Club Member & Runner of the Month October 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : John Crellin
Club Member : Kieran McBride

Congratulations to all nominations as below


1.I’d like to nominate Kieran for MOTM for taking on the COVID role. It’s a big responsibility and will enable the club to provide members who need it a group for the dark nights when they might ordinarily be unable to run.


Neil Fraser

I Would like to nominate Sharon Short always puts her run on come  rain or shine, always positive and with a smile on her face.
Yet again Anthony Brr  always positive even when he is having a tough time, he gets out there and gives it is all . Takes time out to reflect on other peoples problems when he has also got stuff going on in his own life.

Tracy Slater

3. Member- Kieron, it’s bloody awful when you can’t run. It takes a special kind of person to put aside their own feelings and devote time to the club, stepping into the ‘Covid’ role and helping to restart Wednesday clubs runs will be much appreciated by many.

Runner- Bertie. The virtual London ‘race’ was tough. No idea how he managed to maintain that speed. Although he had been training like a demon so that explains some of it. A superb effort on a tough distance, especially when there’s little support.

Also a mention for Wayne Rushworth, the banner in the front garden and the repeated cheers each lap of my marathon were greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Matt Simpson

4. Runner of the month : Matt Taylor
10k PB at Tatton Fantastic effort.

Member of the month: Kieran McBride for the work on setting up club running again.


Joe Gleave

5. Hi hope you’re well not sure if I’m too late
ROTM would go to Sid Makinson smashing is 366 day streak in October and decided to carry on until end of the year total amazing and crazy achievement
MOTM would go to Kieran McBride for being injured and would have been so easy to just take a back seat however taken on the role of Covid officer and put together great plans for BRR Wednesday runs sadly don’t think these will continue after this week however I know the infrastructure is there when we are able to go again

Thanks Kath Jump

6. I would like to nominate Gary Blackburn for member of the month. Gary was extremely supportive in helping me finishing the last 9 miles of my Virtual VLM. I was absolutely dreading that fourth and final lap and by the time I made it back to Witton and had three miles to go Gary was so supportive in helping me complete those last three laps! Teamwork!

Alex Curran

7. please can I nominate Kieren MB for member of the month for sorting out the COVID safe runs, I expect a lot went into that behind the scenes. Thank you.
For ROM please can I nominate Anthony BRR, he has done loads to challenge himself mentally and physically this month, just fabulous endurance.
And Sineàd as swimmer of the month, who else could pick up a bloke in the pool! Lol
Thank you
Keep safe xxx

Christine Warrington

8. Runner of the month:

Debbie Clucas for her virtual London marathon. She showed amazing determination and strength to complete the distance. Think what she achieved was way harder physically and mentally than those who can run the distance faster!

Members of the month: Kieran, Alex and Caroline for their efforts to get club runs back up and running
Also thanks to all the committee who work hard all year round to keep the club going!

Miriam Hamilton

9. hope you’re well. Here’s a couple of nominations. Runner of the Month – John Crellin for his solo virtual Amsterdam marathon effort. I knows there’s been a few completed recently and hats off to everyone who’s completed a virtual marathon.
Club member of the Month – Kieran for taking a lead on the reinstated club runs with the support of a wider network of club members following a period of injury.


Daniel Hill

10. Evening
Eeeek last minute nominations as nearly forgot !!

Has to be Chris Joliffe as he’s chipped away at both 1K Running and walking this year, well ahead of the end of the year, especially with all of the different lockdowns.

The team behind setting up BRR Wed evening club runs, with Ashley/Kieran mainly getting the nominations. Both have done fab, and will choose Kieran as he’s really put himself forward and run a team Zoom call, meetings with his Covid team, set everything up with Ash/Susan etc and delivered a fantastic setup including BRR Discussion group posts.

Well done both and all other nominations

Anthony Furnell

11. please can I nominate

Kieran Mcbride for MOM. Brilliant job spearheading the COVID prep.

And Lizzi Watton for ROTM. Brilliant marathon run after lots of brilliant long runs! I think any virtual marathoners could be ROTM too!

Matt Chester

12. ROM: John Crellin…. Who did a great job completing the Virtual Amsterdam Marathon the other week in a great time. I recall seeing the diligence of John’s 16 week training plan through Strava over the last few months.
Also well done and congrats to everyone completing virtual races this month! They are a different kettle of fish without the usual set up and support. Some fabulous performances across the board in these strange Covid circumstances.

MOM: Kieran MB for taking on the role of Covid Officer. Thank you so much for stepping up for this role and supporting the club during the pandemic to reinitiate club runs safely. So much involved in this and hugely appreciated. Thank you to all others who have helped to get this set up. Great job


Lizzi Watton