Club Member & Runner of the Month September 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for September 2017 


Runner(s) of the month
The ‘Nessy Trio’ Carla Jenkinson, Cathy Gardener and Tracey Hickey who got an incredible number of nominations for completing their first Marathon ‘Loch Ness’


Member of the Month
Ellen Pope who also got an overwhelming number  acknowledging the selfless assistance she’s give supporting the Friday Long Runs with a ‘tuck shop’ ( nutrition station) on route week after week 


Special acknowledgement has to go to Brian Cross and Ellie Wright who were equally deserving of the Runner award and also got a rake of nominations. 

The nominations are listed and a big thanks to all of you for writing in.


1.Mom big Ellen for the water station on the Metric training.
Rom all the Nessy guys.
Thanks Natalie Chatterton

2.Ellen Pope for member of the month, putting a water station on for the troups with an array of goodies to give us all buz for the run home! Runner of the month Michael Lilly running all these marathons endlessly for charity! 😉 thank You!
David Haworth

3.There have been some fantastic performances this month but for my ROTM has be brian cross for his dedication to his training plan for nottingham marathon it has been brilliant to watch him progess. keep up the brilliant work mate
Can i also nominate ellen pope for MOTM for meeting the friday night chester metric runners with refreshments and a smile giving them a confidence boost on their longer runs
Jon Turner

4.For me, Ellie has gotta be crowned Runner of the Month. She’s missed out on it for the past few months but that girl is on fire!
Member- Carla Jenks for all her work with the BRR netball team.
Rachael Gavin

5.My nomination for member of the month is Ellen pope for her brilliant support and fuel stations during the Friday night runs.
Runner of the month
Brian cross
Brian has worked had battling his personal demons and has been rewarded with a brilliant few months of running cumulating with the marathon at the weekend. Well done Brian
Katie Turner

6.ROTH Catherine Horne. She has shown true grit and determination throughout the Chestic Metric Training even when there have been tough runs Catherine has battled through and come out smiling. MOTH is Ellen Pope. Her kindness and suppor throughout Chestic Metric Training has been like no other. Her station has been an important part of our runs and her smiling face has got us through the last few miles. It was Ellen that offered this early on in the weeks and I have been truly grateful for her support. Come rain or shine she was there. Thank you Ellen
Tracey Davies

7.Runners of the month has to be the nessie gang they were truly amazing .
Member has to be ellen, now I get them muddled but I suppose it’s both of them really . The food stop in friday training has been amazing for the friday gang, not that I’ve been but they’ve been there each week to support the metric marathon training gang and from comments I’ve seen and heard it’s been much appreciated.
Karen Coram

8.Runner of the month Tracey Hickey for completing her first Marathon.
Member of the month Lynda Barker for looking out for people whether they are running or not.
Joyce Weeks

9.I would like to nominate three runners if possible for Runner if the month
Carla Jenkinson, Tracy Hickey & Cathy Gardener – For achieving their first marathon in Loch Ness absolutely brill
And for member of month I’d like to nominate Karen turner Conran for her brilliant continuous support at races on so many occasions
Joanne McClean

10.ROM carla jenkinson despite her injury crisis and captaining the netball team, she still found a positive head and knuckled down to run 26.2 gruelling miles!! Great motivation to the others, amazing mental strength!! Cannot praise her determination more!
MOM Karen turner.
She never fails to amaze me with her support for others!!
Driving to Loch Ness for morale support for the nessies was amazing!! She deserves her kindmess and positivity recognised!!
Shell Sears Hardy

11. I would like to nominate our Loch Ness marathoner runner ladies for their first marathon for runner of month
Member of month – Karen Turner for being so supportive 😊
Joanne Bingham

Carla Jenkinson
Cathy Gardener
Tracy Hickey
1st time marathon ladies who smashed it

Ellen Pope for her support of the Friday night group. Standing out in all weathers to provide a welcome refreshment
Sheryl Schofield

13.My runners of month are Carla Jenkinson, Cathy Gardener and Tracey Hickey
My member of month is Jimmy Hindle
Jen Allen

