Club Member & Runner of the Month March 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for March 2018

Runner of the Month – Nickie O’Hara – She conquered her first half marathon at Darwen.

Member of the Month – Tracy Slater – So much cake making, supporting and Photography including a fund raiser at Mellor and Darwen Half Marathon.

Every nomination is worthy of the awards and special mention to go to John Hannon and Michael Goodliffe who were really acknowledged.


1.Chris Almond for runner. he has really come into his own over last few months. his commitment to training for his first marathon and his performance at recent races I have support has really stood out for me. well done Chris .
Jeanette Hickey member for setting up the walking group. It is so frustrating suffering injury and being away from the club socially. A great idea I’m sure many members will benefit from

Michaela Douglas

2.ROTM – Nickie O’Hara.
At the beginning of the year Nickie was adamant that she was never going to be able to do anything other than a 10k… after some ‘Dutch Courage’ she entered Bispham 10mile. Whist carrying on being Group Leader for Couch to 5k, she started upping her mileage on Sunday’s in preparation for the big day. Unfortunately, the weather doubted our ability to get to Blackpool on the day so we didn’t run. Thoroughly deflated, she needed another challenge and from no- where booked on Darwen Half! Lots of us thought she was bonkers…. but had massive admiration for her determination and BRR spirit.
On Sunday, she proved us all right.
She was bonkers, she had determination, she had BRR spirit and we all had massive admiration for her. Taking on a tough race for her first half but she smashed it!

MOTM – Tracy Slater
Tracy continues to be the BRR resident baker, helping Ellen with her fundraising event this month. She’s also a massive part of the supporting crew on race days, always armed with a camera, a smile and comical words of encouragement.

Claire Haworth

3.Can I nominate Tracey Slater, for MOM as she is always there taking pictures of everyone? Making cakes for every occasion and is as happy as a giddy kipper, ROM has to be Nickie O’Hara as she as become determine, strong and has stepped up her training to run a half marathon not just any half marathon but Darwen Heritage half!
David Haworth

4.ROM – Michael Goodliffe. He’s really on it at the moment and getting some serious results.
MOM- Tracey Slater. She pops up at every race cheering us all on!

Emma Wright

5.ROTM is Nickie O’Hara and MOTM Karen Almond
Chris Almond

6.A tough call this month with so many great performances, PB’s galore, ultra debuts, half marathons debuts and not forgetting our youngest member Callum running his first race in a BRR vest.
However, for ROTM, I would like to nominate Anna Barcroft. She has done amazing this year with all her performances achieving +60% Age Rated Scores. PB’s at Half Marathon distance in February and carried the good form through to March where she PB’d 10k and 20m distance. She is really enjoying her training runs and a marathon PB is a dead cert.
For MOTM, I’d like to nominate John Hannan. Genuinely one of the nicest blokes you will meet and supporting Brian on his ultra debut is what John is all about. A top bloke who has helped countless members of the club.

Michael Goodliffe

7.ROM – Once again Rachael Gavin- just getting faster and faster and ran with the fast guys for most of trimple
MOM – Ashley Weir for all the work he does behind the scenes
Deborah Clucas

8.Rotm Michael Goodliffe hes been flying this month had some cracking times and always has a smile on his face even with a bottle of beer in his hand lol
Motm karen Coram has gone out of her way to organise and collect money for members suprise birthday’s and got some cracking gifts
Tracy Slater

9.Hi chuck,
ROTM for me this month has at last to be Brian Cross for his epic ultra run across some very muddy tough terrain, he’s come on leaps n bounds n i think the times now right to give it him.
MOTM im opting this time for Lesley dewhurst,, she quietly gets on in the background with all her massages fixing peeps up getting then ready for all their races and she’s a good listener.
Dave Short

10.Too many amazing people to mention again after a fantastic BRR month but I’ll try and narrow it down a bit.
ROM – Nickie O Hara – to run your first half marathon is tough to run Darwen as your first is even tougher. Some absolutely amazing running performances this month though across the board a few to mention Goodliffe and his 3 races weekend, George Bell for his multiple PBs, Liz Skupski PBs & age Cat Win, Alyson Chester for her recent half marathon and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YERS At Trimpell!!
MOM – Tracy Slater for her constant support at events, super photographs & amazing support at the fundraising events. Also wanted to mention John Clayton for his ongoing support of other runners. Sally Heppenstall

11.ROTM – Brian Cross for completing the Howlers West Pennine Trail Marathon
MOTM – John Hannan for all the support he gave Brian during training and on the day of the marathon (and for generally being an all round hero to many of us!!)
Gill Rushworth

12.MOTM – Annika Halsall for stepping up and taking over club kit and vests and doing a fab job.

