Club Member & Runner of the Month November 2018

Congratulations to
Runner: Jason Rippingale – 2:56 New York Marathon, following a great performance last month in Chicago and a Wesham 10K PB of 38 minutes also giving him a club record. He now holds 7 of the 8 Vet 40-44 records – Awesome running Month

Club Member : Dave Almond – Fantastic organisation and training for our XC team- more participants than ever thanks to your motivation ( and your brothers help)

Congratulations to all nominated for the work and effort you have put in, again so many deserving members

Thanks for all the below:


1.I don’t care what happens this month that’s runner of the month for me right there. 2:56:22 a month after a 2:57?
I’ll send member later in the month 😜.

Member nom is Dave Almond. He’s had a few injuries and was making a comeback but still keeps plugging the xc events. Even though he couldn’t run he was there giving advice, encouraging those of us that had never done it to give it a go, taking pictures, supporting in some dodgy weather too!
Top effort and much appreciated.

Matt Simpson

2.Runner, Jason Rippingale, for his phenomenal New York PB and his positive attitude to help other runners.
Member, Jane Matthewman, for the tremendous amount of work she does quietly behind the scenes.
Graham Jordan

3.Rotm – josh crowther. This guy is an awesome runner but humble with it. An asset to BRR.

Motm – Gina Smith. It is hard coming back with loss if mojo. She has stuck at it. Gina is so good in the groups and we are lucky to have her. She also sorts out xmas seating plan for some of us and trips to support other runners.

Tracy Davies

4.I nominate Kathleen Brayshaw for her Windmill 10k achievement as Vet 70 and new PB 01.00.54. Gold standard 73.79%
Peter Costello

5.ROTM Joshua Crowther coming first in a race and Parkrun within the same weekend, kudos to Jason Rippingale, Jane Matthewman and Eileen Newman for some fantastic runs. MOTM Dave Short for fund raising over £3000 for the poppy appeal and running as Milo for Wesham 10k, along with leading the Sat group and being an integral member of the club and committee
Susan Wolstenholme

6.For ROTM please could I nominate Jason ripp for his sensational performances at new york marathon and at wesham 10k pbing at both #legend
For MOTM please could I nominate Dave short for raising a massive £3,500 for the poopy appeal well done cocker
Jon Turner

7.this months nom ROTM Joshua Crowther for not only smashing all runs/races this month but hanging around to support everyone else, MOTM Tracy Davies for not only all the charity work she does month in month out but especially this months collection of selection boxes for the underprivileged.
Chris Almond

8.Runner of the month: Obviously working really hard at his speed sessions and getting results, Matt Chester. 👌🏻

Member of the Month: It’s a personal one (and an easy one) for me this month. Not only has she been helping me out massively with my C25k group, she helped my mum when she took a bad tumble on a run and she also selflessly walked back to Witton from Ewood with one of my couch runners (on a freezing cold night) when she picked the wrong group on the taster session. Caroline Slater, absolute star! ⭐️
Nicola Murphy

9.please can I nominate Jason Rip for runner of the month. I honestly didn’t think he could run a marathon any faster than his Chicago time last month but to see him improve again and run 2:56:22 at New York was just phenomenal! The effort he put into those last lumpy miles showed on his face. He is so strong and has determination in spades! He also achieved a new 10k PB at Wesham, getting into 38 minutes for the first time. On top of that, he’s also been giving quite a bit of advice to several runners this month and always runs back for others when he’s finished his own race. What an amazing month of racing he has had!
Please can I nominate Dave Almond for member of the month for organising the cross-country. He’s registered us all and made it really easy for us to take part, also organising coaching sessions with Mark for those who aren’t sure about having a go, and his Facebook posts have really encouraged quite a lot of us to join in. The team spirit at these events has been brilliant, we’ve actually had full teams this year which is fantastic and he’s always there giving encouragement at the trickiest bits & taking photos even though he’s been injured. Really appreciated and adding something a bit different to the BRR offering.

Kate Rippingale

Kathleen Brayshaw, a great month for this birthday lady!
Mick Spencer for the very popular Monday night open runs which are great at attracting new people to the club
John Clucas

11.ROM – Jon Turner – for showing what following a dedicated training plan can do to get that personal best time – amazing effort for his 10 mile race.

MOM – Dave Short – for running as Milo at the Wesham 10k

Extra mention to John Clucas for all his hard work with the Autumn GroupRun 5k & 10k plan and for running everyone in (including me) on the last half mile at the Windmill 10k earlier this month.
Nickie O’Hara

12.I would like to nominate Dave Short for member of the month for his selfless charity work, giving up his time to raise awareness for WW1and putting BRR on the map again running as Milo.

John Clucas stands out for me as ROTM as he has been consistently running fast all over the place. PB galores and a rather exceedingly trim physic to boot. Well done John.
Linzi Birch-Dearden

13.This month I would like to vote for Anna Barcroft as ROM. Anna has whacked out numerous PB’s for 10k and 5k distances this month and really is going from strength to strength.