14. Please can I nominate Ellen Pope as MOTM for organising refreshments to the Chester runners on their long runs and can I nominate Carla Jenkinson as ROTM for the first of many marathons when she still pulls everyone along with her. A real inspirational leader. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

15. Can I nominate Carland jenkinson for runner of the month.
I’ve watched her posts in preparation for her marathon and after seeing her in pain with her knee in Liverpool what an inspiration! She smashed it.
Member of the month… Tracy Davies….Chester preparation…love seeing the weekly update…
Kirsty Wood

16. Member of the Month – Ellen pope although she is injured she still turns up to every Chester metric training with supplies for the runners what a lady!
ROTM – has to be the first marathoners Carla, Cathy and Tracey, amazing achievement especially as Cathy can Carla both had just come back from injury
Aadila Mulla

17.ROM – Carla Jenkinson & Cathy Gardener. Despite injury and illness through training they went on to show true grit and determination in finishing the Loch Ness marathon. They were just brilliant.
MOM – Sally Heppenstall. Despite not being able to do the marathon she went on to support us in our training. Always there to keep our spirits up and keep us going. Then on the actual marathon weekend she was there at numerous points waving her flag and shouting us on. She also took care of all we needed the whole weekend. We never had to worry or think about anything other than running!!! A shining example of a perfect club member.
Tracey Hickey

18.Nominations hard, but here goes. Runners of the month-Massive credit to Brian Cross for his marathon and continued progress, and also to Michael Lilley for his epic challenge, but it has to go for me to Tracy Hickey, Cathy Gardner and Carla Jenkinson for the Loch Ness Marathon. They have been amazing, shown such dedication and determination in their training. Member of the Month, Sally Heppenstall, for creating the Nessie group, guiding, supporting through the training and also in supporting on the day with such passion.
Tracey Vestor Hodgson

19.I would like to nominate Catherine Salmon for runner of the month. She has trained sp hard and really wanted to get under 2 hours which I knew she could and she smashed it with a fab pb of 1.56.48
Jimmy Hindle at EHM it really did give me the boost I needed so he’s my member of the Month and credit to Sally again even though injured she is just amazing supporting all runners at lots of events
Sharon Short

Ellen has won me over this month with her outstanding dedication, commitment & effort with her sweet & drink station throughout the Chester Training.
A creative, unique solution to stay positive and involved with the club whilst injured. This idea has enabled her to manage her own feelings whilst not running, ensure her partner is supported and feeling positive and proud, plus brought so much joy to other members.
Inspirational – love it. Hope it’s contagious
Cathy Kilshaw

21.This month I’m going for two people who could easily overlap into each category for running and service to other members…
ROTM: Sid Makinson. The prince of PBs this month and he’s a gentleman y all-round helpful bod when it comes to leading groups. Top fella.
MOTM: Carla Jenkinson for her brilliant netball team management skills. All done whilst training for and executing her first marathon.
Nicola Murphy

22. ROM John Clucas – MOM Carla Jenkinson
Martina Rimmer

23. Member of the month is Sally, for assisting the girls with their Loch Ness Marathon and for organising the great sessions with Phil from England Athletics, even though she has been troubled with injury she gives everything her all.
Runner of the month is Rick Slater for spot on pacing and assisting other runners to improve their times.
Jeanette Baron

24.My noms for ROTM for me this month has to go to the super first time marathon trio of carla, cathy n tracy on what is a tough course especially for their first, awesome, hats off to em.
MOTM for her true support of all the lochness runners this time goes to karen turner coral, there were many but the others have been chosen b4 I think, so mine goes to karen.
Dave Short

25. I will nominate Carla for leading and coaching the netball team and for her amazing result on her Nessie Marathon.
Runner of the month is Rick Slater for spot on pacing and assisting other runners to improve their times.
Jeanette Baron

26.I would like to nominate Ellen Pope for Member of the month as she has been absolutely brilliant meeting us half way on our Friday night long runs to give us water, jelly babies and fruit and nut this has been very well received and helped us all to carry on to the end.
ROM – this one is difficult as there have been some fantastic achievements this month
I would like to nominate Catherine Salmon for runner of the month as she knocked a full 10 minutes of her PB at the English Half marathon – and it was not the easiest of runs
Denise Cottam

