Club Member & Runner of the Month November 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for November 2017 

Runner of the month
Sid Makinson – Smashing a 50 minute barrier at Wesham and knocking over 11 mins off last year’s time. A lot of hard work and determination to achieve his goal along with healthy living for months. An inspiration to us all

Member of the month
Dave Almond – He has taken it upon himself to create our cross country team, enter us into the red Rose league and coach and develop our team to a very admirable level. Really appreciated and an asset to our club with his expertise.

Thanks all for nominating and highlighting so many worthy candidates this month. A nomination is really special.


1.MOTH Brian Cross. What a guy the strongest in the club at the minute. Showing grit and determination through a difficult battle. Every day will be a challenge.
ROTH Jodie Wiggins. One to watch this one. She is going to be up there with the elite. Good running Jodie
Tracey Davies

2.ROTM – Michael Lilley
Ran yet another Marathon this time in New York, amazing man and all for a worthwhile cause.
MOTM – Rowena Doherty
Not only supports races, speaks over them too and is part of the organisation for c25k, inspirational lady
Chris Hardy

3.Quite a personal couple of nominations this month from me.
Member – Joanne Weir, been incredibly supportive of Sinéad in her return to running at a few parkruns and also at Wesham on Saturday. She’s also been fab running with my Katie and Jorja recently too. I know Joanne often sacrifices her race to support other runners and it’s about time she had a little recognition for her efforts.
Runner – only one for me. Sinéad. Needs no explanation, stupidly determined, incredibly passionate and still had a smile on her face after 6 miles in changeable conditions!
Matthew Simpson

4.Runner Racheal Gavin – very speedy at the moment
Member Matt Simpson for starting and pushing the Tue night group
John Clucas

5.ROTM A tough choice this month with speedy people and gritty performances. My nomination for runner this month is Rachael Gavin. She has smashed two PB’s after working really really hard on her running. 9 minutes off her ten miler and finally achieving that sub 42 10k time. A great month. Think this girl will keep on getting faster. Special mention to Matt who did incredibly well at his ten miler and proved that hard work and speed sessions pay off!
MOTM. Without a seconds hesitation it’s Joanne Weir. Not only is she the queen of pacing but she’s the queen of positivity. I would not have got through Wesham without her. I wanted just one mile that started with a 10 and she got me 5/6! She kept me going and has been paramount in my return to running after baby Arthur. She never allows me to doubt myself and reminds me that sometimes I’m too hard on myself. I know that it’s not only me Joanne does this for and she proved this on Saturday when we picked up Alyson Chester.
Sinéad Whittaker

6.Member of the Month
Shafiq Khan – For his awesome photos for the calendar
Runner of the Month
Sinead Whittaker – For rocking up to her first official race after having a baby and smashing the living daylights out of a 1hr10m for a 10k
Nickie O’Hara

7.This month I’d like to nominate Sinéad Whittaker for runner of the month, she got out there on Saturday morning just 16 weeks after having Arthur and did the wesham 10k in a very respectable time, she’s a real inspuration.
Member of the month I’d like to nominate Joyce Weeks, she’s always out supporting no matter what the weather (including last Saturdays awful weather) with a big smile and loads of encouragement for our runners
Annika Halsall

8.Runner of month Ellen barkworth
Member Joyce Weeks
Joanne McClean

9.So much amazing running this month!
ROTM – Jeanette Baron just brilliant. I also wanted to vote for Rachael Gavin, Eileen Newman, Sid Makinson & Ellen Warkworth for all their amazing racing recently.
MOTM – Dave Almond for organising the XC. Special mentions for Rowena spreading good cheer with her postcards, the whole of the netball team slogging it out week after week in the winter league and loving it. Oh…. & Shirley for picking me out of the London ballot – haha
Sally Heppenstall

Joanne Weir- one of the loveliest ladies I know and how she ran with Sinead on Sunday was such a lovely thing to do.
Runner: Matt Simpson- Stirling performance at the Preston 10miler
Rachael Gavin

11.MOM – Judith Barnes for the support to other runners to achieve their PB
ROM – Sid Makinson for shaving off over 10 minutes his 10k
Gordon Weeks

