Club Member & Runner of the Month October 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for October 2017 

Runner of the month
Ellie Wright – 3rd Female at Pilling 10k (41.08), a PB – 1st Female in her second Parkrun at Burnley in 20:42 and 3rd Overall at Fairclough 5Miles the day after. She just gets faster and faster !

Member of the month
Joanne McClean- she’s thrown herself into club life after only recently joining, helping on the committee and organising the catering for 150+ people at the Chester Marathon- to precision! Also marshalled for 7 hrs plus at the Manchester Half Marathon and multiple Parkruns.

Well done to all nominated especially Joshua Crowther for breaking the club all time Marathon record for his 2:39 Washington Marathon this month.

The nominations are listed and a big thanks to all of you for writing in.


1. Can I nominate little Ellen for runner she is getting back to back pbs after coming back from injury.
Members of the month I’d like to nominate Andrew chatterton for the Chesterton coach and international rescue of nat and me I’d also like to praise Joanne McLean for her precision organisation of the chester food .
Karen Coram

2. Joshua Crosdale fabulous run at Chester getting himself a podium place he really is a superstar.
Member of the month – Judith Barnes for helping so many other runners round the course at Chester Judith always is such a brilliant team player always looking after other runners.
Lynda Barker

3. Can I nominate David Birtwistle for ROM for his outstanding run at Chester
Can I nominate Joanne McClean for member of the month for organising the food /drinks etc. for Chester too. She did a fantastic job
Annika Halsall

4.ROTM – Brian Cross, his name’s enough X
MOTM – Andrew Chatterton for superb supporting of all runners and support crew on all races, rescuing Natalie and Karen in Lochness. X
Alison Felippes

My nomination for member of the month goes to Joanne McLean for her superb organisation of the catering at Chester. It was spot on.
Melanie Green

6. ROM fellow ginger The mighty Joshua .What a runner .
MOM Laura King .For sweeping me along and encouragement at the Chester Metric .
Craig Douglas

7. Runner of the Month
It’s got to be Josh Crowther – what an amazing achievement in the Marathon for the Royal Navy
Member of the Month
Andrea Orme Wright – shes properly kicked my butt into gear over the past few weeks and helped me find my confidence, pushing me to join the Wednesday runs which gave me the final nudge to join BRR. She oozes motivation even when she’s not totally feeling it herself.
Nicki O Hara

8. ROM – Just got to be Ellie Wright again every run is just awesome and a nice lady with it too
MOM – Karen Coram Turner, Always supporting others at races when she isn’t running herself x
Deborah Clucas

9. ROM – Run Warrior Dave Almond. All round legend. Friendly, unassuming inspirational gent – your vibe attracts your( x country ) tribe.
MOM – Super gran Rowena. She’s got it & haunts it, err flaunts it. Super dedication in everything she does bringing joy wherever she goes
Cathy Kilshaw

10. ROM – Ellie Wright going from strength to strength, steady and consistent.
MOM – Karen Coram Turner (and support team), great support given at races and amazing at Dublin
Andrew Gaskill

11. ROM – Rick Slater – for achieving 2 GFA marathon times with in 2 weeks !! #EPIC
MOM – Going for the family double – Tracy Slater – for great photographic support and cakes !!
Rowena Falcon Doherty

12. Another tricky month with so many amazing achievements for the club
My nominations are ….
ROM : Joshua Crowther, Joshua’s commitment, focus and dedication are always impressive but this month his marathon time has really blown our socks off.. and he’s never seen without that beaming smile on his face .. Really well done
MOM : Brian Cross, Brian has set a fantastic example to us all in dealing with his demons, he’s transformed himself and looks strong, fit and happier for it. Keep it up Brian
Tracie Wilson

13. I would like to nominate Joanne McLean for MOTM and Dave Almond for ROTM.
Amanda Burrows

14. ROTM – Ellie Wright, Keeps making astonishing runs, breaking pbs and getting better and better.
MOTM – Ashley Weir, Does a lot for the club and runners and I consider him an essential member of BRR
Chris Hardy

15. MOTM Joanne McLean. ROTM Dave Almond
Thank you.
Wendy Byrne

16. Very hard to pick runner of the month this time so many deserving people.
I think I will go for Dave Almond he has been inspirational since he came to us with his running and has started the cross country off again.
Phil White

17. Please can I nominate Dave Almond as ROM and Joanne McLean as mom for the super organisation of Chester
Christine Warrington

