Club Member & Runner of the Month May 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month: Debbie Bolton
Completing her first marathon in her 50th year in Bentham, running as a 5 part team in a very admirable time.

Special mention to Gary Blackburn, Hayley Duckworth and Matt Lynch who were all close contenders with many nominations.

Club Member of the Month: John Hannan
Organising weekly Saturday runs and additional off road mid week runs catering for all paces.

Special mention to John Clucas again with multiple nominations for his mass litter pick, organising C25K, Marshalling Wesham and club involvement.

All our worthy nominations can be read believe below and thank you to club members for putting forward.



1. Please can I nominate debbie Bolton for runner of the month . She gave it all her and conquered one of the hilliest road marathons in the country for her first marathon on her special birthday. A big shout out to the others as well of course especially caroline , you were all great .

For member of the month I nominate Bev Pratt . She took time out of her weekend away and took herself and her daughter out to a lonely part of the route on the moors and handed out jelly babies to the runners and supported the brr gang .
So many runners commented on the BRR support en route saying they thought there were Indians in gisburn forest whoop wooping and making noise so theres another shout to Sharon Short and her gang and also to Jen and Deb Clucas .

Karen Coram

2. I propose Fiona Lynch for runner of the month for her fantastic performance at Keswick. Also John Clucas as Member of the month for organising the River Darwen clean up at Witton.

Kathleen Brayshaw

3. ROTM – John Clucas. An inspirational runner, massive asset to the club and always looking out for others. 29 marathons wow. Simply amazing. Special mention to all that ran that super hilly marathon.

Moth – Chris Almond. Fab runner but he does so much for people. He listens to me moan about my injury, my current running state and my life……. He goes out for peace and quiet lol. On a serious note he is the ultimate running bud that no matter how rubbish the run is he doesn’t bat and eyelid and just supports. That’s a runner. Who sacrifices his run for someone else. Cheers bud.

Tracy Davies

4. I’d like to vote Fiona Lynch for runner of the month for her amazing half marathon PB.
My member of the month is John Hannon for always taking time to put on the Saturday long runs.

Adele Mauback

5. ROM Debbie Bolton for her first marathon at 50
MOM Caroline Slater for supporting Debbie Bolton all the way

Tracy Eccles

6. ROTM : I would like to nominate Debbie Bolton for running not just any marathon but the toughest one as her first in a very respectable time! Well done to Caroline Slater for coming back strong and running Bentham hills with ease. Congratulations to Adam Booth for a great first Marathon at Liverpool.

I would like to nominate John Hannan for MOTH. To keep everyone together and run a tough 26.2 hilly miles with run backs deserves real recognition. Dave Short, John Clucas and Phil White for playing their part in team Bentham

Linzi Dearden

7. Runner of the month has to be Gary Blackburn.
He has done PBs at most distances and has got 20 park run letters. Awesome.

Member of the month.
I know the rules don’t allow 2 members, but as the song says 2 become 1, so I’m going to nominate the Simpsons because they are adorable.

Papa G.

8. ROM
Debbie Bolton
Runs her 1st marathon on her 50th birthday and what a marathon to choose- Bentham was so hilly even the car struggled to get to the top!!

Karen Coram
Fantastic hospitality before during and after the marathon – Thank you

Debs Clucas

Wayne Rushworth going from strength to strength had a few PB ‘s just lately always supporting others and Helped with the big clean up.
Karen turner corman
Plugged the Bentham Marathon which everyone thoroughly enjoyed along side getting quiet a lot if support up there to.

Tracy Slater

10. For ROTM, I would like to please nominate Gary Blackburn. His consistency and determination within his training is fantastic. This has really paid off, with him recently getting PB after PB. Well deserved!

For MOTM, I would like to please nominate Ashley Weir. Sorting out the BMWR training runs and race cannot be an easy task, but he effortlessly sorts it out, making it an enjoyable experience for all. Thank you!

Hayley Duckworth

11. Sue, please could I nominate Matt Lynch for ROTM. Since his marathon and this month he has smashed his 10k time along with 5ks & regular Parkruns. Showing huge commitment at the mo.

Could I also nominate John Clucas for MOTM for being pivotal in the litter pick, walking miles for Millie’s Smiles, marshalling at Wesham whilst also throwing in Marathon 20!

Lisa Fraser

12. ROTM: David Craig for a fantastic half marathon…well done!
I would also like to mention John Clucas and Dave Short though. Respect to anyone who completes a marathon, but 20?! Wow!!

MOTM: Sinead Simpson for helping me to breathe (literally) when I had a little panic the week before my first race and for giving me some confidence. Much appreciated.

Laura Chew

13. Nominations for this month are;
ROTM – Rob Cox. Followed up a brilliant performance last month at Darwen half with another great run on a tough course at Keswick half. Then ran a sub 45 10k at Wesham on the back of finishing a night shift.

MOTM – John Clucas. Completed his 20th marathon this month but also gives so much not just to BRR but to running in general – giving up his time for Couch 2 5k and being a Marshall at Wesham spring to mind this month.

