Club Member & Runner of the Month November 2020

Congratulations to this months chosen members and that’s for all the nominations and positivity within the club keeping us going

Runner of the Month – Kath Jump – keeping positive and using running to assist with grief is truly admirable

Club Member of the Month- Anthony Furnell – Running with as many different members and being inclusive, ordering stock and motivating the whole club

Congratulations to all nominations as below


1.ROTM – Paul Cooper – I know from personal experience how difficult it is to find the motivation to start from scratch after a long time out. He’s found his running mojo again and is smashing his Lands End to John O’Groats challenge. 💪🏼👏🏼

MOTM – Anthony Furnell – Where to start with this fella. Could quite easily put him in both categories here. He is consistently going above and beyond to motivate and praise others. He organises buddy runs and checks in to see how people are doing. In a time where mental health is a daily challenge for a lot of people, it’s people like Anthony that keep people going. He’s a fantastic fella and to me, a thoroughly thoroughly deserving winner of this award. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Adam Booth

2. Runner of the month
Without a doubt for me it has to be Anthony Furnell, he’s showed great enthusiasm throughout the month with his running and to cap it off he hit his half marathon PB on the Darwen half route paced superbly by Shaf, Andrew and Jason.
He clearly got into the zone including his race number on his vest and showed great determination on a difficult course to record his PB

Member of the month
I’m going to go with Graham Jordan, he has set up the Run your own distance up for November to raise money for Mind, whilst I appreciate he is the charity coordinator for BRR he’s gone a step further and organised a raffle to raise some additional funds. It’s not just the fundraising though as I feel sure it’s got people running and setting goals at a time when most people’s Mojo cupboards are bare.

Mark Vaughton

3. I would like to nominate Joanne Crosdale she accepts challenges and get on with them, always a pleasure to watch this lady always done with a smile on her face

Tracy Davies no matter what tracy has going on in her life she is always thinking about others and offering fantastic support

Tracy Slater

4. My vote for ROTM Is Mick Wignall terrific achievement completing Ben Fish’s marathon plan and as been a great inspiration to on our many runs together.

Anthony BRR Great inspiration to all members. Arranging runs with many of them including myself

David Morris

5. I would like to vote mick wignall as runner of the month. He has just completed Ben Fish’s marathon training plan for the month. He works so hard each month and I think he truly deserves it

Katie Morris

6. ROTM for me would he joint between Tracy Hickey and Cath Gardener for their Red supporting each other on a daily basis – great team work
MOTM would be Graham Jordon for organising the Mind Miles for Mind that has really helped a lot of people over the last month

Kath Jump

7. Can I please nom claire Taylor for MOM. I’ve been really struggling this past weekend with personal health issues and she’s been my rock.

ROM Gemma Mccaulley for doing her 1000 miles and keeping great spirit.

Reanna Taylor

8. Club Member of the Month – For me I have to nominate Joe Gleave for his ongoing support & training advice which has seen me make huge strides in the right direction. He then went and paced me to a half marathon PB sub 1hr45 mins around the Darwen Half Route.

Runner of the Month – This is a tough one as so many people doing so many good things. For me Down Hill Runner has really upped their millage over the past few weeks that they’ll hopefully benefit from when races return.

Best wishes,

Dan Hill

9. Runner OTM: Kath Jump. Following the tragic loss of her dad, Kath has been running in his honour. Kath is such a lovely, kind, supportive person and my heart goes out to her and others at the club who have lost loved ones recently. She is doing her dad so proud and she is an inspiration.

Special mention to Anthony Furnell for achieving his recent sub-2hr Half Marathon goal on a very challenging route whilst paced by Jason. He’s sinced achieved a sub-50 min 10k. He’s the comeback king with the biggest heart.

Member OTM: Liz Skupski for arranging the Christmas care boxes for Age UK. It’s such a thoughtful thing to do. (I’ll contribute to this soon myself).

Special mention to Graham Jordan. He’s an absolute superstar, motivating club members and is working really hard for the club charity, Lancashire Mind.

Karen Rishton

10. I’d like to nominate Ant Furnell for member of the month! He’s been a great level of support these past few weeks not only to me but many other road runners! He’s always putting other people first whilst achieving his own goals too.

I’d like to massively thank him for getting me round 10 miles on Friday and putting me through my paces and making me believe that I can do it!

He didn’t take no for answer when I said that I couldn’t do it and made me keep pushing myself!

I’d also like to nominate Kate Youd for runner of the month.
I started running with Kate when the club runs first started again after lockdown,
As a “newbie” to the club again I didn’t recognise any of the new faces and Kate was quick to start chatting away to me and making me feel welcome!

Since the club runs stopped and the buddy runs started myself and Kate have been getting out weekly, during the week and on weekends getting some mileage in.
She’s been smashing the mileage and she’s massively chipping away at her pace, increasing on her times!
Each week she’s getting round faster and she’s also getting up the hills (without moaning) and stopping!
She’s been amazing to run with and I can’t wait to get some more mileage in, and a few longer runs next week!


Paul Cooper

11. ROM – Cathy Gardiner. Cathy agreed to try and run every day in November even though she’d been injured. She gave it 100% and ran every day even though she didn’t feel like it some days.

MOM – Graham Jordan for all his fantastic fund raising organising.

Tracy Hickey

12. Runner of the month nomination. Mine is for Daniel Hill. He has faught off injury earlier this year and increased his times dramatically through calculated and dedicated training led by Joe Gleave. He’s achieved a PB for his half marathon on the tricky Darwen Half in 1hr.44mins. In addition he has been very supportive to me as I’m pretty much isolated for running and Dan has met to keep me going which was a super help to my physical and mental health.

That’s why he is my nomination for runner of the month.

Glynn Hammond

ROM – Adam Booth for his ultra-speedy ½ marathon time.

MOM – Kath Jump for keeping going and being so supportive to many others despite going through such a sad time herself.

Chris Jolliffe

Runner of the Month – Kath Jump. Totally inspirational how she’s using running to get through what I’m sure is one of the toughest times in her life. I’m in awe. Well done Kath, keep ‘doing it for dad’ and get to your target.

Member of the Month – Anthony Furnell. Not only are his daily running posts keeping a lot of people interested, he has also organised a surprise gift for members and a bundle of raffle prizes for the club charity amongst other things. This man has energy by the bucket load and it’s good to see 😊

Nicola Murphy

15. ROM – Gemma McAuley
Completing her challenge of 1000 this year- when there are no races is fantastic

MOM – Tracy Slater
Showing everyone how to make inexpensive meals with a daily video – love them

Deb Clucas

16. Evening last minute as always, please could I nominate ROTM for November. I did have a few runners shortlisted including Dan Hill for his fantastic Darwen Half PB, Paul Cooper for coming back from injury, Gary Blackburn for his WW 10K PB, and building up, Downhill Runner for also coming back with lots of running, Jason for the Darwen Half pacing, but my ROTM definitely goes to Adam booth for 3x reasons – for his astounding Half Marathon PB, pacing my 1st 10K PB this month and genuinely inspiring me to do better and improve my running and performance – thanks Adam

My nomination for MOTM goes to Graham Jordan who it has been a real pleasure to get to know recently through running and socially distanced chat, and most importantly his tireless efforts in raising money for charity.

Anthony Furnell