18. ROTM : Dave Almond.
MOTM : Joanne McClean.
Rose Kay

19. My nomination for runner of month is Dublin marathon runners.Can I vote for for Trudi Jenkinson for smashing her marathon PB
My nomination for member of month is Andrew chatterton for organising coach for Chester.
Jen Allen

20. I’m struggling this month so many to choose from!
Ellie Wright rotm and special mention to Ellen barkworth for her hat trick of pbs.
MOTM – Matt Simp who I believe helped somebody who was injured during chester whilst running himself
Joyce Weeks

21. Runner – Andy Gaskill for Dublin, a bit of an unsung hero who always puts the miles.
Member – Joanne Mcaclean for working hard on Chester and pulling together some of the food stuff.
Adam Holden

22. Runner: Ellie Wright. How she hasn’t won this yet I’ll never know! The lass is unstoppable!
Member: Easy for me this month! Couldn’t have completed my first marathon without him and I’ll be eternally grateful to him for turning something so physically painful into such a fun day. Good luck on your 11th marathon this year in New York, Michael Lilley. Legend.
Nicola Murphy

23. MOM is Joanne McClean who did an amazing job in getting all those runners and spectators fed and watered at Chester. ROM is Rick Slater who runs Marathons for fun and supports other runners in their training. Thanks xx
Jeanette Baron

24. Ellie Wright for runner – several PB’s and getting better now she has started parkruns
Joanne Mclean for member – awesome organisation for Chester
John Clucas

25. Gets harder and harder each month … special mention to all Chesters first marathoners & metric runners who trained hard and smashed their goals. ROM whose just flying at the moment Rachel Gavin & MOM Karen Corran … who herself conquered the Chester marathon but also constantly rocks up selflessly supporting others … thanks 🙂
Trudi Jenkinson

26. ROM Joshua Crowther for new club record marathon time
MOM Adam Holden for continued AB points collation
Gordon Weeks

27. ROM Trudi MOM Rowena
Martina Rimmer

28. Runner of the month Nicola Murphy for battling the pain to finish Chester marathon
Member of the month Michael Lilly for supporting Nicola at Chester.
Joanne McClean

29. ROTM…Lovely Ellie Wright…she is doing so brilliantly and just getting better every week. Fantastic effort. Well done Ellie xx
MOTM…Sally Heppenstall. She is at almost every race, cheering folk on, this despite having her stress fracture, always there encouraging people. Just very kind and brilliant. Thank you Sally, even if you don’t get MOTM, you’re just fantastic xx
Margaret Morley

30. Please can I nominate Joshua Crowther for ROM, his Marathon was absolutely amazing!
Ellie Wright

31. So many incredible achievements and personal bests from everyone this month it has been hard to keep up!
Member of the month: Dave Almond- he’s a fantastic new asset to our club. He has so many words of wisdom and is a genuinely nice guy too.
Runner: for me has to be our Ellie, surely October is her month!
Well done to everyone!
Rachael Gavin

32. I’d like to nominate lisa Fraser for runner of the month for her sub 50 10k. Absolutely awesome running. I know it was sept but it was the 30th and people had already voted for sept so I’d like to nominate her
For member of the month I’d like to nominate andrew chatterton for his organisation of the chester travel. Its not easy to organise so many people and even though I didn’t go chester this year I hear he did a cracking job
Sharon Short

33. Runner of the month, Josh for his achievements this month.
Lynn Fitzpatrick

34. ROM Ellen Barkworth 3 Pbs and running like a machine at her age! What an inspiration to others? MOM John Hannah, never thinking about himself, always eager to help others! Makes everyone who joins his run feel Good, and never knows the right mileage! 🤣🤣🤣 thank you!
David Haworth

35. Marginally earlier than last month! Nominations as follows:
ROM – Fully expect Joshua Crowther, Lisa Gavin or Ellie Wright to be rewarded this month for their astonishing running and good form but I would like to nominate Ellen Barkworth. She is so loving her running at the moment, training like a Trojan, dragging others less motivated with her and consistently improving her times by challenging herself to do more and more faster and faster and all at the ripe young age of ?? I’ll leave you to guess that bit. How well does that sum up what BRR is all about?
MOM – Stand up please Joanne McClean for a brilliant BBQ at Chester in challenging conditions!
Anna Barcroft

36. Member of the month – On a personal note for me has to be my wingman Paul Barton. At the end of Chester marathon when I wasn’t with it, he took me to my van, got me out of my wet clothes, towel dried me everywhere and then got me dressed again in dry clothes. Above and beyond. Thanks also to Matt S, the Gardners and Maggie A for keeping an eye on me. Much appreciated.
Runner of the month – has to be Ellie Wright. She’s blasting the short and long distances and getting PBs all over the place.

