Club Member & Runner of the Month May 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Phil White
Club Member : Natalie Chatterton

hanks for all nominations from members below, all worthy especially in these times of lockdown


1. Runner of the month : Phil White

Joe Gleave

2. Runner of the Month: Vikki Jones who’s training really well and getting others out. Special mention too for Mark Vaughton who, although he’s unable to run, is doing phenomenal mileage on his new bike and keeping his fitness up.
Member of the Month: Andy McArthur and his partner Paula for entertaining us all every Friday night during lockdown. It’s the highlight of the week and the hand delivered quiz prize was much appreciated! Thanks Andy.

Nicola Murphy

3. I’d like to nominate Phil White for ROM for his bloody millions of miles for charity in May!
I’d like to nominate Karen Tuner Corem for MOM for getting people motivated with C25K!

Can I also give kud0s mentions to Karen Rishton and Kath Jump for just awesome routes and pics on their run and cycle routes but also for getting involved in the #BRRStaySafeStaySuppported initiative


Nickie O’Hara

4. Club Member of Month – Phil White for his run 10 miles a day for prostate cancer. On top of this his regular sharing of links, tips and information in the information group is I’m sure of great use to many of the club including myself.

Runner of the Month – lots of contenders as so many people doing Red or making excellent progress despite lockdown. My vote goes to John Dey. His times have really improved this month with lots of quicker runs over various distances. Keep up the good work John.

Daniel Hill

5. Runner OTM: Phil White – for running 305 miles in May to raise money for Prostrate Cancer (incl donating himself). Super running / Superman.

Well done to all those who ran Red May. Special mention to Vikki Jones for her challenge. It’s great to see her getting faster and faster. She’ll be quite a force when racing re-starts.

Member OTM: Natalie Chatterton – for giving up her time to help out Club members by making face masks from BRR Buffs. Safe AND supportive! Plus it benefits the Club charity.

Special mention to Deborah Clucas for helping John out with the Club challenges. Also for her lockdown poetry, which always raises a smile.

Many thanks

Karen Rishton

6. ROM – Phil White. What an absolute star, running all those miles in May whilst raising money for charity.
MOM – Natters. Putting her excellent sewing skills to many uses.

Thank you

Tracy Hickey

7. ROM: Phil White, phenomenal achievement to clock up that many miles in a month.

MOM: Andy Mcarthur for keeping up people’s spirits with his weekly quizzes.

Chris Jolliffe

8. please can I nominate Natters for MOM and Phil White for ROM.
Special mention to everyone. It’s tough keeping going and whatever everyone is doing to keep safe and sane is the best for each of us

Christine Warrington

9. I hope you and the family are well!

I’d like to nominate Phil White for runner of the month, for running over 300 miles in May & raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

For member of the month I’d like to nominate Tracy Ann, for her wonderful baking tutorials and generally being a superstar! x

Tina Rigby

10. can I nominate phil white ROTM,and natalie chesterton MOTM

Neil Grunshaw

11. Runner, Phil White for his awesome running month. Setting him self a target of 10 mile per day is a massive commitment and something I wouldn’t recommend for less experienced runners. But he knows his body by now and I’ve loved reading his posts and messages, as well as him raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Member, Tracy Davies for raising money for Brake and sharing her Niece’s story with us on what would have been her 21st Birthday. Also for trying to get others running and starting yet another 1/2 marathon plan.

Graham Jordan

12. Lots of amazing contenders for runner including Gemma, Vikki and Anthony for their achievements but outstanding runner must be Phil for his brilliant 10 miler per day challenge, he is truly inspirational 👍

For member or perhaps junior member! Andrew and Catherine daughter for her uplifting quotes of the day.

Harry Catherall

13. ROTM Phil White, he has run 10 miles every day for a month to hit his target of 305 on his birthday on 30th of the 5th.
What an achievement this was!
MOTM for me it had to be John Clucas, coming up with a different challenge every week for us all to participate
in and keep everyone motivated in these difficult times!

Mick Wignall

14. Seen so much good running and inspiritational stuff from club members this month.

So, runner of the month, I’d like to nominate Phil White for his epic 10 miles a day birthday challenge whilst raising money for club charity and also running with loads of different club members. Also super impressed with all you May REDers, and I’ve seen some great PBs from John Dey and Kate Youd. Well done guys 👏

Member of the month…. I’d like to nominate Anthony Furnell. Always seeing loads of positive encouragement and smiley posts from him, and he’s always getting stuck in to the weekly challenges and supporting other members. Can I also give a super special mention to Scarlett Ashcroft Gardner and her inspirational quotes. They have been so uplifting. And continued huge big thanks to John Clucas for his Safe Sane Supportive challenges. They are just brill!


