Club Member & Runner of the Month September 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month: George Bell
A truly superb marathon in Berlin running at 61% age grade after balancing health issues

Club Member of the Month: Carla Jenkinson
Coaching our netball team, volunteering on C25K, competing in Triathlons and being all round motivational to other members.

Massive kudos to every nomination with particular mention to the great marathon runners this month who we found impossible to set apart.
Also Pilar Wilcock who won her age category in a trail series. and all our committee members for their significant contribution, who although it’s their ‘roles’ find it rewarding to simply be nominated for member.
Thanks all for taking time to nominate! It so difficult to pick one so all the below are really winners for the month of September


1. ROTM – John Crellin
John is so consistent with his training, he has such great focus and a drive to succeed. Although he has suffered with some niggles, he worked hard to complete the Hull Marathon. He’s always a pleasure to run alongside and is always supportive of others.

MOTM- Tracy Davies
Although I don’t really know Tracy, I see all of her efforts and work that goes into organising training runs. Even when she’s not able to run them herself, Tracy will post routes and meeting points for others to use. She’s clearly a very supportive person, who is always thinking of others.

It is always so difficult to choose these, when there are so many amazing people doing such fantastic things in the club. Everyone deserves massive kudos!

Thank you,

Hayley Duckworth

2. Runner of the month : Matt Lynch for taking about 40 mins off his previous GNR time!

Member of the month: Graham Jordan for his continued work in promoting the fight like a kid charity and training for Manchester.


Joe Gleave

3.Rotm – first time marathoner Sid Makinson. He always said he wasn’t cut out for marathon running. Alot of us aren’t but with a vision, the passion and the perseverance, we can all be marathon runners. Sid has proved this with Berlin. Sid you have no idea who or how many people u have just inspired. Top training and top running.

Big shout out to all that have raced this month. Amazing achievements…. Don’t be harsh on yourselves, you have the ability to run, run with your hearts, pbs should be secondary.

MOTM – Andrew Gardner. Dedication doesn’t come close….. To have some injuries during training and still show that level of determination throughout and still inspire others gets my vote.

Big shout out to his lovely wife Kathryn too, now that’s support. Top work team Gardners

Tracy Davies

4.ROTM for me is Jason Rippingale, not only is he still breaking pbs but pacing in various marathons.
MOTM for me is Andrew Gardner, one to be looked up yo and give out advice to all who needs it especially during BRR organised runs

Chris Hardy

5.Can I nominate Andrew Gardner for ROM. He had surgery earlier in the year and has worked so hard to get back to PB form. A 700 mile plus summer training plan saw him PB in Berlin with a 3.18… This followed a PB at the Lancaster 5km earlier in the month and winner of the B race. He’s back on form and has worked his socks off to get there. Also a PB at Golden Ball 20
miler too..

MOM – Graham Jordan for his tireless fundraising efforts. A really top chap!!

Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner

6.ROTM – Kate Rippingale, amazing marathon pb, has trained and improved so consistently since injury.

MOTM – Stuart Eddleston is my MOTM. Running his first marathon in October and has trained so hard. He then offered to get on board with my VLM fundraising while running his own marathon. Such a kind and thoughtful offer, his hard graft and enthusiasm has resulted in a real boost to funds. So very grateful, thank you Stuart and good luck for Dublin!

Christine Platt nominations for sept are;
runner has to be Kate Rippingale for that epic time at Berlin. Her journey from deferring her London place a few yrs back to now has been amazing, she’s an inspiration to us all.
member for me is Sally Heppenstall for her constant PMA and support for fellows runners, she pops up everywhere to offer positive support 👍
Michaela Douglas


There have been so many fantastic results, especially Berlin and it’s hard to choose, but my nomination goes to George Bell. I think the guy is an absolute star who flies under the radar a lot and as well as running a fantastic time in Berlin he’s full of encouragement for so many others.

For member I nominate Andrew Gardner for his fantastic fundraising for Prostate Cancer and managing to PB at the same time.
Graham Jordan

9.ROTM – is like to chose Jeanette Baron. She trained like a trooper for the hull marathon and still remained positive. She was inspirational at the golden ball 20 miler and a pleasure to run with.

MOTM- is like to nominate graham Jordan. No matter how your feeling he’s 100% supportive. He’s given so many people the opportunity to run Manchester for FLAK and helped with the fundraising along the way. His contributions have been phenomenal whilst still training himself, moving house and working full time. Hero !
Reanna Taylor

10.ROTM Phil white
MOTM Carla Jenkinson
Thank you
Wendy Byrne

Some amazing marathon performances this month and I had to really think who to pick. However, for me, just pipping the others is my nomination George Bell. His last marathon was before many of our members were born and he’s had to battle back from illness and injury. He was quite simply awesome in Berlin!
MOM I’d like to mention all the wonderful supporters who came all the way to Berlin with us to cheer us on. Also, Jason for all his pacing duties. But my nomination is Aadila Mulla for the work she does through the year on the club accounts and this month in particular in preparation for the AGM.
Anna Barcroft

12.ROTM – Kate R for an absolutely amazing PB at Berlin! Fantastic Kate well done.