ROTM – Alyson Chester who has suffered with her breathing for the past few months which led her to believe she couldn’t do it and believing she couldn’t do it but she proved herself wrong by achieving a PB at London half after working really hard to overcome her mental block!
Aadila Mulla

13.MOTM Maggie Ainslie, amazing lady so motivational made it fun running up those hills in darwen half marathon whilst looking after everyone else along The way.
ROTM Callum… so speedy one to watch this space.
Sheryl Wild

14.I would like to nominate Brian cross for the runner of the month
For his doing his Ultra marathon

And Member of the month
Andrew Chatterton for organising the Liverpool coach for us all

But I would also I would like to mention Maggie Ainsley for being a fabulous Race Angel 😇 on the darwen half marathon offering lots of encouragement and support and to other club members too on the race
Sally and Kate for showing determination for training for their marathons after coming back from injuries
Tracy Davies for organising the Friday night runs and for training for her first marathon for the charity close to her heart ❣

Difficult to mention everyone who plays a massive part of the fantastic running club much appreciated by us all
Linda Wilding

15.Just a quickie, but I’m that impressed by Nickie O’Hara that I felt moved to actually vote this month.
She’s worked so damned hard, got her shit together, and got her mojo back big style, in order to do her first 10 miler, only to then to have the rug pulled from under her feet by the weather, but instead of moaning and whining about it, she’s only dusted herself down and done a bloody half! That attitude typifies our club so well and ROM would be the icing on her cake
Denise Brogden

16.I would like to nominate Craig Wilki for ROTM

MOTM for me has to be Maggie Ainslie for her amazing help and encouragement in getting me around the Darwen half it was very much appreciated.
Amanda Burrows

17.please can I nominate Maggie Ainslie as member of the month and for runner of the month please can I nominate Craig Wilki. Thank you
Christine Warrington

18.Member of the month- Jeannette Hickey for coming up with the brilliant idea of the walking group, keeping injured members involved with the club

Runner of the month- Nickie OHara for choosing to do Darwen as her first half marathon
Michael Wignall

19.Hi Member of Month Michael Lilly for amazing amount raised for MacMillan.
Runner of month John Hannon for ultra marathon.

Adele Mauback

20.Please can I nominate:
ROTM – Brian Cross for completing the West Pennine Trail Ultra Marathon. Brilliant effort and achievement, well done Brian.
MOTM – John Hannan for supporting Brian on his first ultra marathon, for completing it and for being a great support to many of us in group runs. Top man.
Gina Smith

21.Runner: Gotta be Michael Goodliffe! He’s on fire, knocking out PBs left, right and centre. Excited to see what he can do in London.

Member: John Clucas. His ‘Where’s John?’ on Saturday morning’s always keeps me entertained!
Rachael Gavin

22.ROM: Malini Craig. Ran Liverpool for her very first half – marathon, on her own. Despite a bad fall at mile 10, she got up and finished in a great time.
MOM: Sinéad. The support she provided on that final hill at Darwen, charging up and down with Arthur in his pram, was magnificent. I could still hear her when I got to the top 😉
Cheryl Schofield

23.ROTM – Id like to vote for kate rippingale. After her injury last year having to pull out of London, watching her build back up with such attention to detail and dedication to be ready for 2018 has been more than impressive. She is also modest about her abilities!

MOTM Nicky O’hara

She is supportive of others at the C25K, became a member of BRR and blasted out within weeks with positivity and fun onto Darwen. She cheers us up and rounds us up when needed. Well done Nicky!!
Shell Sears

24.Runner – Nicki O’Hara for having the guts and determination to take on Darwen Half Marathon as her first run and Member Karen Almond (social member) for making so many Easter chics, special mention to Lisa Byrom who also made so many of the beauties and in total we raised £160 for our club charities.
Sue Wolstenholme

Chris Almond for staying with me when my hip went at mile 16 on the bypass from hell at Trimpell 20. He got me round the last 4 miles. If it wasn’t for him I would’ve given up!
Is the new kid on the block Callum, for his first outing as a BRR member at the Darwen half. He smashed it! He gives a lot of his time up volunteering in Progression Group 1 as well. What a great lad! Watch this space!

26.Tough one this with so many great runners this month so:
ROTM is Brian Cross
Awesome running at the West Pennines trail marathon, he’s had a brilliant year so far both personally and in running.
MOTM is John Hannan for supporting Brian round that marathon
Chris Hardy

27.March Noms:
ROM for me this month has to be Brian Cross. I know Brian has been nominated for member recently but how far he has come personally and on his running journey is inspirational.
MOM for me is Deb Clucas for her support on race days.
Thank you
Carla Jenkinson

28.ROM – Jason Cook for a fabulous race result at Trimpell smashing the club record for his age category. Well done superb running!
MOM – Maggie Ainsley for the selfless support, advice and encouragement she gave to every single runner she had the chance to run with or speak with on Sunday at the Darwen Half.
Joanne Croasdale

29.Rotm -Cheryl Scholfield! She has managed 100 miles this month and most of them have been dragging me around the streets of Blackburn and Darwen with both physical and verbal abuse being hurled at us! She is always positive and has kept me motivated over these last few months!

