Club Member & Runner of the Month October 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month: Stuart Eddleston
Smashed onto the scene this month with his first marathon in Dublin whilst fitting training round shifts and not to mention the huge amount of fund raising with his mega raffle for another members London charity Brain Research UK. What a fabulous job you did all round

Club Member of the Month: Karen Rishton
Forsaked her own run for a fellow member at Manchester Half to make sure they finished the race safely. It’s these sorts of things that make our club and the wider running community so great!

So many fantastic nominations below who are all worthy, thanks to all who have mentioned their important contribution.


1. Andrew Gardner – perfectly pacing Chester Marathon and supporting Gary Blackburn on first pacing role. Then selflessly getting stuck in to help at the baggage drop when it was clear that people were tried, getting cold and stressed out waiting in the HUGE queue.
Andrea Sturgess

2. ROTM Andrew Gardner. His pictures from his recent marathon show a true reflection of what it’s all about. It shows that even the greatest runners, whilst they make it sometimes looks effortless, have the pain and hit the wall just like we all do. It’s these kind of runners that show others there is not difference between speed/slower. Andrew for me this month has shown true inspiration. He just gets out there and cracks on. Can you have a rest now Andrew.

Motm Karen Rishton. What Karen did for Anthony at the Wiggle Half shows true team spirit. She could have easily got the time she desired but sacrificed that for a fellow runner…. Karen’s first half too… It has been so lovely to train with Karen. I knew she was a kind hearted person from the minute we met and I was right. Here’s to you Karen. You’ll get your time.
Tracy Davies

3. I nominate Karen Rishton for Runner of the month. Such a kind and lovely person and good runner too.
Kathleen Brayshaw

4. Can I nominate phil please for mom for his time dedicated to coaching us over the summer and obviously the tribute he took up snowdonia to Andrew’s ashes .

I want to nominate stuart eddleston for runner for his first marathon today hes had niggles and pain but pulled the result in the end and also raised a shes loas of money towards Christine’s charity .

Karen Coram

5. MOTM: Karen Rishton for being a hero in Manchester.

ROTM: John Crellin for his amazing 57k Ultra in Edinburgh!

Laura Chew

6. Oh wow, what a difficult month to be choosing just one person for each category! Everyone has been doing amazingly throughout October and so serious kudos to all.

For me, this has to be Matt Lynch. He shows constant improvements in all distances and has broken yet another time barrier (as has Fiona – such a difficult choice, as she has done amazingly too).

For me, this has to be Rick Wilson. What Rick does is amazing and so many people benefit from all of these wonderful things. So many of us were able to enjoy a day out, running/jogging/walking further than we could ever have imagined during the recnt Woodland Warrior event.

Serious shout outs to all marathon runners this month, especially those who have done numerous ones!

Shout out to everyone who has ran and supported this month. What a great month for BRR!

Hayley Duckworth 😊

7. ROM
I think this a difficult decision this month. There has been some awesome runners. My nomination goes to Rowena Falcon for her York marathon. I great achievement

Graham Jordan for his tireless work
Ian Goodliffe

8. Hi please can I vote Jason Rippingale as runner of month for his guide race.
Lisa Ingham as member of month for organising cross country races and sorting out our numbers.

Adele Mauback

9. Member of the month: Graham Jordan – for organising the wiggle half at Manchester and for all the love, kindness and energy he has given to support the charity ‘Fight like a kid’.

Runner of the month: Really tough one this month…… Jason’s amazing marathon pacing and being a guide, Karen Rishton’s fabulous running and selfless help given to BRR at the Manchester Half. However going to go with John Crellin’s 57k ultra in Edinburgh, what a huge distance and proper wow factor.
Gail Bamber

10. Stuart Eddleston on doing is first marathon coming back from injury and raising loads of money for charity a big massive thumbs up to karen Dave and Jen for getting stu round.
Phil white what a wonderful thing to do at snowden remembering Andrew you are a true gent

Tracy Slater

11. I would like to nominate Andrew Gardner. He must be a contender for runner of the month but I am nominating for member based upon his brilliant support for the organisers at Chester in returning stored bags etc. The never ending queue of runners with aching limbs getting more and more frustrated and so Andy sprung into action supporting the organisers, having already paced the run he did BRR proud in getting stuck in with a friendly smile retrieving bags etc.
Harry Catherall

12. Karen Rishton member. – selfless run where she abandoned her own race to aid another Road Runner At the Manchester Half, she singlehandedly demonstrated what makes our club so great

Runner – Stu Eddleston – conquered 1st Marathon, works shifts and full weekends and did training runs after working nights.
Determination and commitment in abundance and a big shout out also to the support crew in Dublin as well as the other BRR runners

John Clucas

Runner of the month -Stuart Eddleston for his 1st marathon in Dublin and charity work

Member of the month – Jo Bingham. She always goes out of her way to support others.
Claire Taylor

14. Runner of the month…..Karen Turner Coram
Member of the month……Phil White
Donna Mazur

15. Runner of the month – Alex Frankish due to his performance at Manchester Half

Member of the month – Karen Rishton who unselfishly forfeited her own race at Manchester Half to support a fellow BRR to cross the finishing line. Karen’s actions reflected not only her own strength of character but also represented to me what it means to be a BRR member.