MOTM – Andrew Chatterton for volunteering and organising behind the scenes lots of different things from questionnaires to coaches to fantastic velodrome events. Thanks Andrew.

Joanne Croasdale

13.My nominations for this month are mom carla Jenkinson for taking the lead and helping the new tri athletes and supporting them I their events.

Rom although there were great race results over the weekend in Berlin and a massive shout out goes to Matt Chester for his success there I would like to nominate pilar Wilcock for her v50 overall win in the pennine trail series, a massive achievement for her getting stronger and stronger on the trails well done xx

Karen Coram

14.MOTH: I would like to nominate Jane Matthewman for her behind the scenes work on sorting out our AGM.
ROTM: excellent running from Gary Blackburn GNR, Kate Rippingdale for a tremendous Marathon, 50+ minutes pb!! and big shout to Rick Slater from being injured to returning to superman again, my vote has to go to Miss pocket rocket, Jeanette Baron for getting 2nd in age at Hull Marathon (or Dull Marathon) hope your wins not a free entry for next year x

Linzi Dearden

15.ROM – Kate Rippers for her amazing PB this weekend! Wooosh! 🏃🏼‍♀️⚡️⚡️⚡️

MOM – Carla Jenks for getting her team through the summer league at netball, always supporting each and every one of us

Kayley Almond

16.I know Rom will probably come out of Berlin but For me the runner of the month has to be Miriam Hamilton. Her first ever race was only the Hull Marathon!!!!! 4:45 was an amazing time.

Member of the month. Daniel Hamilton for pacing Miriam in the Hull Marathon. (I’d have given them both ROM if I could)

Ian Goodliffe

17.I would like to nominate Miriam Hamilton as runner of the month. Miriam’s only race experience was a weekly parkrun (she took part in the club handicap but didn’t qualify due to lack of races). Miriam booked herself onto the Hull Marathon without ever having run a 10k or half marathon. She stuck to her training plan and she was obviously excited about the challenge ahead. Nothing prepared her for the soaring temperature on the day but her determination paid off and she completed the Hull Marathon in a fantastic time of 4hrs 45min. Her success will in turn improve her parkrun times I am sure, and she’ll soon be crossing the finish line at Witton parkrun ahead of me!

Member of the Month

I would like to nominate Sue Wolstenholme as member of the month. Despite her life taking a new path this year with the arrival of Joseph she continues to guide us all, encouraging everyone to be an active member, always reminding us of deadlines for newsletter/RoM,MoM submissions etc and always congratulating everyone on their achievements great or small.

Kate Pomfret

Pilar Wilcock for her outstanding performance at the Pennine Trail Series. Not only was she double race winner in the FV50 category but also overall series FV50 winner.

Andrew Chatterton for his ongoing organisation of the velodrome trips and organising the Chester coach.
Cheryl Schofield

19.ROM Kate Rippingale for absolutely destroying her previous PB in Berlin, and MOM Stuart Eddleston for supporting Christine’s charity when he’s running Dublin
Denise Brogden

20.ROTM –
Matt Chester, did amazing with the Berlin Marathon and also reaching 100 Parkruns

George Bell, trained solid for the Berlin marathon and did brilliant on the day. Despite having his own challenges he always manages to support BRR members and puts others before himself.
Gail Bamber

21.Runner of the month., Joanne Weir. For being consistent and supportive to everyone on long training runs.
Donna Mazur

22. First off all well done to everyone that did Berlin at the weekend especially Matt Chester and Sid Makinson on there 1st Marathon .Some fantastic achievements but the one that out shone was Kate rippingale knocking 53 mins of to get an outstanding PB ROTM goes to Kate
The Chattertons looks like you had a fab time yet again at the velodrome well done for organising might just give it a whirl next time

Tracy Slater

23.Rom…Too many reasons to list why …The most awesome George Bell !!

Trudi Jenkinson

24. Please could I nominate Kate Rippingale for ROM. Fantastic training and determination to get her 4.15 time.

For MOM I would nominate all the Berlin supporters if I could. Support in torrential conditions was incredible. Alyson Chester gave my head a wobble a couple of times when I needed it.

Matt Chester

ROTM – I’d like to nominate Matt Chester who completed Berlin Marathon with a massive PB after textbook training (most long runs were solo too!) and also for completing 100 parkruns at 37 different locations. Well done Matt – you’re an inspiration.

MOTM – I’d like to nominate Graham for all his incredible work for charity.

Laura Chew

26. ROM – Kate Rippingale
Who else can take nearly an hour off a marathon PB! Amazing

MOM – Michaela Douglas
For taking over the reins of C25K and supporting new runners whilst John and I were away
Debs Clucas

27. Runner : Andrew Gardner who has had a great come back with multiple PB’s, a win and the best marathon time over the summer even with last minute injury, big cheer to all the other marathoners including Kate, Sid, Jeanette, George, Matt, Miriam, Gary who have stunned me with their performances

Member : Aadila for the arduous task of the end of year club accounts, also mention to Carla, inspirational to the netballers which comes through when watching the team play and a mention to Stuart E for his selfless promotion for Christine Platts Marathon charity ! There’s too many good people to mention on the committee, I appreciate all your hard work!