27.I would like to nominate the Nessie ladies for completing there first Marathon..they all did amazing….Carla, Cathy & Tracy..Xx
I would like to nominate the Member of the Month to Ellen Pope.
Laura Malpass-Weir nominations are Ellie Wright for ROM. An awesome performance at the Golden Ball 20m, breaking a long standing club record.
John Clucas for MOM. No idea how many races he’s done this year, but it’s almost weekly… Brilliant!
Ooh, please can I mention the newsletter team of Sally, Ashley and Sue in dispatches??
Without having them to look back at, it would be so easy to miss what people have done earlier in the month.
Great job every week
Jeanette Hickey

29.Nominations for this month are:
Ellen Pope for her support each week for the Metric plan. Jelly babies, nuts, water…. wine, roast beef, trifle…. you name it, it was on her tuck shop table ready to refresh the Friday groups along the way.
Can I nominate 2?
Carla Jenkinson and Cathy Gardner for Nessie. If Dave Short said it was a tough run, as a first marathon it must have been a killer

30.ROTM the Nessie crew for taking on a tough route on there first marathon and finishing with fantastic times and glorious smiles X
MOTM Hellen for setting up her own station with water, food ect for runners on there long training runs. Excellent stuff X
Allison Felippes

31.For member I think it’s a no brainer, the ‘chester feed station’ was a lovely idea and incredibly generous of Ellen to give up her time to set up several times.
Runner – Brian Cross, changed his life and then knocked out a marathon in what sounded like tough conditions after weeks of solid training. Perfect example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.
Matthew Simpson

32.R’sOTM – the Nessie 3, Tracy, Cathy & Carla for their first marathons. Sorry I can’t split them!
MOTM – Ellen Pope for being a superstar and supplying goodies to the Friday night runners. Amazing support
Gillian Rushworth

33.ROTM is Jane Matthewman. She’s smashing all aspects of her running and leading the PB leadership board. As well as this she is a selfless runner who is always more then willing to hold back and help others.
MOTM is Ellen Pope. Standing in the rain to make long runs a little more bearable for many members. A lovely, thoughtful lady who I look forward to seeing when I embark back on marathon mileage.
Sinéad Whittaker

34. Rotm for me Carla Jenkinson, still smiling after the Loch Ness Marathon.
Motm Joanne McClean for getting stuck in and sorting out the catering for chester!
Adam Holden

35.ROTM: Tracy Davies for her dedication and determination to running.
MOTM: Ellen Pope for her kindness for providing water and food pit stop.
Rose Kay

36.Please could I nominate Ellen Pope for member of the month. She has been out in all weathers on a Friday to supply drinks and goodies xx
Lynne Fitzpatrick

37.MOTM Ellen Pope.
ROTM Carla Jenkinson.
Thank you.
Wendy Byrne

38.rom = Carla Jenkinson and Cathy gardener
mom = Ellen Pope
Ashley Dean

39.ROM has to be the three marathon runners who completed their first amazing marathon up in Bonny Scotland… Carla, Cathy and Tracy! Awesome achievement! Simply could not pick just one x
MOM is Ellen for the kindness and generosity she has shown to the Friday Chester training group turning up week on week with refreshments and motivation … she is an absolute star!
Joanne Croasdale

40.I would like to nominate Cathy Gardiner, Tracy Hickey and Carla Jenkinson for Runner of the month for completing their first marathon which I hear is beautiful but challenging.
There is a special person who deserves member of the month for her amazing contributions, supplying Runners with water, gels and a buffet of goodies to help us get through those long training runs. Ellen Pope you were the highlight of these runs, out in all weathers, long waits for the slow ones amongst us, with a cheerful smile, you are a big part of the team, thank you angel x
Linzi Birch-Dearden

41.Runner of the month as to be the Nessie ladies, esp my previous group leader Carla
Member of the month Ellen pope for going out her way and looking after the metric runners
Katrina Grunshaw

42.Runner of the Month – Brian Cross for have the strength to fight his demons and refocus on a marathon at a very difficult time, taking part in a race in Nottingham without the massive of BRR, well done
Member of the Month- Ellen Pope for spending her Friday nights (sometimes in rain) waiting to supply runners with a ‘tuck shop’ on their long runs. Great support and selfless act.