For MOM I would like to vote Graham Jordan. He is doing great work with the charity position; really passionate, enthusiastic and on the ball. Credit to him for a great start with it.
Carla Jenkinson

Hard one this month has everyone has had an awesome running month but I going to nominate Eileen Newman who got over 70% at wesham
This is easy one Dave Short and franks fundraising absolutely awesome amount raised for royal British Legion
Tracy Slater

15.ROM – outstanding performances and loads of happy runners in Nov. I’d like to nominate Jane Matthewman for her record breaking run.
I’d also like to mention a few other people who I think are fantastic this month:
Donna Shannon – back at it and taking on her first 10k in a year
Eileen Newman – gosh what can I say but ‘legend’
Diane Lougheed – first ever 10k at Arley Hall and I know she was nervous and she was great!
Gemma McCauley – PB at Wesham and such enthusiam

MOM – I’d like to nominate Anna Barcroft for all her help with fundraising and general outstanding services to marmalade production!
Also I’d like to mention Mr Chatterton for the superb survey recently sent out and getting on and doing it!

Sally Heppenstall

16.ROTM – Jason Rippingale. Superb performance in New York. Smashing the club record for his 5th star.

MOTM – Papa G. On his recent France visit he smashed sub60 for a 10k only to find that the start wasn’t chipped and ended up doing 1:00:12. Later that evening when I read the official results and dropped the bombshell, there was an ungodly howl that will stay with me forever. He can have a MOTM nomination as consolation for his epic fail.
Michael Goodliffe

17.ROTM Jane Matthewman
MOTM Dave Short
Thank you
Wendy Byrne

Jane Matthewman for her Pb and securing the club record in her age cathegory.

MOTM: Dave Short for doing the poppy appeal.
Rose Kay

19.My nominations for November are
ROTM Jane Matthewman
MOTM Dave Short
Amanda Burrows

20.ROM Loads of excellent and record breaking performances but I’d like to go for a newer member of our club, Fiona Lynch. A superb run at Wesham giving her 1st in her age group and hopefully giving her a confidence boost, she’s a great runner with more to come I think.
MOM Stuart Wadsworth, terrific leader, runs a really good tight group every Wednesday.
Anna Barcroft

21.Runner of the month: Claire Brewer completing her 1000 miles for the year with a month to go
Member of the month: Sally Heppenstall for her Parkrun ‘finds’ and write ups
Shell Sears

22.ROTM my vote goes to Lisa Fraser just pipped hubby for me with a fab run at wesham with a pb sub 50

MOTM goes to Neil Fraser for his hard work on the open night runs taking joint leadership with lisa and making them very enjoyable
John Hannon

23.ROM has to be jane Matthewman, in great form

Dave Short
For raising such a fantastic amount for the poppy appeal
Deb Clucas

Jayne Matthewman – PB
Graham Jordan charity work

Special thanks to Dave Short – poppy appeal

Cathy Kilshaw

25.ROM Josh Croasdale MOM Jane Matthewman
Martina Rimmer

Has to be Jason Rippingale, his performances have been both inspiring and outstanding. To PB sub 3 in two major marathons in a row is just amazing. Loads of other runners have done so much this month but his performances just stand out. Take a bow son, take a bow

Steve Mctuige, after all the running this year I’ve had a dip, lost my mojo and was looking for a way back to focus. The 100 mile challenge he’s posted for December has not only got me focused on running again but also given me a goal which will push me on ready for the next marathon training plan.

Just realised these are my last nominations as an unmarried man

Mark Vaughton

ROTM for me is Micheal Goodliffe, he has had a staggering year and e an being in Le France is still putting in the miles, well done mate
MOTM is Tracy Eccles
Has done a lot for charity lately and such a good cause
Chris Hardy

28.ROTM – Jason Rippingale for the NY Marathon wow!

MOTM – Sinead Whittaker for just being so enthusiastic about everything club related but also rocking that weight loss!!
Gillian Rushworth

29.Hi chuck,
I’m gunna go for the awesome runner Jon Turner, there is just no stopping this guy at the moment, he just gets better and better.
Another tough one but I’m going for Jane mathewman as she does so much behind the scenes that not many people know, stressful and I couldn’t manage it.
Dave Short

30.Noms for Nov jason ripppendale rotm and Dave short motm
Neil Grunshaw

31.please can I nominate Jane Matthewman as runner of the month for her club record run.
And Dave Short as MOM for his brilliant poppy appeal
Christine Warrington

32.For runner this month I’d like to nominate Jason Rippingale, he’s had a fantastic month this month. Special mention for Fiona Lynch for her run at Wesham.

For member I’d like to nominate Dave Almond for really pushing the XC and getting so many people involved and organising the training sessions. Everyone is really enjoying it. He’s also been to every race to support and take pictures despite not being able to run it himself. Special mention to ladies captain Lisa Ingham too.
Annika Halsall

33.If it’s not too late please could I nominate
ROM Jane Matthewman for her fantastic running times and achievements recently.
MOM Graham Jordan who does so much for charity within the club, and I’ve seen him selflessly help and encourage lots of other runners too on Wednesday club runs.
Joanne Croasdale