12.ROM – has to be Rachael Gavin who has run some fabulous races recently running sub 7 minute miles, smashing minutes of her PB’s, and winning 1st lady at the Fairclough 5 miler as well as breaking the club record.
MOM – Adam Holden for doing a fabulous job collating hundreds of points for Andrews challenge
Joanne Croasdale

13.Mom: Dave Almond for setting up the XC! Something different and widens the BRR offer, love variety! ROM: Sid Makinson. Motivation, Commitment, Dedication and Sacrifice to lose 3.5st, follow a robust training plan and run sub 50 at Welsham. Great example that running isn’t just about how hard you train
Rick Wilson

14.My votes for this month are.
ROTM Sid because he’s bang on it and PB’s all over the place. What a great guy
MOTM John clucas he’s always out there helping people with there running and giving them good advice. Top man
Michael Spencer

15.ROM has to be Sid Makinson, he is continuing to absolutely smash the PB’s.
MOM Joanne Weir for her hard work with the club ballot.
Carla Jenkinson

16.ROM Sinead Whit for top effort on getting back up to speed.
MOM Dave Almond for organising cross country.
Sid Makinson

17.Runner of the Month – Sid Makinson for being so committed to regularly running, attending speed sessions , eating healthily and then smashing his PB by 11 mins to break the 50 min barrier, amazing improvement and still more to come!
Member of the Month – Dave Almond for his regular training sessions on a Saturday to improve speed and developing a cross country team from a standing start. He has really thrown himself into using his running expertise to help in the club and donated a lot of Fred time! thanks Dave
Sue Wolstenholme

18.My emails playing up. Can I please nominate Sid Makinson for runner of the month for smashing Wesham and Anneka Hasall for taking on kit management. Thanks
Michaela Douglas

19.ROM: Rachael Gavin for her massively improved confidence when racing over the last month, this has been reflected in her race performances and results. In particular, breaking the club 5 mile record and bringing home 1st Lady with a strong finish. #racetactics #marginalgains
MOM: Dave Almond for taking the initiative and getting BRR on the XC scene. He has organised the events (for BRR) well and made competing in them easy with all the distribution of information and the numbers. This has provided the opportunity for the entire club to get involved in something they haven’t done before, and wouldn’t be doing if it wasn’t for Dave! Cheers Dave
Joshua Crowther

20.I would like to nominate John Clayton for ROTM for his sub 45min 10k at Wesham.
And Dave Almond for MOTM for organising the cross country.
Ananda Burrows

21.ROM Sid Makenson for his PB at Wesham
MOM John Clayton for his support to the C25k groups and inspiration and encouragement he gives to the novice runners
Craig Douglas

22.ROTM – Sid Makinson. Sub 50 10k at Wesham. Sid has worked extremly hard to achieve this. Well done Sid.
MOTM – Dave Almond – For all the work he’s been doing this month with the Cross Country running team. Well done Dave.
John Clayton

23.Runner: For total dedication to his overall fitness its time Sid makinson was runner of the month. His sub 50 mins 10k is a great achievement and shows what can be achieved by strong discipline over a sustained period of time.
Member: After years of talking about getting a cross country team together, Dave Almond has made this happen by taking the time to encourage people, arrange training and generally develop a new avenue for the BRR members to pursue an alternative aspect of competitive running.
Graham Henry.

24.ROTM – Sinead Whittaker for getting back into her running and completing a 10k race only weeks after having Arthur, amazing!
MOTM – Joanne Weir for organising the club ballot for the London Marathon, even though my name wasn’t picked out of the hat!
Sheryl Wynne

25.Runner of the month – Jeanette Baron
Great group leader, always smiling and v encouraging and just smashed a club record and vet winner in 10 miler and park run.
Caroline Weisters

26. ROTM for me this month is Rachel gavin, she’s running really well lately n knocking some cracking times out n pb’s.
MOTM this month im choosing Michael liley for all the charity places he’s sorted for numerous runs
Dave Short

27.ROTM: Sid Makinson for getting faster and got his first sub 50 at Wesham 10K.
MOM: Dave Almond for organising Cross country.
Rose Kay nomination this month is for Sid ! With his fantastic weight loss and his performance at Wesham beating last year by nearly 10 minutes and getting under 50 min is quite an achievement . It deserves some recognition to let other new runners seen what can be achieved with hard work and commitment
Phil White