43.My nominations are Ellen Pope for member of the month for her selfless support with the Friday Chester training group. Runner of the month to Carla Jenkinson who struggled with training for Nessie by invested time and money to get the help she needed then smashed it 👍👍
Michaela Douglas

44.Ellen pope for MOM For the support on the chester training runs
ROM John Clucas he is just a running machine
Craig Douglas

45.My Nominations are ROTM
Brian Cross over came his own personal challenges and ran Nottingham Marathon
MOTM – Ellen Pope for her amazing support every Friday for the Friday running crew setting up a water and feed station for them
Michael Lilley

46.just sending through my runner and member of the month nominations.
Runner of the month: Carla Jenkinson for completing her first marathon despite getting a knee injury towards the end of training.
Member of the month: Tracey Davies for organising the Friday night runs and for her work with the food bank
Michaela Harvey

47.Ellen for the greatly appreciated feed stations. Josh for his continuous achievements.
Margaret Perkins

48.I would like to nominate for ROTM Carla Jenkinson
And Ellen Pope for MOTM for providing refreshments on the Chester metric training runs.
Amanda Burrows

Ellen Pope for her continued refreshment support with Chester Metric training
Natters for showing determination when the going got tough in Lancaster
Samantha Boardman Badland

Mr PB him self Sid. He’s flying at the moment and he’s a great asset to the open run on a Monday.
MOTM Andrew Chatterton for his international rescue mission. A knight in shining armour.
Michael Spencer

51.ROTM – Ellie Wright
PB after PB this year and continues to amaze us all with her pace
MOTM – Ellen Pope
During out Friday Chester Metric runs she would meet us in all weathers delivering water and snacks for our run, amazing lady
Chris Hardy

52.I would like to nominate Brian Cross for the September runner if the month. His journey and training towards the Robin Hood Marathon can only be described as inspirational to all. A worthy nomination if ever there was one. Well done Brian
Mark Vaughton

53.member of the month to Ellen Pope for her generous spirit in supporting the Chester Metric gang on their tough Friday runs…fabulous to see
Runner of the month to all the gang who competed the Loch Ness marathon..such an amazing achievement for them all…well done guys…
Claire Brewer

54.Member of the month Ellen Pope, for sorting watering stations out etc in her spare time to help up prepare for Chester.
Runner us a difficult one but I’d choose Sid Makinson for continually helping with groups, running a PB last week and his focus on eating and wellbeing.
Graham Jordan

I will nominate Matt Simpson for this month for his superb PB Of 37:01 at the Kilgore Athletic Club Saltee Fish 10K Ireland 1st Englishman finisher as well
Sally Hepenstall for her fantastic support of the Loch Ness Marathon ladies having been down to run it herself but unable to due to injury having trained with them and not having to run it must be hard to watch. Superb support Sally

56.Carla Jenkinson, Cathy Gardner, Tracey Hickey for completing their first Marathon on a challenging course whilst trying to find Nessie Amazing achievement
Can I nominate Ellen Pope for member of the month- she turned out every Friday night in all weather to makes sure we all had drinks and goodies at the halfway point on all our long runs, bearing in mind some weeks there was 3 groups she waited for, this showed real dedication and team spirit
Lynda Barker

Cathy Gardner, Tracey Hickey and Carla Jenkinson for smashing their Marathon Distance. Would also of included Jayne Short but she still resists becoming a BRR member – sort it Dave!
Member – Jane Matthewman
Quietly just gets on with her job on the championship, Winter Warmer, and soon to be secretary, plus so much behind the scenes work, always positive with a massive smile and a real asset to the club.
John Clucas

58.ROTM, Lisa Fraser. A pleasant unassuming person who always has time for others and has broken the 50 min barrier at the Pilling 10k today.
MOTM,Dave Almond. Another pleasant unassuming person. He has brought his running talent to BRR and also he’s got a cross country team together. The team is bursting with enthusiasm.
Ged Johnson

