Club Member & Runner of the Month October 2018

Congratulations to
Runner: Steve McTigue – a PB by 1:21:00 since last year at Dresden Marathon and a real story of inspiration to get there.

Club Member : Deborah Clucas – Great organisation of the buffet at Chester Marathon and a wonderful thank you poem for our club merchandise,also donating 3 sessions a week to help the C25K group and supporting at many runs.

Congratulations to all nominated for the work and effort you have put in, again so many deserving members

Thanks for all the below:


My nomination is for steve Mctigue what an absolute brilliant few months he’s had and after reading what he’s gone through and the fighting spirit and willpower to get back on track and smashing PBs after PBs is awesome
Don’t really no Dee Garda that well yet but what a brilliant bloke to come to the rescue of the ladies on the way to Marshall at Manchester hats of to you Dee
Tracy Slater

2.ROM : Christine Warrington for all her achievements this month. She’s BACK!!

MOM : Steve Mctigue for sharing his story in the BRR newsletter. It definitely gave me lots to think about.

Nickie O’Hara

3.Can I please nominate Deborah clucas for MOM for all her support at races and for organising the food at Chester this year .
Shellibobs for Rom for her performance in Dublin she is going from strength to strength .
Also a shout out to first time marathon runners who did Dublin this weekend you put out awesome performances t9 be very proud of , well done ladies .
Karen Coram

This is the first time I’ve done any nominations, as I’ve found it so difficult to single one person out with the fantastic runners we have in the club. This month there have been so many international runs, so many PBs.
I’m going to go with Julie Marsden.
We ran together at the Fleetwood half marathon and she was so nervous about Dublin, but she’s been so determined and smashed it!!
Absolutely fantastic Julie.

It has to be Ashley Weir for the amazing amount of work he puts into the club
Ian Goodliffe

5.I would like to nominate Steve Mctigue for runner of the month. I have run with Steve quite a few Saturday mornings and he really is a lovely guy, I’m glad that he is getting back to some sort of normality through running and and staying dry and focused and I’m sure in time with support from Sue and his family and friends we can expect more fantastic achievements.

I would like to nominate Jane Matthewman for her work behind the scenes sorting out the portal etc.
She is running really fantastic at the moment and I’m sure she’ll be announcing so more PBs before the year end.

Linzi Dearden

6.MOM is Steve Mctigue, for his honest and heart wrenching write up for the Newsletter. I went to school with Steve and we have great banter together but I had no idea of the torment he was going through. It just goes to show it is a fine line we all walk along. Well done Steve for sharing.

ROM is Shelliebobs for her unfaultering training for Dublin. She is looking amazing and has worked so hard. Fantastic finish time. What a star.
Jeanette Baron

7.Moth Sharon Short. Amazing strength this lady has with all that has gone on lately in her life. Stronger than any of us.

Erika for her marathon in Dublin and her determination. Fab training and running.

Tracy Davies

8.please can I nominate Matt Chester as ROM, he is doing really well, getting faster and faster. With special mention to Sinèad for some staggering fast running. And for MOM please can I nominate Andrew Chatterton who arranges coaches and velodromes galore. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

9.Runner – I nominate Steve McTigue, he has had a solid month of great results in October so gets my nomination however I cannot ignore my son to be mentioned in dispatches Michael Clucas, a great achievement in Frankfurt and a marathon PB to go with so many other PB’s this year.
Member – Nichie OHara, a great ambassador for the running community and does such a lot media wise for the club and Couch

For facing his demons and achieving an astonishing improvement in his running times, with PBS at all distances, culminating in his Dresden marathon success, I am nominating Steve McTigue for runner of the month.

There are so many generous people in this club who think of others time and time again. This months I thought Liz Skupskis generosity in donating her time share, to the family of a poorly child in need of a holiday, was a lovely thing to do.
Graham Henry

11.MOM – Steve McTigue- Amazing Inspirational Journey. Well done Steve
ROM – Sinead Whit – Making amazing effort, flying at mo!!! – Go Speedy
Tracy Eccles

12.Nominations October
Steve mctigue. MOM I don’t think anyone couldn’t have been inspired from his story and WOW his running is going from strength to strength

ROM I wouldn’t normally do this but after watching someone train so hard for a 3 hour marathon and run it at even spilts of 6:46 a mile and miss out by one minute due to a long course my runner goes to Michael Clucas
Deborah Clucas

13.For runner this month is like to nominate Steve Mctigue, his story was truly inspirational and to knock over an hour off his marathon time was amazing.

I would also like to give special mention to Jon Turner for his outstanding performance at Chester.

Member I’d like to nominate Dave Almond for organising the cross Country team, sorting out the training sessions and getting so many new people interested in cross country this year.

