Club Member & Runner of the Month March 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Ian Goodliffe
Running every day to celebrate his 5th post Heart Attack Anniversary. His usual celebration being alone rather than in his usual friendship circle.

Club Member : John Cluclas
Motivating our members with run challenges throughout the Coronavirus crisis along side exercise videos

Thanks to all who nominated so many worthy members as below:


Ian Goodliffe brilliant achievement running every day in March. 5 years after having a Heart Attack . Also like to mention my hubby Richard Slater on completing 100th parkrun and running over 200 miles this month at the age of 62.

There are so many people I could nominate this month for there important role they are playing has key workers to keep us all safe and feed. Well done . But my nomination is for Tracy Davies , tracy has been there for myself and rick when we needed to talk . She has been awesome, even though Tracy has had a tough few years she is always putting others first xx

2. Runner of the month: Ian Goodliffe.
Member of the month: John Clucas

Donna Mazur

3. ROM – Ian Goodliffe for running 5K a day in March
MOM – Can I go for two: Aadilla Mulla and Jon Turner for delivery of food supplies

Debs Clucas

4. I would like to nominate Ian Goodliffe ROM for his RED
and Andy Mcarthur for MOM for his wonderful sense of humour and thoughtfulness.
Thank you

Kathleen Brayshaw

5. Runner of the Month: Ian Goodliffe for completing his personal challenge in difficult circumstances
Member of the Month: Alex Curran for all the effort he has put into his free Pilates sessions for members. Special mention for John Clucas for keeping us all Safe, Sane and Supported too.

Nicola Murphy

6. ROM
I nominate Gail Bamber for her brilliant time at the Trimpell 20. She’s going from strength to strength. Well done.
I nominate John Clucas for sorting the isolation challenges.

Papa G

7. Runner of the month – Reanna Taylor. She is getting stronger with her running. Lots more to come from her

Member of the month – John Clucas for arranging our challenges through the Corona. Much appreciated.

Thank you

Claire Taylor

8. ROM: Ian Goodliffe not for the amazing amount of miles but for that beard! MOM: in these tough times I’m struggling so would say everyone in BRR that has helped keep each other’s spirits up. Tough times bring out the best in people and I feel like the club deserves to collectively pat itself on the back 🙂

Chris Jolliffe

9. Runner of the month nomination: Ian Goodliffe- really impressed with how he has got out every day this month with an awesome level of consistency.

Member of the month: John Clucas- great to see another member of the club putting out some neat content to help keep club members engaged during these difficult times.

Alex Curren

10. ROM – Ian Goodliffe. He has completed an amazing challenge running an average of five miles every day in March to celebrate the milestone of achieving an amazing fitness following his heart attack five years ago. He is also a great run leader every Wednesday to his group, I always enjoy a little natter with him at some point.

MOM – John Clucas for keeping us all motivated with some great little challenges in this very tricky time of isolation and social distancing. I’m determined to do them all, thanks John xx

Joanne Croasdale

11. can I nominate Andy MacArthur please. He’s done such a lot to raise morale in what are obviously trying times!
Denise Brogden

12. Hi, can I nominate Papa G for runner the month. It’s been a tough month for runners and he’s shown his commitment celebrating his scare 5 years ago.

For member I’ll nominate Susan Wolstenholme for the amount of behind the scenes stuff she continues to do, a lot of it unnoticed by most people. Credit to John C too for his plan to keep people running, I wanted to help more, but had a mini wobble last week.

Graham Jordan

13. Noms for March

Rom – Ian Goodliffe for RED, he has run most if not all solo ( I think) !!
Mom – Michael Goodliffe for his daily FB updates !!

Laura King

14. Can I please nominate Ian Goodliffe for runner of the month. He is such an inspiration. He set himself a personal challenge for personal reasons and has totally smashed it, his mileage this month is just phenomenal

Member of the month, John Clucus for keeping us motivated during a difficult month

Gail Bamber

15. Ian Goodliffe for runner of the month.
Great effort in running every day in March to commemorate his heart attack. Running better than ever 5 years on.

John Clucas – member of the month. Keeping members spirits up while we’re all solo running with his weekly challenges.

Caroline Slater

16. ROM, Reanna Taylor, she put so much effort into her training for her first Manchester Marathon as did many others, her times on all distances improved immensely. It was lovely to share lots of runs with her, well done Re
MOM goes to Mr G the older one, he set himself a challenge and wow did he see it through. Such a shame we couldn’t all be there for the final Anniversary run but we were all with him in spirit. Well done Ian.

Jeanette Baron

17. ROTM for me is Ian Goodliffe for running everyday this month, amazing effort by an amazing man

MOTM is John Clucas for organising a positive get out and run, great motivation in this horrible time

Chris Hardy

18. Runner. Please can I nominate Fiona Lynch. Flying at the minute and a brilliant time at Trimpel 20.

For member please can I nominate John Clucas. The challenges being set up are a great distraction 👍

Matt Chester

19. Please can I nominate Ian Goodliffe for Runner of the Month, he’s such an inspiration and has clocked up an impressive amount of miles in his run everyday challenge.
Gemma McAuley

20. Probably too late but Ian goodcliffe deserves special mention and nominate for runner given his 31 day challenge and solo Darwen half during his runs
Member is You for keeping us all so positive at this gloomy time

Take care
Harry Catherall