59.There’s always so many great things and so much fantastic consistent running and racing. I haven’t been around much to see what everyone is up too but fantastic performances at English Half & Loch Ness I got to see first hand.
Ellen for MOM – what amazing support for the Chester crew week after week its superb.
Tracy Hickey for ROM – I’ve seen first hand how well she trained for the Loch Ness Marathon, and how she raced on the day injury free and loving it.
Special mention for Cathy & Carla taking on Loch Ness after issues during training but doing it with style & sheer determination.
It’s really moving to see people achieving such fantastic goals.
Sally Heppenstall

60.Can i nominate Ellen Pope for her drinks /feed stations and been doing for the Friday night training runs, and for runner of the month Sid Makinson for getting yet another PB at Preston
Annika Halsall nominations are:
runner of the month Brian Cross, he is doing amazing atm
Member of the month Sinead Whittaker, for slower getting back into it, even though she feels like she isnt.
Joanne Coulthard

62.Can I nominate Ellen Pope for member of the month- she turned out every Friday night in all weather to makes sure we all had drinks and goodies at the halfway point on all our long runs, bearing in mind some weeks there was 3 groups she waited for, this showed real dedication and team spirit
Joanne Croasdale

63.My nominations for September are …
ROM : Carla Jenkinson
Carla showed Nessy that BRR are not to be messed with .. a fantastic Marathon run ⭐️
MOM : Ellen Pope
Ellen has been a constant image of loveliness throughout the Chester training runs .. immense support.. thank you so much for the refreshments and encouragement Ellen
Tracie Wilson

64.ROM – Brian Cross for his determination
MOM Ellen Pope for being such a caring person looking out for the Chester Crew
Lisa Rowe

65.Rotm/the lochness ladies /Motm going for tracy davies for her food bank charity work
Neil Grunshaw

ROTM – Joshua Crowther gets my vote, I can’t keep up with all his 1st places in races and parkruns! He’s just brilliant. Well done Joshua.
MOTM – Ellen Pope has been an absolute superstar with her pop up party table on the Friday night long runs. What a lovely thing to do for the group, must have cost her a bob or 2 over the weeks! Thank you Ellen.
Gina Smith

67.Worthy contenders again this month, such as from our new marathon runners, but for ROTM with her excellent 41min 10k at Pilling and consistent performances month after month my vote goes to Ellie Wright!
For MOTM, I’m going to nominate Sally Heppenstall for her superb behind the scenes contribution to the newsletter and promoting the club through our twitter feed, as well as supporting her fellow runners at Loch Ness where injury prevented her from joining them!
Ashley Weir

68.ROTH for me is Michael Lilley. His body is struggling now at 9/12 marathons completed but his mental determination to complete his challenge is unbelievable. Like so many, I’m in awe of his sheer grit n determination.
Ellen and Ellen! Always there with fuel on the go at races or training for people. Well done!!! X
Andrea Orme Wright

69.Member – Ellen Barkworth – She supports all the runner with water stations and sweets popping up all over the place x what a star x
Runner – Ellie Wright she is just going from strength to strength and fabulous to watch makes it look effortless x
Deborah Clucas

70.MOTM….Ellen Pope. ROTM
… John clucas 🙂
Sheryl Wild

71. MOM – Ellen Pope for supporting the Friday Chester Training runners with water and refreshments every week. A true example of a BRR member in action.
ROM – Ellen Barkworth for working so hard to achieve a well deserved and much longed for PB at the Great North Run.

73.MOTM. Ellen for the refreshments during the Friday runs. Such a kind and thoughtful thing to do.
ROTM. Brian Cross has really focussed on his running recently and deserves some recognition for how much progress he has made.
Graham Henry

74.Lisa Fraser. She’s such a determined runner who pushes herself hard. She’s had a few knock backs with injuries since joining the club as a complete newby to running. This month she’s done a difficult half in Abersoch in a cracking time and 2 10ks and smashed 50mins in her finale! She’s also a kind and caring member. Love you lisa! Very proud of you.
Just to say thanks to all those who supported at the Great North Run. Hard to single one out.
Andrea Sturgess