Club Member & Runner of the Month September 2018

Congratulations to all nominations on contributing to the positivity of the club in September

Runner of the Month – Mark Vaughton – 3:21:09 yesterday in the Warsaw Marathon after a precision training plan knocking 16 minutes off his previous time

Member of the Month –  Nicki O’Hara for organising the Hyndburn Parkrun take over which again was a success.

Thanks to all members who took the time to nominate


1.Runner of the month, Phil White for smashing the club record.
Member of the month Lisa Ingham for sorting the xc stuff for winter. I might have a go at that
Adam Holden

2.ROM – Phil White for his club record at the Berlin Marathon
MOM – Cheryl Schofield for arranging the brilliant skorts!!
This was such a hard decision this month. Congratulations to literally every single club runner that has achieved personal bests or taken trophies and prizes for “Team” awards at races and/or who has taken on sensible training plans to be absolutely on target for the next challenge. September has been an amazing month for achievements as a whole with loads of PBs smashed and club records broken. An additional THANK YOU to all members who came to volunteer at Hyndburn parkrun this month. The huge turnout and the positive feedback received just goes to show what a brilliant community BRR is.
Nickie O’Hara

3.Not one for usually voting…..must try harder
I would like to put forward a combined effort from Natalie and Andrew.
I cycled over to the event on the day arrived a little late after every another puncture,
These guys have gone out of their comfort zone and grafted for weeks following a plan(not my plan), overcome obstacles and got to the start line. I’ll be honest I didn’t see this one coming, both smiling unless it was just the wind. It was a pleasure to watch them both finish. Good solid members of the club oh and nice guys.This certainly inspired me in the last few weeks.
Craig Wilkinson

4.Rotm Claire Brewer. Fantastic running later picking up some top awards. Fab lady too. Special mention to Erika who is just doing fab marathon training. Been a real pleasure running with her.
Moth. This is such a tough one. I am gonna go for Sheryl Wynne because after her all holidays she has struggled to gey back into it but she stuck with it and did a success 15 miler in preparation for Chester.
Special mention to Barry Skelton and Gary Blackburn who really looked after me at the GNR transporting me to and from Newcastle. Much appreciation there fellas.
Tracy Davies

5.Runner – Mark Vaughton – his preparation for the Warsaw marathon has been impeccable and a great inspiration and example of how to do marathon prep.
Member – Annika H – Took over the club kit lead and just does an amazing job with no fuss and a great personality and is mentally very tough and a reliable hard working club member who remains modest but gets the job done
John Clucas

6.Harry Catherall joined the club less than a year ago as a novice runner. Since then he’s clocked up some really impressive PBs – 10k and half marathons (7 so far) and has really built up his fitness and dropped the pounds. He’s sought out advice and taken it all on board, building up slowly which I know actually goes against his usual approach to any challenge. He’s famous for his fast pace in his working life! He got a brilliant time at the Salford 10k 43.20 this month (72.37% age grading). A further PB of 43:10 at Preston. His enthusiasm for running has given me a boost personally and I thank him for getting me out on regular Buncer Lane routes when we’ve missed club runs due to work commitments. He’s signed up for the Chester Metric and no doubt he’ll have all the distances done soon enough. He’s also a brilliant advocate for the club. He never fails to take an opportunity to tell people he meets about the club and its role in the community, many achievements and great leadership. He is also very humble and private so I hope I’m not in trouble for submitting this!!!
Andrea Sturgess moms for this month are ROTM Claire Brewer and MOTM Deborah Clucas
Chris Almond

8.I hope you are well. Please can I send my nominations for this month? For Mom I would like to nominate Nickie Ohara for her sterling work on Hyndburn parkrun, with special mention to Tracey Hickey for sorting out the chap who fainted. And for ROM Phil White because he keeps breaking his own records. Thank you
Christine Warrington

9.ROM – Going to have to be Michael Goodliffe, his running journey in 2018 has been admirable and inspirational. His run every day challenge is going strong and his performance in the Berlin Marathon has seen him not only get a GFA time for Boston and Chicago but also get a place in Boston 2019. A worthy winner if ever there was one
MOM – Jason Rippingale, on a personal note he has assisted me greatly in my training for Warsaw and helped me ease into the group one runs, his advice for running marathons has been well received as have all of the words of encouragement. I’m also aware of the help and support offered to other runners training for a marathon who have spoken highly of the advice give by him. A true ambassador for BRR and a worthy nomination.
Mark Vaughton

