Lynne Hindle – British Transplant Games Edinburgh (2007)

Between Thursday, 26th July 2007 and Sunday, 30th July 2007, I attended my fourth British Transplant Games, which were the 30th British Transplant Games.

The Games were held in the city of Edinburgh and special guest at the opening ceremony was Jimmy Saville who attended the very first British Transplant Games in 1977.

I competed in three events and achieved gold in the Mini Marathon, silver in the 800m and silver in the 1500m. The games were a complete success in raising awareness of how important organ donation and transplantation is as thousands of people signed up to the donor register.

I’m now looking forward to the World Games in Bangkok, Thailand between 25th August and 1st September 2007 were I’ll be competing in the same events and hope to be in the medals.

Lynne Hindle