Special mention goes to Debs Clucas and Nicola Halsall for organising the Jacobs join at Chester.
Annika Halsall

14.Runner – I nominate Steve McTigue, he has had a solid month of great results in October so gets my nomination however I cannot ignore my son to be mentioned in dispatches Michael Clucas, a great achievement in Frankfurt and a marathon PB to go with so many other PB’s this year.
Member- John Hannon , a great club member who organises so much behind the scenes and is a real asset and great guy!

John Clucas

15.Tough one this month to choose but:
ROTM is Sinéad Whit
Has been on a mission till as of late and is achieving some cracking times and PBs
MOTM is Graham Jordan
Is doing some amazing things for charity lately especially with the event @CTCC
Chris Hardy

16.ROTM Steve Mctigue
MOTM Sid Makinson
Thank you
Wendy Byrne

17.Noms for oct ROTM john clucas MOTM ste mctigue
Neil Grunshaw

18.ROM – Joanne Croasdale brilliant running this month has done the metric a half marathon in Spain then a full Marathon in Dublin and all with a smile on her face an inspiration to us all.
MOM – Katheryn Gardiner always ready and able to help with advice or guidance on all things running related, even to those not part of our club, a true credit to the club.
Lynda Barker

19.Runner of the Month: Overcoming personal problems and getting back to health must have been hard enough but to get that massive PB at Dresden Marathon and also at Accy 10k, Steve McTigue deserves to be in with a shout. Special mentions also to Shell Sears and Karen Turner, both of whom have worked really hard all year in the run up to Dublin.
Member of the Month: Joanne McLean for co-ordinating the marshalling for Manchester Half, both in the run-up and on the day. Well done Joanne, no easy task pulling all that off.

20.My nominations for October are
ROTM Steve Mctigue
MOTM Andrew Chatterton
Amanda Burrows

21.ROM Steve McTigue
A man after my own heart – personal challenges to PB the distances! He has been my encouragement as well as my inspiration!
MOM Christine Warrington for her persistence, patience and personality that has led to her being back in her trainers and winning Parkrunner of the year – go Chrissy!!
Shell Sears

22.Steve Mctigue for ROTM
Steve has gone from strength to strength month after month and although he wasn’t overly pleased with his result at Dresden marathon he should have been as he did an awesome job 👍🏻 he is an inspiring runner and has and does work hard…keep going running bud ⭐️⭐️

Also would like to mention Joanne Croasdale and Shell Sears for their determination in training and running with the Dublin Marathon…well done ladies ⭐️⭐️

Motm Sharon Short
Sharon has had much loss to deal with very suddenly and she has shown such strength and bravery. Sadly many of us will know how difficult it is to lose those who are very close to us and she has kept strong and kept running through these hard times x

Claire Brewer

23.Member – Deb Clucas for organising food at Chester and a shout out to Nic Halsall for helping
Runner – Steve Mctigue for smashing his Pb at Dresden marathon well done 👍
Joanne McClean

Absolutely awesome running this month! Again so many brilliant achievements to choose from short to long distances. Please can I mention some superb performances
– all the Dublin Runners who trained & ran perfectly
– Matt Chester & Wayne Rushworth consistently producing PBs
– Sinead battling to get those improvements each week
– teeny tiny mention for the Iron Man Jimmy Hindle amazing time at Barcelona Iron Man despite a very difficult and frankly bloody frightening swim
But I’d like to nominate Julie Marsden for Dublin Marathon fantastic effort and great training plan.

Special mentions for
– The best supporters Tracy Ann & Deborah Clucas and great photos too!
– the Witton Witches Kayleigh & Gemma for objecting some fun into their runs
But I’d like to nominate Carla Jenkinson for the sterling work on the Netball team signing up for yet another season, working on the teams performancd week after week, supporting the team and organising events

Well done everyone on such a great month.
Sally Heppenstall

25.Rotm Shellibobs Sears she has been on fire this month. Motm Steve McTigue being brave enough to share his story on the newsletter. Just shows what can be achieved if you ask for help !
Mick Wignall

26.MOTM – There’s so many people that work behind the scenes to make our club successful however there’s one lady who works tirelessly and does not get enough credit and that is Jane not only is she doing a fabulous job as club secretary she dies a fantastic job on the portal she is a true asset to this club!

ROTM – Jason Rippingale for going out to Chicago with no support and smashing his marathon not sure I could do that
Aadila Mulla

27.ROTM: Matt Chester, he is getting faster and faster. Well done Matt.