10. My runner of the month goes to Michael Goodlife for his outstanding performance in the Berlin Marathon and his commitment to his run every day. through hard work he has turned into one of our top club runners. member of the month . John Clucas he is a perfect role model for the club . always there to help and advise . now giving up his time to help the couch to 5k runners. a true gentleman in every sense who encourages people at all levels
Phil White

11.Can I please nominate Phil White for ROM and Nicola Murphy for MOM
Karen Coram

12.My friend, BRR legend, Phil White for ROTM. Phil had an amazing result in Berlin and broke the club record in what was probably a very comfortable run for him. He’s got much more to give and am positive his GFA time will be coming soon. Not only that, he has gone on to break the 5k club record too. He has struggled with injury for months now but to come back the way he has, shows the physical and mental strength he has. Inspirational.
MOTM goes to Neil Fletcher. Another top guy. Also a great performance in Berlin, but I’d like to nominate him for his organisation of the Ribble Way Run. He got lots of members involved and the FB updates showed how much everyone enjoyed it. Raising money for local, national and international charities along the way. Well done!
Michael Goodliffe

13.ROM – Katrina Grunshaw
Always consistent running, always doing races this lady and her crew make me smile. Well done on cracking that 60minute 10k in style!
I’d also like to mention the legend that is Phil White – I’m not worthy! What a guy!

MOM – Nickie O Hara
Absolutely amazing organisation of the Hyndburn Park Run takeover
Sally Heppenstall

14.My nomination for ROTM has got to be the legend Phil White what an absolutely brilliant come back at the Berlin Marathon knocking 52 mins of the club record awesome
MOTM – Got to be Chrrisy Warrington she never fails guts and determination this lady fighting like hell to get back running with the support of amanda and rose this lady is truly amazing

15.ROM – Phil White – For breaking records galore
MOM – Graham Jordan – For getting people together for the It’s a Knockout
Deborah Clucas

16.ROTM – Phil White for his superb club record at Berlin marathon.
MOTM – Lynne Knowles for fundraising for my charity and being my side for the Great North Run despite suffering injury the last few months. Special mention to all BRR supporters too, it was a great weekend!
Gillian Rushworth

17.Member. Nickie O’Hara for organising the Hyndburn parkrun takeover morning.
Runner. Michael Goodliffe for smashing his PB in Berlin
Matt Chester

18. MOTM, this month I’m choosing Nickie o Hara for her fantastic organisation and takeover of the hyndburn parkrun, well done chuck.
ROTM, this time although there are many great runners this month, as usual, I’m choosing Brian cross for his amazing come back ultra marathon run. Fully determined to smash this one which he did with pride and a smile, well done Brian.
Dave Short

19.ROTM is Phil White for breaking 2 club records in 2 weeks .
MOTM is Nickie O’Hara for organising the takeover at Hyndburn parkrun.
Amanda Burrows

20.Runner of the month – Mark Vaughton. Dedicated himself to a training plan for the Warsaw Marathon which had a significant component dedicated to weight loss. Not many consider this option and it’s not easy to do when marathon training. Good nutrition alongside a sensible training plan saw him take pb after pb on the lead in to Warsaw. To top it off he’s a true gentleman with time for everybody.
Member of the Month – Nicola Murphy. Nicola not only sits on the committee but she helps to bridge BRR and C25K. She helps coordinate the open run group on Monday’s and is currently a Run Leader on C25K. Nicola is a really good example of a member who puts others before herself and she does it all with a massive smile too!!
Rick Wilson

MOM – nicki Ohara – organising Hyndburn park run take over
ROM – Jo Sharp – for her pb and club record
Tracy Eccles

ROTM for me is Mark Vaughton, in the last year alone he has come on leaps and bounds in his goals and to top it off with a staggering marathon time.
MOTM is Nicola Murphy, after coming from injury and getting back into running she also orgsnises the monday night open run route and gets a lot of flak along the way with Mick, both legends
Chris Hardy

ROTM – Phil White for smashing V60 club record after being injured for what must’ve seemed a lifetime for him!
Big shout for Mark Vaughton for what he’s done over the last couple of months.
MOTM – Sid for helping runners out and standing in on Monday nights. This guy is always happy to help, there’s never a no!

