Club Member & Runner of the Month November 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Matt Chester
Displaying ever improving times in his races with PB’s and a cross country effort at Todmorden to be proud of.

Club Member : Sid Makinson
Organised, motivated and carried out RED in November loved by all who participated

Thanks to all who nominated so many worthy members as below:


1.Runner of the month for me would be Gail Bamber she has gone from strength to strength- amazing achievements and so many PB’s she is such an energetic runner who is very supportive , encouraging and always there to help others achieve more , like Park runs all over the place !! , and running with others to allow them to achieve PB’s what a star
Member of the month for me would be Sid Makinson with his set up of the RED November encouraging others to sign up for the challenge and leading from the front with a smile on his face and always praising others for their achievements and successes , he’s come a long way since our school days together and encouraged me to move from progression group 2 to BRR too and so glad he did – thanks Sid


Kath Jump

2. ROTM – Matt Chester
What an absolute legend we have in this one! Matt has shown huge improvements this month. His PBs are starting to fly in and they are truly deserved, with his commitment to training.
I just love how he takes on and embraces every challenge that he is faced with, particularly the cross country, which I am still in awe of him for. Absolute trooper, whom I know has so much more to come!
Keep smashing it, Matt. You’re truly one of a kind!

MOTM – Joe Gleave
Another hero of the club! A great runner, but not only that, I feel that Joe has offered so much more than that, this month, with his mathematical mind!
He’s been writing up, sharing about pace and how best to tackle certain races, ultimately helping lots reach PBs, particularly at the Accrington 10k.
He has also quietly taken the time to send people a break down of what pace they can do, at each mile, to achieve their sought after time and I know that it’s truly appreciated.
Such a positive soul, thanks Joe.
Also, a big shout out to Sid! He has got so many people up and about, for RED November during this cold, dark time of year. Great work!
Lastly, Tracy Ann (aka Mary Berry/photography queen/supporting hero), who has been just an all round wonder woman, helping out in numerous ways. Things like this do not go unnoticed. Thank you.

Thanks BRR, another awesome month!

Hayley Duckworth

3. Runner:
Has to be Hayley Duckworth! She has been smashing it recently. Her determination and training has well and truly been paying off. I can only see her getting faster and faster!

Anthony Furnell
1 third of the 3 amigos who has been running really well recently but found himself of the injury list. This hasn’t stopped him still getting involved and has switched to a more volunteering role whilst he gets himself better! So much credit for that!

Gary Blackburn

4. Runner of the Month Matt Chester, he is just going from strength to strength with his running and enjoying every minute.
Member of the Month Sinéad Simpson, always supporting and/or running and for all the organising of the social events.
Mention to all the Marshalls at Blackburn 10K for the support which was much appreciated.
Aly Chester

5. Lynne Knowles for ROTM
Lynne has just been awesome and her running has gone from strength to strength recently…well done lady 👏👏
Just a mention to all the fabulous RED crew…what an awesome challenge and achievement to undertake ⭐️⭐️
Sid Makinson for MOTM
Well done for challenging us runners to get involved in RED and completing it yourself too…motivating runner…well done 👍🏻👏
Claire Brewer

6. Such a tough one this month but here goes…
ROTM – Sid Makinson for the Red challenge. I ran with Sid on Friday 29th November for 3 miles. Chatted along the way, as you do, and was totally blown away by his inspiration and determination. He gave me something to aim for in the New Year, after a year of injuries/and other stuff, his chat helped…. And I saw a guy, who was adamant that he would never run a marathon….. Achieve so much this year. It certainly isnt about finishing times but for just getting out there and running. Massive well done Sid and not forgetting to mention the pram!!! Just an awesome year for you.

MOTM – Richard Slater. Again someone who I have so much admiration for. Again, a troubled year for Rick with his health but what a come back…. This guy doesn’t give up, a quality I admire muchly. There are fast pace, medium pace and slow pace runners but when faced with a future potentially of no running, Rick has kicked arse and shown he won’t be defeated. A fabulous come back Rick and again certainly given me something to aim for.
Big shout out to everyone who has achieved what they set out to do. Being able to run is the greatest achievement of them of all, which we must not forget.