Warm regards

Damian Fleming

16.My nominations for October
Jason Rippingale for pacing and guide runner in 4 marathons in as many weeks.
Phil White for running Snowdonia and taking a message to where Andrews ashes were spread.
Amanda Burrows

17. please can I nominate Phil White as MoM for his special Andrew Boardman run.
And Jeanette Baron for her constant race winning performances. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

18. ROTM for me is Michael Clucas
MOTM is Lisa Ingham
Chris Hardy

19. ROTM Steve Duckett for his Auckland Marathon.. 7 marathons / 7 continents…just amazing!

MOTM Karen Rishton for sacrificing her race time at Manchester half to stay with, and look after, Anthony when he fell poorly during the run.

Gill Rushworth

20. ROTM – Stuart Eddleston, dedicated training, gutsy first marathon, amazing fundraising!

MOTM – Karen supporting Stuart round the Dublin marathon.
Christine Platt

21. Runner Stuart nodlested for achieving his first marathon at Dublin whilst smashing his fundraising for brain research
Member Karen turner Coram. For her fantastic support to Stuart
Nodlested keeping him going and encouraging through his first marathon forsaking a better time for herself to get him to the finish line
Joanne Mclean

22. Runner – Claire Taylor for her PB at Dublin 🏃🏻‍♀️

Member – joint Nicola and Spenny for their kind efforts in making us all the scrumptious grub at the Halloween run 🔮

Kayley Almond

23. Rom
Got to be Phil White
What a true gent running Snowden , when not 100% , to remember Andrew

Karen Rushton
Giving up her own race to help another BRR member

Deb Clucas

24. ROM: John Crelin on his fantastic run at the Ultra in Edinburgh
MOM: Jason Rippingale guide running Charlotte at the Marathon

Gemma McAuley

25. Hi Sue please can I nominate Gail Bamber for ROM sub 55 10k and sub 25 parkrun is brilliant!

And MOM Phil White for his awesome tribute to Andrew

Matt Chester

26. ROTM: Fiona Lynch;
She broke a time barrier sub 1.50 at Manchester Half Marathon.

MOTM: Phil White
He ran his 3rd Snowdonia marathon and gave a lovely tribute to Andrew Boardman.
Rose Kay

27. My member of the month is Phil White. He gave up his time to train us dublin marathoners, taking us under his wing, planning routes and giving advice. Also for what he did for Andew, whilst he was injured. A true gentleman.
My runner of month is Stuart Eddleston for running his first marathon after coming back from injury. He put all into training runs, even going out after a night shift and continued running in the marathon eventhough he wasn’t feeling 100% .

Jen Allen

28.I’d like to nominate Stephen Duckett for ROM for his amazing running on his continent challenge. What an inspirational runner. I’d also just like to make mention of Gail Bamber and Matt Chester who are bish bosh bashing out PB’s galore!
I’d like to nominate Nicola Murphy for MOM for her organisation of the ‪Monday night‬ open run, and although I unfortunately missed it, her effort with the vegan curry!
Carla Jenkinson

29. It’s been an epic month during October, some real inspirations. We’ve seen pure grit and determination from our members, Rowena’s Yorkshire Marathon, Jason’s assistance of Charlotte during the course, Michael’s Tour if Normandy Challenge, Jen’s Dublin Nightmare, John Crellin’s Edinburgh Ultra but the ROTM has to go to Andrew Gardner for his Atlantic City Marathon finish. You can plan, train for any event but anything can happen on the day and his determination to finished in pain showed on his slumped finishing photo. Never give up guys, Andrews moto.

It’s much easier to run 26.2 miles with your wing men around you. Well done to Tstuart and a big hand to Karen and Dave for giving him a helping hand. The MOTH can only go to Phil White who although not at his fittest at the moment, pending operation was determined to keep the memory of Andrew Boardman alive by completing the Snowdon Marathon. Phil being the person who he is also selflessly supported another runner along the way. You’re a true gent Phil, we salute you.

Linzi Dearden

30. Runner of the Month: Phil White for overcoming health issues and running yet another marathon, this time in memory of Andrew Boardman.
Member of the Month: Stuart Eddleston. Did his first marathon in Dublin and stepped up out of nowhere to help Christine Platt with an amazing raffle raising so much money for her VLM target. Shout out to Kayley Almond too who’s hit the ground running with her new Committee role.

Nicola Murphy