MOTM: Andrew Gardner for taking a job as a pacer at Chester marathon in short noticed.
Rose Kay

28.I nominate David Knowles for ROM he’s come such a long way since joining BRR and is achieving so much. PB after PB and has now reached his 1000miles well done David

I nominate Jeannette Baron for member of the month. She’s always there to offer help, advice and support and is such a credit to BRR.
Fiona Lynch

29.Please could I nominate Shell Sears for ROM – A fantastic time at Dublin marathon also done with a lovely smile.
For MOM please can I nominate Liz Supski for her very generous donation of accommodation for our club charity. Such a lovely, kind, generous lady xx

30.ROTM is Joanne Croasdale. Joanne ran a fantastic marathon on Sunday with that trademark smile on her face. She just got on with her training and was completely committed. Joanne also continued to encourage other runners and set a good example of how to train well and stay injury free. A good example for much new and experienced runners alike.
MOTM is Graham Jordon. He has thrown himself into his role on the committee and his club charity work. If my phone doesn’t bing at least 363,575,67 times a day with a message from him, I worry!
Sinéad Whittaker

31.ROTM – Steve Mctigue. Brilliant race results this month and showing just what you can achieve with determination. Well done Steve!
MOTM – David Craig, for being so enthusiastic and always having a kind word for everyone. And, he has been running so well lately, good effort DC!
Gillian Rushworth

32.Hi please can I nominate Steve Mctigue for ROTM for a brilliant Marathon PB as well as a few more PBs. And Deborah Clucas for MOTM after sorting the Chester day brilliantly.
Matt Chester

33.Yet another tough one but here we go.
Runner – Michael Clucas. 3:01 and he ran an extra half mile?! Unbelievable time and after some tough long races in the past he well and truly kicked the marathon’s arse.
Member – Steve Mctigue. Some cracking running which deserves acknowledgement but also an incredibly brave admission in the club newsletter, his honesty might just help someone else who is having a battle none of us know about. Whilst I’ve not quite been where Steve described I’ve experienced some pretty low moments and can relate to some of what he said. Nice chap, brave words and an example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.
Matt Simpson

Ste McTigue for smashing his Marathon PB by 1 hour and 20 mins and over coming his personal battle. Great ready in the news letter. Well done Ste!
Joanne McLean
For organising the Manchester marshals. TOP job! Clubs need people like Joanne and others like her who chip in and sort stuff out behind the scenes 👍

35.ROTM – Another month of too many to choose from, but for me, it has to be Jason Rippingale. His performance in Chicago was outstanding and he has worked so hard for it. Well deserved. When he isn’t preparing himself for a race, he is preparing others. Words of encouragement and advice. He’s always an inspiration. Performances in Dresden, Warsaw, Dublin and Frankfurt were just some of the others I could’ve chosen. It’s getting harder every month.
MOTM – I would like to nominate Andrew Gardner. Dropped onto the Chester marathon pacing crew and represented the club really well. Marathons aren’t easy and to go out and encourage runners when you haven’t specifically trained for a marathon yourself takes some doing. A man of natural ability and great personality who did a great job helping others to achieve their goals and PB’s.
Michael Goodliffe

36.Runner of the month (hope it counts!) Matt Chester, he goes from strength to strength chipping away at his PB’s.
Member if the Month Tracey Slater who always supports all our runners.
Alyson Chester

37.Runner nom goes to Harry Catherall, who is amazing me how well he has progressed and how many PBs he keeps getting. Plus he’s a real gent and one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.
Member is easy for me being charity coordinator, Liz Skupski for her amazing donation of s weeks holiday in the lakes for one of our families. Liz and Phil are a fantastic couple and a big asset to our club.
Graham Jordan

38.ROTM- Steve McTigue- so pleased he shared his journey to marathon success and life enhancement, very inspiring, kudos to the Dublin Marathoners, all ran so well and Michael in Frankfurt
MOTM- Deborah Clucas for organising food at Chester, special mention to the Skupskis for their generous gesture for a family for the club charity
Susan Wolstenholme

39.ROM Jo Croasdale – fantastic running in October, raising money for charity & never stops smiling.
MOM Steve Mctigue – his inspirational write up for the newsletter
Laura King

40.Runner of the month Michael Clucas for his outstanding marathon performance in Frankfurt.
Dave Almond

41.My nomination for RoM this month is Steve Mctigue. I used to run with Steve in our 5kgrouprun days. I’ve seen him go from strength to strength this year but had no idea of any of Steve’s struggles prior to getting on this straight and narrow. I was touched by his write-up in the newsletter and have really been inspired by, not only that, but his drive to bash out PB after PB, the cherry on the cake being his recent marathon. Absolutely amazing.
My nomination for MoM is Joanne McLean. She works hard with rounding up marshals for events and also behind the scenes with the AB points.
Carla Jenkinson

42.Not sure if I’ve it missed the deadline sorry if I have
ROTM Harry Catherall for Chester Metric Marathon, beating the age category set by Richard Slater
MOTM goes to Steve Mctigue great read up and for smashing some fab pubs this month
John Hannon