Tracy Davies

7. I want to nominate Rick Slater for ROTM for coming back from a long term health scare to running 200 miles this month, a living legend
I want to nominate Tracy Skater for MOTM for continuously baking those cakes and contributing towards worthwhile charities
Chris Hardy

8. Nominations for this month are;
ROTM – Fiona who has put in some fantastic performances at Windmill 10k, Blackburn 10k, Best 5k and the best of all this morning at Wesham 10k with a great run. That’s 3 PB’s out of the 4 races and all that after running every day this month. She’s also closing in on hitting all three of her personal goals before the year end.
Special mentions too for Hayley and Kieran for getting their sub 45’s.
MOTM – Sid for setting up the RED challenge this month. His ongoing support and motivation for all of us taking part throughout what has been a long month has helped immensely and was greatly appreciated.
Matt Lynch

9. Runner of the month
Kieran MB
As well as completing RED this month he has achieved a good few PB’s and has really come on these past few months. Well done Kieran 👍🏻Thank you also for pushing me to my limits during the track sessions and being a great team player and making those wonderful cakes 😍 x
Member of the month
Sid Makinson
He has been a great leader and kept us going strong and united through RED 🚂 😘
Special thanks to all the others on the RED train it’s been a great month doing this challenge with you all
Fiona Lynch

10. ROTM: Many congrats to ALL those who smashed their time barriers this month. My Runner of the Month is Hayley Duckworth for achieving her sub-45 mins at the Blackburn 10k. She’s had an incredible year and she’s getting speedier by the second. Plus, she’s incredibly supportive to other team members, including myself.
MOTM: The Blackburn 10k wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without all of the BRR marshalls and volunteers- THANK YOU ALL! My Member of the Month is Deborah Clucas for leading the troops and making sure that we were all well-supported and safe. Deborah works so hard and selflessly for others.
Many thanks,

Karen Rishton

11. Each month it gets harder and harder, there’s so many worthy winners and so many selfless people. So apologies as I could have nominated loads from each category, but here goes.
Runner, Matt Chester, getting quicker, fitter and improving so much. Plus he’s a great lad.
Member Sid, for motivating so many runners with not just the RED, but his attitude in general. An all round nice guy.
Graham Jordan

12. ROTM nomination:

Matt Chester for his determination to finish the cross county run at Todmorden, despite taking a couple of tumbles, and finishing with a smile on his face.

MOTM nomination:

Lisa Ingham for organising the BRR team at the Red Rose Cross County Series. Providing encouragement for newbies to cross country, keeping everyone up to date and reminders for each event eg ‘bring your number!’.

Kate Pomfret

13. MOTM: Liz Stupski for putting on a fantastic afternoon tea. Really lovely food and great company. Thanks Phil for topping us up with prosecco x

ROTM: Lynne Knowles has been phenomenal this month, lots of consistent sub 55’s. She’s had to work really hard to achieve this. It wasn’t too many months ago she was recovering from injury so this is a fantastic achievement.
Linzi Dearden

14. Rom – Fiona lynch
Ran 3 miles every day in November and finishing with a sub 45 10k

Mom – Tracy Slater
For always baking and supporting others in their charity fundraising especially today at johns 100th parkrun at Burnley
Deborah Clucas

15. ROTM FIona Lynch smashing PB after PB what a running month this lady as had. Well done to John and Gary on 100th parkrun and Sally and Mark on your 50th
Deb Clucas for organising all the Marshalls for Blackburn 10k cracking job done also like to thank sue for putting the bacon butties on and Denise Brogden for getting the coffees in x
Tracy Slater

16. MOM. If I could nominate everyone at Todmorden XC I would. Incredible support. Hugely appreciate Matt and Jase running with me but my Nomination is for Sinéad. Running through that boggy field with me in a pair of boots was next level support 😊
ROM for me is Hayley Duckworth. Incredible PB at Blackburn 10k and amazing XC times
Matt Chester

17. Runner of the month: Alex Frankish for taking superhuman chunks off his 10k and 10 mile PBs.

Member of the month: Tracy Ann for fundraising efforts

Joe Gleeve

18. Runner Sid M, arranged and lead the red November challenge and on fire with PB’s and awesome running all round.
Member Tracey Slater – awesome support from the sidelines and continually bakes at her own expense and sells the excellent cakes etc for the clubs charity.
John Clucas

19. ‘d like to nominate Liz skipski for MOM for what looked to be an amazing afternoon tea to raise money for prostate
A huge shout out too to Tracy Slater for her continued support with her cake sales .
ROM I’m struggling with cause there’s so many members regularly putting out pbs and great runs but I’d like to nominate Adele for her Cross country effort on Saturday , well done 👏👏👏
Karen Coram

20. Hi can’t choose so would like to nominate John Clucas & congratulate Gary Blackburn for runner of the month for their 100th park runs.
I would like to nominate Graham Jordan for the many short runs he leads even though he could quite easily be doing the full club distances.
Thanks from
Adele Mauback