37.ROTM – difficult. fantastic achievement by Josh but this month would like to nominate Ellen Barkworth for achieving 3 PBS within a month in 2 half marathons and a Metric !
MOTM – again many are worthy but for October wish to nominate Tracey Davies on helping so many prepare for Chester.
Rachael Houlker

38. It’s been a very eventful October for all our runners with lots of PB’s and club records flying out of the window. One person stands out for me though, she doesn’t make a song and dance about her running but has
determination and true grit. She’s found some training runs hard and even had a wobble at mile 9 but she carried on and got through it, looking fresh as a daisy at the end?!?
Nicola Murphy congratulations on your 1st Marathon at Chester.

I would like to nominate Dave Almond for Member of the month for introducing and organising training for cross country. As a club we seem to be getting rather versatile. Looking forward to reading some great future reviews
Linzi Dearden

39.Was struggling between Ellie Wright & Josh as they have both been outstanding this month but please could I vote Joshua Crowther for Runner of the Month.
Lisa Fraser

40. I would like to nominate Josh Crowther for ROM for getting the club record & amazing time in the marathon. There have been loads of great achievements this month including Ellie Wright but Josh stood out.
MOM – Joanne McClean for organising the food at Chester & a big mention to Andrew Chatterton for the coach
Denise Cottam

41. For me this month.
ROTM for me yet again has to be our brilliant ellie, just no stopping this girl, there are plenty to choose from again but she just keeps on standing out.
MOTM this gets harder as well but this month im going for Denise Brogden who is always supporting, usually in the background doing something or another n never gets noticed.

42. Runner of the Month : Dave Almond, winning his age category and along with others like the ‘ever faster Ellie’ ‘Rachael’ and Joshua all really putting BRR on the speed circuit.
Member of the Month : Joanne McClean – Seeing how much worm she did behind the scenes to arrange the Chester BBQ to precision, queuing up at supermarkets at 8am and ferrying food! Made it a great day for many people, Runners and spectators AND launched in her first few months of membership! Brilliant asset to the club x

43.ROTM – Gotta be Ellie! Special mention to Josh
MOTM – Dave Almond for the new xc training brilliant new option for members
Sally Heppenstall

44. MOTM – Matt Simpson for organising the Tuesday speedy sessions
ROTM – Little Ellen (Barkworth). 2 considerable PB’s in October at Cardiff and Chester.
She’s getting stronger and stronger and more determined with each run, always with a great big smile
Claire Young

45. This month’s (last minute) noms….
Runner of the month is Joshua Crowther. Incredible performance in Washington but also, he did such a great write up for the newsletter and I really liked the bit he included about how he keeps and reads comments to motivate himself to train and race…
Member of the month Lisa Fraser for her 1st vet placing and pb under 50m at Pilling 10K. Brilliant!
Jeanette Hickey

46. Member – got to be Andrew Chatterton god knows how he sorted that coach out, regular updates, swapping folk over when there were changes and getting payment. A mammoth task that took months of work.
Runner – plenty of outstanding performances, records falling all over the place. A huge choice of excellent performances. So my vote goes to Graham Henry for outsprinting you at the end of the metric!
Matthew Simpson

47. Short and sweet ROTM : Joshua Crowther | MOTH JOANNE MCLEAN.
Neil Grunshaw

48. I would like to nominate Dave Almond for ROTM he’s set up the X/country ran some fantastic race’s setting records
my MOTM would be Joanne Mcclean for her outstanding hard work organising the Chester B&Q food and drinks

49. ROM for me has to be Ellie Wright. Her efforts over the last few months have been inspiring and her recent PB and win seal the deal!
MOM Jane Matthewman for her continued behind the scenes work with the portal.
Carla Jenkinson

50. My noms this month is
Runner .Joshua Crowther for his amazing month of running
Member ..joanne McLean for the organisation of transport and catering at Chester 😊 Also a big cheer for coach organisers Andrew Chatterton
Katrina Grunshaw

51. Ellie again for ROTM, it’s about time, but of course Josh’s performances also justify being ROTM too! Was going to also say a nod towards Rachael Gavin too for that new Club Record after deciding to step back into racing!
Certainly Jo for MOTM, stepping into club and sorting the Chester Catering out 👍🏻
So it’s Ellie and Jo for me
Ashley Weir

52. My nomination for MOTM is Joanne McLean for doing such a fantastic job organising the metric event, and my ROTM is Christine Wood for
Completing the metric she found it challenging and difficult in places but didn’t give up or stop a very determined lady who showed her true grit and determination.
Beverley Pratt