ROTM: Jo Sharp (she did amazing run at Great North Run and Pilling).
MOTM: Deborah Clucas for her support at most of the races.
Rose Jay

ROTM Phil White
MOTM Nicky O’hara
Thank you
Wendy Byrne x

Feel a bit out of the loop with not running at the moment but I would like to
nominate the following please….
Runner of the month – Mark Vaughton – Mark’s training and focus for Warsaw has been inspirational – fantastic end result too! Massive congratulations Mark!
Member of the month – Deborah Clucas – Deborah is so supportive to runners, beginner runners and those on the bench too! Fab pics from so many gigs – thanks Debs!
Tracie Wilson

Left it late and it was a toss up but Mark Vaughton gets my vote as rotm just ahead of Wilki. The guy amazes me how well he has progressed.
Motm for me is just as hard but I’ll nominate for Joanne McLeans thankless task of organising Manchester.
Time for sleep after one of the best days of my life
Graham Jordan

29.ROM – Phil White
MOM – Nicki Ohara (organising of Hyndburn takeover)
Carla Jenkinson

30.ROM -Michael Goodliffe – Berlin Marathon achievement
MOM – Nickie O’Hara -Take over of Hyndburn Parkrun & always inspiring others
Cathy Kilshaw

31.Member of the Month – Joanne McLean. She always volunteers to help and organise us in many different ways and gives up a lot of her time even though she can’t run herself at present.
Runner of the Month – Amanda Burrows who has just got her first sub 60 after trying many times over the last couple of years! Well done Amanda x
Joanne Croasdale

32.ROTM Mr Michael Goodliffe. What an absolute inspiration he’s been, a huge huge marathon PB. Reaping what he sows.
MOTM Nikki O Hara. This one is continuously sending me positive messages and is the reason I got out and ran today.
Sinéad Whittaker

33.ROTM Mark Vaughton
MOTM Sid Makinson
Nicola Murphy

34.Runner Ian Goodliffe seems to go from strength to strength
Member Nikki O’Hara
For organising Hyndburn parkrun takeover
Joanne Mclean

35.Had to wait to the last minute to finalise my choice. Mark’s epic smashing of his Pb needs a mention but my vote for runner this month goes to the man who left the country and completely forgot about me. Despite this I am going to be the bigger person (you might even go so far as to say the better person) and say Michael Goodliffe. The run every day is madness but you can’t argue with that 3:08!!!! Proud to call him my mate.
As for member there’s loads to choose from but this month I’m saying Nickie O’Hara. Perhaps not for the reason most would expect, yes Hyndburn takeover was a great success and good fun but she’s still relatively new to the club but has thrown herself wholeheartedly into things with an endless energy and enthusiasm. More importantly for me personally she has been incredibly supportive and kind to Sinead when she’s had a little crisis of confidence. This is my way of saying thank you Nickie.
Apologies for the longwinded one this month.
Matthew Simpson

36.I would like to nominate Phil White for ROTM, he’s been running incredible recently. I remember the disappointment on his face when he had to pull out of the Manchester marathon due to injury but patience and perseverance have paid off and he’s not only running brilliantly but stronger, well done Phil, your awesome x
I would like to nominate Deborah Clucas for MOTM. She’s always there with a smile on her face supporting races and is always available for encouragement and much needed hugs.
Linzi Birch Dearden

37.ROTM Joanne Sharpe sub 40 10k and breaking another record
MOTM Murphy n Spenny for organising mon night open group
Best wishes
Little Ged Johnson

38. Some great performances this month and special mention to Phil White, Joanne Sharp, Michael Goodliffe and Amanda Burrows. Due to the dedication and precision of his training plan Mark Vaughton gets my vote. His Warsaw time was just the icing on a very well made cake!
Member – Nicki O’Hara for taking over the Hyndburn Parkrun and doing such a good job
Susan Wolstenholme

39.Runner of the Month – I’d like to nominate Jo Sharp for ROM, I know she’s always in the spotlight for speed and there have been some great performances in September but to finally get that sub 40 10k after a number of attempts is awesome.
Member of the Month – I’d like to nominate Sid Makinson for his supportive running, a lot of which goes unnoticed but when people from outside the club comment, it re-enforces his standing. Well done Sid Ashley Weir