sorting the WW marshalling.
ROTM – Jason R for getting stuck into his sub 3 VLM goal with a huge effort and mileage in Jan training.

3. I’d like to nominate Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for runner of the month with all the effort she has put in training and getting a 10k pb in very muddy conditions very well done. Member of the month for sue Wolstenholme for her absolutely awesome dedication to the club and everything she does which sometimes we don’t always hear about but we know she is always working away in the background

4. I’d like to nominate Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for runner of the month with all the effort she has put in training and getting a 10k pb in very muddy conditions very well done. Member of the month for sue Wolstenholme for her absolutely awesome dedication to the club and everything she does which sometimes we don’t always hear about but we know she is always working away in the background

5. Here we go for the first one of 2016;
Motm- Christine Platt, not only did she spend huge chunks of 2015 shivering and supporting in equal measures in all sorts of weather but now she’s equally enthusiastic in sourcing some unique merchandise for the club!
Rotm- Sinéad Whittaker, 2 races, 2 pb’s and not by a few seconds either, fantastic start to the year!

6. John Clucas for runner of the month. PB after PB on Marathon or half after Marathon or half. Just gets on with racing and running week after week. Not to mention the plan for London. The winter warmer and constant support to rick and the plan.
Member of the month is Ashley. The effort he puts in on the weekly update and calendar. It also should be you not that you would accept it.

7. Please may I nominate Matt Simpson for ROTM? He PB’d this month with an amazing 10k time and has taken on a massive training plan in preparation for London with minimal fuss but massive effort. The sheer amount of running and training is hard to comprehend and he’s working his backside off to get sub3. He so wants to run well in a BRR vest. An amazing runner who is working hard to achieve what he wants.
MOTM is you Sue, you only have to look at the moral of the club to work out that you have done something amazing for us all. Every person is proud to run for us and proud to wear a vest. Your continued support, dedication and commitment to this club and everyone’s running, not only your own is admirable. I have never seen you do a selfish run. You always help others and push people to achieve things they didn’t think possible. You drive us all forward and you never take the credit. Keep up the good work-it’s appreciated x

8. Could I please nominate Pilar Wilcock as runner of the month. Pilars running brilliantly at the moment and improving all the time. She has also begun to lead groups which pushed her out of her comfort zone but she stepped up to the challenge and is doing a great job. Thanks

9. Please can I nominate Pilar Wilcock for runner of the month, she has improved so much recently, she’s doing incredibly and getting so much faster

10. I would like to nominate pilar wilcock for runner of the month she has started to run faster and improved vastly. she has also stepped up and began leading groups.

11. My runner of the month is Madeline Howarth for once again winning her age cat in a race. Fantastic running . My member of the month is easy. Tracy Slater . For making the brave call to give another member her London marathon place instead of pulling out and doing it next year when she knew she would struggle this year with the training. I’m sure this has never been known before.

12. I would like to vote for John Clucas for member of the month for all his efforts with the new Fitness sessions on a Tuesday and the Winter Warmer
Runner of the month Pilar Wilcock. She’s running so well and improved so much and started leading a group on a Monday.

13. ROTM – I’d like to nominate Sinead Sarah for her race performances in January. Totally smashed the Central Lancs Half and roared over the finish line! Also a great PB at the Hunters 10k. A big year of running and its started with some great, determined performances.
MOTM – Susan Wolstenholme gets my vote! Always an inspiration to others in whatever she does. A real ambassador of BRR who has dedicated so much time and effort to the sport she loves! Not only is it a massive year for BRR as we celebrate 30 years, but it’s also a massive year with the 4 marathon challenge she has set herself. Only right the boss wins the first in this big year for BRR.

14. Runner of the month – Sinead Whitaker
Member of the month – John Clucas

15. Member: John h and Dave s for attracting such a huge following for the sat long runs. Seen first hand why people keep coming back time and time again. These guys know how to manage group runs!!!
Runner: Kathryn Gardner – getting better and better! Max effort at ELH for a PB and taking it very seriously by looking at every element of her running which makes it a 24/7 effort. Lovely family too!!

16. Madeline Howarth for runner coming 1st in age category at East Lancs.
Tracy Slater for member, she gave her London Marathon place away selflessly to benefit another club member.

17. Christine Platt for member fir her merchandising skills and being a great supportive discreet club member
Joanne Coulthard for running achievements often missed cause she is so quiet about what she does

18. I would like to nominate Cheryl Schofield for runner of the month for her fantastic PB at the Hospice 10k. She did amazing on a tough course.
I would like to nominate Sinead Whittaker for member of the month for organising the fab Xmas party (sorry I didn’t vote in December!), but also for the Winter Warmer organisation and for helping and encouraging people at races.

19. Nominate matt simpson for knocking 1min 20 off his 10k time that is a massive amount for such a good runner to start with.
Supporter nominate michael goodlife for running a marathon as support to 401 challenge.

20. ROTM – My nomination this month is to Kathryn Gardner, smashing PBs in both 10k and half! There many worthy others as well, too many to mention! This is getting harder all the time!
MOTM – So many great members in this club, but I’m going for Jane Matthewman, for all the behind the scenes work in dealing with all the runners filling this year’s Winter Warmer! Great organisation skills.

21. ROTM: Kathryn AG and MOTM: John Clucas

22. My ROTM would be the long suffering Kate Rippingale! I’m nominating Kate for the effort she has put in this month to run her first half marathon, 6 weeks earlier than planned, 14 months after taking up running after being told not to by her consultant due to her psoriatic arthritis condition! I think if they tell her not to do a marathon…..she would! My MOTM would be the amazing Sinead. Not only did she help Kate on her first half marathon but has worked hard with the winter warmer, 30th celebration year & tickets for Adams upcoming charity function.

23. For ROTM I would like to nominate Sinead Whittaker for her half marathon PB (and sub 2) at the Central Lancs half and another super time at the Hunters 10k.
For MOTM I would like to nominate Andrew Gardner for organising the fortnightly speed sessions.

24. Hi Sue,
Lots of amazing performances this month, fast PBs at Hunters, first time half marathons etc but my ROTM is Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner. She’s knocked loads off her times through determination and hard work and she should be really proud of herself.
For MOTM I wanted to vote for Sinead for tirelessly organising loads of things, the WW marshalls, the tickets etc for Adams do, helping out with the anniversary vests on club night and in particular for doing an amazing job of getting me round Lancaster Half!! She gives 100% to everything. However, as she deservedly already won last month, I will vote for John Clucas. He just missed out last month, he quietly gets on with everything, he’s always offering gels, water, encouragement to anyone who needs it and he’s doing a cracking job of his marathon training in that policeman’s uniform! Thank-you!!

25. Runner – Kathryn has worked incredibly hard to get a PB at a very tough East Lancs Hospice 10k taking close to a minute off, then followed that up with an outstanding 1.57.20 at The Lancaster FloodHalf marathon taking close to 15 minutes off her Liverpool Half time in June last year doing the last quarter mile at 7.30 pace…
Member – Tough one as always but I’m going for John Clucas for his constant club efforts, his organisation of the Winter Warmer including cutting back hedges and shrubs, his fund raising for his marathon and running a half marathon in a full police uniform today.