21. Some outstanding performances this month but my ROTM goes to Hayley Duckworth for her sub 45 at Blackburn 10k. Knocked it out the park!! Special mention to the parkrun milestoners 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 and Fiona Lynch who is going from strength to strength and shaving minutes off her PBs 💪🏼!
My MOTM goes to Tracy Slater for some exceptional baking fundraisers and support for the big Burnley parkrun yesterday! She stood out in the freezing cold with her delicious creations. Special mention to Kieran the cake maker too!
Lizzi Watton

22. Matt Chester for ROTM. Phenomenal running from him-his determination and sheer strength at cross country was nothing short of ace. His speed over his 5ks and commitment to training has been brill too. Big shout out to Joanne and Jane for mounting up the PB’s and Tracy S for getting her trainers back on.

MOTM-Hayley Duckworth. So incredibly supportive of all runners and humble in her own achievements-she really is appreciated by us all.

Sinéad Whittaker

23. Runner- Matt Chester, literally taking one for the team by ‘having a go’ at the toughest XC of the year not long after smashing Berlin. One hell of a debut. Even a slight tumble didnt remove the smile.

Member – Hayley Duckworth, close call for runner to be fair but it occured to me today how often she posts a supportive comment on so many individual’s runs. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a team.
Matt Simpson

24. Rotm – Matt Chester – i don’t know Matt but have been noticing his times for a while. He seems to have a brilliant approach, quietly gets on with it. Gutsy determined effort at XC and brilliant 10k time.
MOTM – Graham Jordan – the mans enthusiasm and fundraising is relentless!
Christine Platt

25. Please can I nominate Graham Jordan for member of the month. Running as Dexter was phenomenal. We got close to 1k and he was ready for going back. After a chat we carried on and continued with great conversation and smiles (mostly). Team work makes the dream work!!!! I certainly wouldn’t want to be running in that! Also, the commitment to the charities are beyond words. One of the best races I’ve done 😀.
And sorry I’ve not kept my eye out for runner of the month !
Katie Haworth

26. ROM: Gail Bamber who has absolutely smashed this year and has achieved an amazing amount of PB’s
MOM: Tracy Slater who does a fantastic job raising money for charity through her bake sales and mention to the talented Claire Taylor
Gemma McAuley

27. Member of the month I would like to nominate Sid for MOM . He is always so supportive to all members especially at the start when many are nervous. He always chats and puts people at ease and if he knows they are aiming for a specific time he volunteers to run with them , often forfeiting his own time . Runner of the Month I would like to nominate John Clucas. He has done so much running this year , he pops up on a weekly basis in different places and wherever he goes he manages to find a Parkrun. 100 park runs shows how committed he is.
Liz Skupski

28. For Runner, I’d like to nominate Matt Chester, taking on XC is tough enough, but conditions at Todmorden we’re pretty horrible. He’d had some good runs before that, then followed was a massive PB at Blackburn 10k.
For Member, I’d like to nominate Anthony Furnell, to be out injured can be challenging and somewhat frustrating to us runners but to then go out and volunteer at Parkruns and races is brilliant and has represented the club brilliantly.
Ashley Weir

29. ROM
Gail Bamber is my Runner of the Month. She is running fabulously at the moment getting PB after PB and has improved massively over the last 12 months. Well done Gail xx
Liz Skupski is my Member if the Month for the amazing Afternoon Tea she hosted raising over £600 for our club charity. I wasn’t able to attend as I was away for the weekend but the photos looked amazing. She is a lovely, genuine and kind person too.
Joanne Croasdale 

30. Lynne knows 😂 please edit that to Knowles!
Thank you.
Carla Jenkinson

31. Runner of the Month: Gail Bamber. Consistently putting the work in and getting faster and faster.
Member of the Month: Sid Makinson, not for running every day but for inspiring people to run every day 😊 Good egg.
Nicola Murphy

32. For ROTM, I’d like to nominate Ian Goodliffe for running 1000 miles with a whole month to spare – well done Ian!

For MOTM, I’d like to nominate Anthony Furnell because whilst he’s spent a month out of action due to injury, he has marshalled and supported fellow runners every week. How lovely!

Laura Chew

33 Runner: Matt Chester – Just getting quicker and quicker and now launched himself into cross country with the tough Todmorden course as his first fixture! His attitude after was superb, great running and improvement noticed from Lynne, Hayley and Gail

Member: Sid Makinson for organising RED and keeping members updated and motivated throughout aswell as pushing my pram round Blackburn and Preston . Massive kudos to the Skupski’s who opened their home to raise money for our club charity along with a car boot sale and Deb Clucas for organising the Blackburn 10k Marshals.
Susan Wolstenholme