Military Training for Club Runners!

Military Training comes to Witton Park for Blackburn Road Runners!!!

Something different to our weekly run on Wednesday 27th October – 7pm (next Week)

We have hired a ‘one off’ session with Ozone Fit who run Military Training which currently takes places in Preston.

This session will involve a warm up, exercises and drills, provided by an instructor for about an hour and a half.

Check it out at – according to the website,
Ozonefit Military Style Fitness gets results and will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!

Inspire the mind, inspire the body! – pitched for all abilities.

The club is subsidising the £5 per person price tag so it will only cost £2 each to participate (friends are welcome but will have to pay the full amount)

Please can you let me know if you are likely to attend so we can have an idea of numbers.

It should good fun and a change to our usual Weds run

How hard can it be… we’re fit runners after all?



P.S. Uniform not essential (-:

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  1. Linda Rusyn
    Linda Rusyn says:

    Well what a night!!!!
    Is anybody else as stiff as me? I can hardly bend down,
    shows how unfit I am.
    Well done to everybody who turned up for this gruelling but I think enjoyable evening, think I brought home half of Witton Park’s mud, didn’t quite expect rolling around in it but really enjoyed the night. The ‘team’ games were great well done to the yellow team but I think you did, dare I say, slightly bend the rules a little bit on the last game, you were supposed to take off your vest whilst running, not while you were in the queue,but let’s not be too competitive.
    All in all what a great night,

    Please let us have your thoughts!!

    Well done Sue for your superb organisation.


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