Club Member & Runner of the October 2016


1. ROTM – Jason Cook, one tough cookie who will never crumble whatever he faces. MOTM – Rowena for all she does and a fantastic fundraising evening.

2. I would like to nominate john clayton for ROTM for his 10k time at wesham which was a brilliant time hes getting stronger on every run keep up the good work mate.
I would also like to nominate sinead whittaker for MOTM for the organisation for the xmas party which is a massive task thanks for that sinead

3. For me ROTM is Ashley Weir. He has tirelessly worked at those speed sessions and I was so proud that all his hard work paid off at Wesham.
MOTM is joint between Joanne & Kathryn. Those beautiful ladies have embraced the 30 yr challenge and although tired, are due to complete it soon. Flying the flag for the girls and brilliant members of our club. Well done girls

4. Runner – John Clayton – he’s embraced weight lost with over a stone off and shown this impact with a 45 min 10k when aiming for sub 50mins – superb
Member – Jane Matthewman for tirelessly preparing and arranging the club certificates which were so well received by all! Brilliant job with so much work behind the scenes

5. For runner of the month I would like to nominate John Clayton, he is making great improvement with his running, PBs each run out and has done great with the weight loss. Well done John.
Member of the month is Tracy Slater who travels all over to support runners and bakes some cracking cakes. Where would we be without our supporters. Thank you.

6. Rotm – Jon Turner, after a marathon some of us take a step back and chill, not Jon. He’s logging his runs all over the show and then knocked out a cracking PB at Preston 10mile.
Motm – Adam Bateman, winter warmer flyer is a cracker and plenty of committee members contributions go unnoticed so I’d like to put him forward.

7. Member – Jane/Joanne for the certificates, a lot of hard work went into it.👍🏻
Runner- Michale Goodliffe for smashing his ultra 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

8. ROTM. Joanne Croasdale. She is always racing. Always smiling and a joy to run with. Has lots of tips and has just signed up for her biggest challenge yet.
MOTM Gina Smith. Her 10 miler pictures we brilliant. Delivered another well routed training plan in the run up to the 10 miler and is a fabulous group leader on both Mondays and weds

9. Rotm – Rick Slater runs like a happy dog! Attending lots of races with great times,
Motm – Joanne weir! Keeps us all informed with info regarding races and times! Thank you

10. I’d like to nominate John Clayton for runner of the month, for his pb at Preston 10 and an awesome pb at wesham 10k.
Motm goes to yourself for the hard work and organisation of all the club (exept me) obviously for my great surprise.

11. ROTM – tough one again. John Clayton had a fantastic month with some great performances, but he is one for the future. Ellie also had a cracking month after being out with injury, but Jon Turner is my man. Consistently put in top class performances and getting better and better. All the more remarkable considering he has had to battle his demons.
MOTM – Sue WOlstenholme. Always there as support for everyone plus helping to give Dave Short the night of his life x

12. I would like to nominate Judith Barnes for runner of the month after getting her PB at Wesham through lots of hard work. She also always looks after the back runner week in, week out. A very selfless runner.
I would like to nominate Jeanette Hickey for member of the month. Her Saturday morning runs are brilliant. Everyone really enjoys them and it’s down to Jeanette’s lovely personality. On a personal note she has brought the enjoyment back into my running which I thought I’d never get back.

13. My runner of the month John Clayton. For his weight loss. Determination and great improvement in his running times. Member of the month Alison Philippes Great supporter in all weathers.

14. Joanne coulthard for her running achievements throughout the year and again tracy Slater for her continued support.

15. Steven Duckett ROTM for yet another marathon on yet another continent!
Tracy Slater for MOTM as despite being out with injury she’s always supporting somewhere, armed with her camera & often with cakes

16. Jason Cook ROTM – Ultra marathon effort
Aadila Mulla MOTM – Stepping in to sort club vests and buffs and stuffs.

17. ROTM Jon Turner for breaking the club record for his age category at the Preston 10 miler
MOTM Tracy Slater for her amazing support and photography skills at so many races we all attend

18. I would to nominate Jon Turner he’s had a cracking year improving every race smashing out some fab pb time’s as well doing his first marathon too.
MOTM – Rowena always helping others organising the C25K groups out pacing runners in different races also having fun with the social runs too keeping it very friendly

19. I’d like to nominate John Clayton for runner of the month, for his pb at Preston 10 and an awesome pb at wesham 10k.
Motm goes to yourself for the hard work and organisation of all the club (exept me) obviously for my great surprise.