Club Member & Runner of the Month March 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Gemma McCauley
Gemma has shown real progress in her running and marathon training completing Trimpell 20 in preparation for Manchester last weekend

Club Member : Mick Wignall
He organised the group leaders at the taster session, helped with C25K and lead a group to perfect pace on Weds

Some great nominations below from members


1.Roth is an easy one for me this month. I have to nominate Gemma McAuley. She has trained to perfection for Manchester Marathon, she has listened to her body when tired, been so steady on her runs keeping a fab pace and has proven she has both the fitness and stamina to succeed in her first marathon. She has been a privilege to train with and it’s been an incredible journey to be part of and watch. Can’t wait to see you cross that finishing line Gemma x

Moth – Wendy Bryne…. This lady not only shared very personal information with us but has showed immense strength and courage throughout. I have no doubt that Wendy will come back running with such passion and determination. Be good to run with you again Wendy x
Tracy Davies

2.MOTM shell sears for acting professionally when a doctor was needed.

ROTH gemma Mccaulley for constantly improving and being so positive toward her marathon training

3.MOM – Mick Wignall. Mick volunteers so much and helps organise a lot of different things from C25K through to BRR. He’s a good’n!

ROM – Chrissy Warrington. Chrissy is coming back stronger each week and I’m enjoying watching her improve with every run she does! She even prevented a farmers barn from burning down this week on one of her runs! Keep it up Chrissy x
Joanne Croasdale

4.Chris Almond for Rotm perfect training for Manchester and knocking 20 mins of Trimple was just awsome

Karen Almond this lady really has worked hard to achieve fitness and never gives up . Always there supporting and helping others x
Tracy Slater


Sue Wolstenholme, does so much for the club and rearranged her day and babycare around supporting organising and leading club events. Never allows herself to be nominated but I do not care, she should win it!

Caroline Weisters for being solid in all her runs and improving every time she is in a race. Grit and determination to finish strong every time. Having come back from injury to get even better this demonstrates to others that it is possible to bounce back from a setback.

John Clucas’s

6.My nomination for ROTM IS Gary Blackburn for Knocking 14 mins off his previous pb great running
MOTM is Ellen barkworth for organising the the Lisbon transport all went like clockwork
John Hannon

7.Can I vote this month for Tracey Davies MOM. she had to pull out of the marathon this year put has remained focused and positive and inspirational much respect ❤️ runner of the month goes to Neil Fraser, he had been so focused on his training along with Chris Almond in training for the marathon this year and I wish him and Chris both well x

8.My ROTM is John Clucas, excellent month and start to the year for this man and he just keeps going and going.
My MOTM is Tracy Slater, she fundraises, supports at races and bakes lovely cakes
Chris Hardy

Joanne Weir
Training well, for both London and Berlin , no fussing just gets on with it and so supportive of others

Sue Wolstenholme managing the club around Joseph and back running again superb role model boss xx
Deb Clucas

10.I’d like to vote Steve Ducket for runner of the month for his amazing 100km ultra. I’d like to vote John Hannon for member of the month for all his Saturday runs he organises
Adele Mauback

11.I would like to nominate Anna Barcroft for ROM for consistently achieving PB
I would like to nominate Claire Haworth for sorting Lisbon Training runs out
Ellen Pope

12.Hope you’re enjoying your first Mother’s Day.

My nominations for this month are;


Tracy Davies – Made the tough but no doubt correct decision to withdraw from Manchester. However has remained positive, encouraged others who are still running and helped them with training plans etc – and will be there supporting on the day which really is appreciated.


Neil Fraser – Neil’s training & focus for Manchester has been excellent. Sticking to his plan, getting through a huge amount of training miles and getting in a strong position to hopefully have a great run next week.
Matt Lynch

13.Shirley Hargreaves – runner of the month. Brilliant to see Shirley back out and loving her running again and totally smashing it

John Hannon- member of the month. His commitment to the Saturday morning runs whilst marathon training is true dedication.

Thank you
Claire Taylor

Lots of people training hard for the spring marathons but I would like to nominate Ian Goodliffe for being the most wonderful example to us all of courage and determination. Super running at Haweswater and Coniston – two very tough races.
MOM Mick Wignall great organisation of run leaders at the taster session the other night and also a great group leader too, spot on for pace and no messing allowed!

15.please could I nominate Kathryn AG for ROTM. Many reasons, but to cut it short, for her commitment to her marathon training this year, running solo, working full time whilst being an awesome mummy to Scarlett & Grace. Energy by the bucket load

16.Well done again for yesterday. Runner of the month is Steven Duckett, an absolutely fab runner who we never see but pops up with his BRR vest on doing some amazingly challenging runs. Wow 100k, well done Steve. Member of the month is Carla Jenkinson for her leadership with the netball team and supporting all BRR, well done Carla.
Jeanette Baron

17. please can I nominate Gemma Mccauley for runner of the month. Gemma’s consistently smashed her training for Manchester and looked fantastic at Trimpell!!

Can I also nominate David Craig as David’s running has also been amazing and his Trimpell effort was equally fantastic!!

Well done guys!!

Member of the month Ian goodliffe. Ian’s been amazing at keeping an eye on me since the day I met him, but more recently he’s been checking up on me and smashed Coniston (even though he doesn’t think so – Ian you did!!)

Katie Haworth

18.ROTH: I would like to nominate David Craig for his determination, training plan and completion of Trimpell 20. Most members can start a training plan, follow it and finish the race but when you have medical needs to factor in, this becomes more tricky. Well done David, your longest run to date.

MOTH: Graham Jordan for his continued fundraising for BRR.

Linzi Dearden

19.Runner – Ashley Weir – Fantastic continued commitment to his marathon training.

Member – Shell Sears- Lovely selfless act on board the plane back from Lisbon in helping a man having a seizure.
Adam Booth

20.My MOM
Tracy Slater
Cheerleader and cake maker for charities

Richard Slater
Top times what ever the distance
Wayne Rushworth

21.ROTM Steve Duckett
MOTM Kate Pomfret
Gill Rushworth

22.Runner of the Month – nominating Neil Fraser, he’s had a great training month in preparing for Manchester Marathon next week, culminating in a impressive Trimpell 20m. For someone who previously didn’t seem to take running too seriously is in a great position to have a fantastic marathon.

Member of the Month – nominating Mick Wignall, constantly involved helping and supporting others and a big thanks for chasing up leaders for last week’s taster session.
Ashley Weir

23.Runner Gary Blackburn, so many great times including 15 minutes off his half marathon time, phenomenal.
Member Jane Matthewman, so much hard work collating stats etc in her own time.
Graham Jordan

24.ROM for me is Chris Almond. He has been training hard for Manchester, however I’ve also noticed his pace getting quicker and quicker!

MOM Claire Haworth, she was chief organiser of the Lisbon trip, where we had an absolute blast. She was still co-ordinating whilst we were there, making sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be! I’d also like to mention Ellen Barkworth too for sorting out our airport transport coach.

Carla Jenkinson

25.please can I nominate Alyson Chester for runner after training for and completing the Lisbon half. First half in about a year and I think she does brilliantly considering her asthma. Very proud.

Also please can I nominate Claire young for the organising of the training runs
Matt Chester

26.ROTM David Craig- Although flat Trimpell 20 is no easy race but he completed it with a smile, extra mention to his co pilot Gemma McCauley who also did a great job. Kudos to Steve Duckett on 100k ultra last weekend

Member – Claire Howarth – organising the Lisbon trip which 50+ members loved, also mention to Wendy Byrne having the strength to share her health story