Lizzi Watton

15. Runner- Phil White for coming back from being unable to run for a while to running his 10 mike a day and donating money to charity. A genuine great guy who give A great advice

Member- Lorna Bowes for her help throughout the lockdown and training like a Superwoman.
Thank you

Claire Taylor

16. ROM I would like to nominate my awesome running bud Vikki Jones, she has done a fabulous job of the RED challenge, she has run some speedy paces and she always motivates me to get out and get running.
Considering she will say she doesn’t like solo running she has done just fantastically getting herself up and out there every day for May, well done my lovely 💪🏻👍🏻👏💜 be proud 👍🏻 Fabulous achievement

MOM I would like to nominate the awesome running man that is Phil White, he has achieved amazing mileage for the month every day and raising money along the way for a the clubs charity, a very worthy cause, well done 👏👍🏻

17. please find my nominations of ROM & MOM below

Easily has to be the awe inspiring PHIL WHITE, head and shoulders above anyone else this month. Completing RED May, 10 miles per day, over 300 miles, his 68th Birthday and raising money for charity !! a true gent, and pleasure to have run with this month. Well done Phil 💙x

This has to be Natters, with her support on creating BRR/Beat Buncer face masks and even dropping them off, heart of gold and thank you 💙x

Anthony Furnell

18. Rotm – it is a hard one this. I have 2 that I would love to put forward but I know it can only be 1. I’m going to nominate Sheryl Wynne. She has done amazing on her RED given the fact she has had a very stressful time. It isn’t easy running when lots of things are going on in your personal life. We’ll done our Sheryl.

Big shout out to Vikki Jones who is just amazing and going from strength to strength too. Top work Vikki.

Motm – Graham Jordan. He work incredibly hard behind the scene with the club charity and his personal charity. Despite lockdown he is still trying to make a difference. That’s passion and hardwork rolled into one.

Tracy Davies

19. ROM
The legend that is Mr Phil White for completing his 300mile challenge whilst raising money for the club charity

Natters for tirelessly baking and dropping deliveries on doorsteps and now making face mask an all round good egg

Debbie Clucas

20. ROTM
The Legend Phil White phenomenal challenge phil set himself 10 miles a day at the age of 68 is just amazing. Well done to all other members that have completed daily challenges.
Claire Bridges for her dedicated work during this epidemic,working with St Johns Ambulance service

Tracy Slater

21. Runner of the month
Phil White. Completing 10miles a day this month .
Member of the month
Jeanette Baron. For just being a really lovely person .

Donna Mazur

22. Runner of the month Phil White on his amazing 10 mile a day. Member of the month Lorna Bowes on her amazing brick session

Jason Brown

Please can I nominate Anthony Brr for ROTM for his RED April and May achievements, amazing mileage. And for being a top running buddy since the last restrictions were lifted 😊 he’s really helped me improve my running. For getting a 10k PB, improving technique and stretching my distance

And for MOTM please can I vote for Ian goodliffe for his RED 90+! I think he has inspired so many people in the club to give RED a bash (including myself). Well done Ian

Kate Youd

24. Nomination for ROTM is the legend Phil White. Great achievement. An inspiration to others!

Michael Goodliffe

ROTM for me is Rob Cox, one of many who just keeps going every day for the month of may, amazing achievement by all
MOTM for me is Tracy Slater, love watching her cooking videos during this tough time

Chris Hardy

26. Member of the month:
Scarlett Ashcroft-Gardner for her motivational may quotes each day.
Runner of the month:
Phil White for his awesome birthday challenge running and fundraising. Also always posts helpful articles and advice for others.

Miriam Hamilton

27. ROM for me goes to Phil White on his birthday challenge and raising money for the club charity. What a fantastic achievement with some serious mileage, well done Phil!


Gemma McAuley

28. I would like to nominate Phil White for Runner of the Month. Not only has he completed his epic challenge to run 10 miles every day and raise money for Prostate cancer charity, but when he heard from Jason that I was struggling with my running he started messaging me with motivational pep talks and got me running again. Absolute running legend and top bloke.

Kate Rippingale