29.I would like to nominate Jeannette baron for ROTM this little power house is getting faster and for breaking a club record.
My nomination for MOTM is for Dave short came to my rescue at the run and eat as l lost my wallet and paid for my tea top man
John Hannon

30.ROM – Sid Makinson
MOM – Joyce Weeks for keep supporting in all weathers

31.My nominations this month are:
Motm – Sinead Whittaker for her hard work in preparing for the Christmas do
Rotm – Michael Lilley for his New York marathon
Jonathan Mallinson

32.please can I nominate Dave Almond as mom for the work on the xcountry races and John Clayton as ROM for his sub 45 min 10k at wesham . Thank you x
Christine Warrington

33.Its getting tougher is this every month to choose. Some cracking runs again from a lot of the previous winners. So i will put forward Jeanette Baron as runner of November for managing to grab the V50 club record at the my protein Preston 10 mile road race cracking performance Jeanette couldnt grab yer tail. Member nomination to John Clucus for another entrhaling month of the wheres John turned up today in reference to his Park run dedication awesome at its best

34.ROM – Sid Makinson for his fantastic sub 50 PB at Wesham Well done Sid.
MOM – Michael Goodliffe for raising enough money for a defibrillator at Giant Leap. Great cause, well done Michael.
Gina Smith

35.Rom John clucas Mom Annika Halsall
Martina Rimmer

36.ROM: Sid Makinson – Sid has had an amazing year, smashing out PBs constantly and shaving an awesome 10 mins off his time for Wesham.
MOM: Sinead Whit – Sinead Whit – Sinead has put so much work put into organising the Christmas party, seating plans and Oscars – thank you Sinead
Tracie Wilson

37.I would like to nominate Sid Makinson for runner of the month as he really smashed his 10k PB, he’s been really strong on his diet plan and training and it’s really paid off, well done Sid x
I would also like to nominate Ashley Weir for his organisation of the club runs and marathon plans, thanks Ash, you think of everyone x
Linzi Dearden

38.ROM = matt simpson
MOM = sinead Whit
Ashley Dean

39. ROTM & MOTM November 2017
My nominations are as follows:
For ROTM – I’m going to vote for Kelvin Sole, he’s been training hard over the last few months and has picked up both 5k (sub 20) and 10k (sub 40) PBs this month. Shout out for Sid Makinson for his continued impressive running.
For MOTM – I’m going to vote for Dave Almond for brilliantly organising BRRs re-entry back into Cross Country Racing with the Red Rose League. He’s drummed up support and enthusiastically encourages others to give it a try and take part.. Also a shout out for Joanne Weir, for her brilliant smooth organisation of the VLM Club Draw.
Ashley Weir

40.Runner of the month: Sid Makinson. With his weight loss and his consistent running and racing he’s been smashing out the PBs for a few months now.
Member of the Month: Annika Halsall. She’s hit the ground running with her new committee role, helping the charity team and taking on the club kit role. Great job.
Nicola Murphy

41.Sid M please – sub 50 at Wesham, improving every race & leading runs on a Monday & Wednesday. Asset to the club.
Lisa Fraser

42. ROM – Sinead Whit for PB and always simply running her heart out. Mrs Motivation.
MOM – Sinead Whit for the Oscars organisation and amazingly, brilliant vlogs. Her cheerleading support in full force as always at the Windmill 10k, loved the “ Cathy, get up here”
Cathy Kilshaw

43.ROM Linzi Birch-Dearden….star!..consistent running, pushing herself to do new events, great team player, encouraging of all – special mention Sid Makinson…strength to strength – Wesham sub 50 MOM Joanne Weir …London ballot organising, updates & draw …thank you

44. Runner of the month
Kate Rippingale, serious injury, back running slowly but surely.
Member of the month – Dave Almond, getting BRR into cross country with enthusiastic members. Great winter training for runners
Ged Johnson

45.Joyce’s noms were ROTM Sinead for her first comeback run at Wesham and a special mention to Matt for his 1.02 at Preston 10 Miles. MOTM Judith Barnes for pacing Aadila to a sub 60 at Wesham and for all the other support she has given to runner including myself, all very quietly done.
Joyce Weeks