Matt Lynch

14. MOM is hubby Jim Baron (social member) for his efforts on the Witton Park clean up. Waders on and got stuck in.
ROM is Matt Lynch, his running has come on in leaps and bounds and smashing out PB’s for fun, well done Matt

Jeanette Baron

15. Runner Gary Blackburn, parkrun pro and loads of PBs

Member John Hannon for his dedication to Saturday running and off road inspiration.

Graham Jordan

16. ROM for me is Hayley Duckworth. She is smashing out PB’s for all distances, and then topped it off with a first half marathon time of 1.53 in Liverpool!
I also need to mention Gary Blackburn here too, for exactly the same reasons!
MOM John Hannon for his off road routes and organisation of ‪Saturday morning‬ runs.

Carla Jenkinson

17. I’d like to nominate Hayley Duckworth for runner of the month, she’s absolutely smashed all of her runs and achieved some amazing times at races.
Member of the Month for me goes to Gail Bamber, who since Manchester Marathon has made it her mission to help me crack so times goals, sacrificing her own runs/races to help push me on.

Gemma McAuley

18. ROTM – Linzi Dearden for smashing out a new marathon PB at Liverpool R&R… fantastic! Special mention also to Lynne Knowles for her brilliant time in the half… well done girls, proud of you both!

MOTM – John Clucas for doing a great job organising the BRR River clean up at Witton!

Gill Rushworth

19. Runner – Matt Lynch, since Manchester Marathon, he’s been knocking out PBs. Not only in April when the training was fresh but he’s still knocking spots off his times every time he goes out. Not small gains, large increments. Special mentions for Gary Blackburn and Hayley Duckworth who have also been bagging some great times and distances.
Member – John Clucas, Tireless voluntary and charity work, supporting at races and running them too. The clean up, his work with C25K and supporting/marshalling at Wesham are highlights as well as his droning mic voice on Monday nights.

Neil Fraser

20. ROTM for me is Gary Blackburn, running out of his skin lately and getting PBs galore.
MOTM is John Clucas, his spare time is running and he dedicates his free time to marshalling, sorting c25k and the litter campaign with others around Witton, brilliant

Chris Hardy

21. Runner of the Month Matt Lynch. After nearly two years of trying to persuade Matt to join me at BRR after being practically a non-runner, he’d run no more than 30 miles a year not months yes year he has gone from strength to strength. He has already ran over 500miles this year and has been knocking out PB’s nearly every week, Sub 45 and doing half marathon in 1:55 after it took him 2:23 at GNR when he said he was never going to run it again 😀 I’m so proud of him just gutted he’s too quick for me now so I’ve lost my running buddy 😂
Member of the month – John Clucas for all he does for our club, couch 2 5k and for completing his 20th marathon just fantastic 👍🏻

Fiona Lynch

22. Mom – John Clucas for organising the river clean up at Witton
Rom – Rick Slater, this guy is a machine and always quick at any distance

Wayne Rushworth

23. ROM – Hayley Duckworth for an amazing time at her first 1/2 marathon
MOM – Carla Jenkinson this girls been through a lot and still kept the BRR netball team strong

Kayley Almond

24. ROM Gary Blackburn PB after PB absolutely on fire!
MOM John Hannan. Organises so many great runs for people no matter what ability

Matt Chester

25. ROTM Bev Clemson – MOTM Graham Jordan

Neil Grunshaw

26. ROTM & MOTM Nominations
Hope I’m just in time for these!
For Runner, I’d like to nominate Hayley Duckworth, since the turn of the year she’s been phenomenal, posting some great times, improving all the time and smashing her first half marathon in Liverpool.

For Member, I’d like to nominate Rick Wilson for his mega 12 hours walking session circling Witton Park for Milly’s Smiles.

Ashley Weir

27.Runner Adam Booth 4 solid runs in the month and already booked 3 more races in June
Member John Hannon – great runner with a terrific attitude and was doing runbacks regularly in the very tough Bentham Marathon, always leading a group or a run and positive and a real asset to the club

John Clucas

28. I’d like to nominate Debbie Bolton for ROTM did her marathon plan to perfection and ran her first marathon on one tough route
MOTM my nomination goes to Karen Turner Coram for support around bentham marathon from beginning to end popped up with others all over the place and treated all club runner’s to a fab BBQ

John Hannon

29. ROTM- Caroline Slater- for supporting me through my training programme for the Bentham Marathon, then running the whole race with me.
MOTM – Sorry I have 4 nominations but they are grouped as 1- the ‘Bentham Legends’ aka John Clucas, Dave Short, John Hannan and Phil White- for their amazing support during Bentham. For making it a fun and amazing experience, and ensuring that we all stayed together and more importantly finished together in true BRR style.

Debbie Bolton

30. Runner – Gary Blackburn had PB after PB along with Liverpool Marathon, he’s really flying. Mention to Hayley Duckworth and Matt Lynch equally deserving and Debbie Bolton having the guts to make it the Bentham one!
Member – Social Member Jim Baron who got cajoled into helping the litter pick of the River and certainly got his hands dirty cleaning the river trap! Big shout out to John Clucas for organising and all else he does and to Anthony Grady processing the Parkrun results for the newsletter ( over 40 per week) no quick task.

Susan Wolstenholme