MOTM- Claire Taylor, not just an awesome runner but an awesome member! She came all the way to Liverpool to see my first half and to ensure I had some BRR support whilst everyone was at Darwen Half. She walked a mile down the prom at the end when she knew I would be struggling and rang her cowbell screaming for me to keep going. Her faith in me, when I’ve had none in myself has been priceless.

Malini / Maz xx

30.Rom – Brian Cross
Mom – John Hannan

Laura King

31.Runner of the Month:
Callum McGillick for his spectacular debut at Darwen Heritage Half

Member of the Month: John Hannan for the support he gave Brian Cross throughout his training for the Howlers Ultra and running the race with him.

Nicola Murphy

32.Runner- Mr Goodliffe, at the time of writing he has run every single day of 2018, he’s knocking out some cracking times too. He’s quite a nice chap as well I suppose.
Member – Andrew Gardner. He always chips in with very sound and sensible nuggets of advice when folk are struggling or need a nudge.
Two blokes who I’m very privileged to call my friends.

Matt Simpson

33.My nominations are
Michael goodliffe for ROM for his back to back races

Tracy Slater for MOM for her generous baking at both Maggie’s surprise 50th and at Ellen’s recent coffee morning .

Karen Coram

34.ROM is Jon Turner, his Manchester marathon training has been a pleasure to follow as he has done it by the book and I can’t wait to congratulate him when he gets the result he deserves.

MOM is Joanne Brown, her times are improving every time she goes out and she is looking fabulous. Well done Joanne.
Jeanette Baron

35.ROM – Callum McGillick – brand new member, first half marathon for the club, first in age category and 27th overall – just wow. Well worth the wait to have him as a club member – he’s going to be a brilliant BRR member for many years.

MOM – Claire Haworth – she was an absolute star for getting me round the Darwen Half (after initially trying to talk me out of it). Her drive and mental focus never wained right throughout the course even though it must have been tough in places for her too. She stuck right by me all the way through even though she’s capable of a much faster time. It was a very selfless act.

Nickie O’Hara

36.I nominate Brian Cross as ROTM for his dedication to his training and his super run earlier this month. I nominate John Hannan as MOTM for his amazing support to Brian.
Graham Jordan

37.ROM – has to be Nickie O’Hara. Coped with the disappointment of missing her planned and much anticipated Blackpool 10 miler by having the guts to tackle and complete the high and mighty Darwen Heritage half marathon!! Enough said!
MOM Jane Matthewman. Works her socks off for the club quietly and efficiently throughout the year. Where would we be without her?
Anna Barcroft

38.MOTM Maggie Ainslie
ROTM Michael Goodliffe

Thank you.

Wendy Byrne

39.‭‭can I nominate the following club members ROM Nicki OHara she has come on so much over the last few months MOM Claire Haworth for getting Nicki to take part in her first half and supporting her throughout thanks a lot have a great Easter
Ellen Pope

40.ROM – Joshua Crowther
That ginger monkey is out of this world & universe. Champion mindset at its best. So focused, confident with epic results & a lovely chap with it

MOM – Nickie o hara
Great blogger, great effort, heartfelt posts and I bet she inspires so many people to get off the blocks. Massive running cheerleader
If only Nickie could see what we see

Happy Easter
Cathy Kilshaw

41.RoTM : Craig Wilki for the though challenge on Middlefell fell race.

MoTM: Maggie Ainslie for always helping fellow runners at the races.
Rose Kay

42.Michael Goodliffe for runner – getting stronger and putting in the effort
Annika Halsall – Member – just quietly getting on with the club kit and taking on more and more responsibilities

John Clucas

43.Tracy Davies – Member of the Month her VLM training plan has motivated lots of members

Malini Vivian- Runner of the month – Completing Liverpool Half after saying she couldn’t run further
Tracy Eccles

44.Runner is a toughie this month, but I’d like to nominate Cookie for his run at Trimpell getting a PB and breaking the club record spectacularly.
Member I’d like to nominate Jeanette Hickey for organising the Wednesday night walking group

Annika Halsall

45.My nomination goes to John Hannah for member of the month. You wouldn’t imagine completes the distance he does as he just keeps on running at an amazing pace whilst still continuing to support others with his run backs and advice. If you ever need someone to get you through a tough challenge, no matter the distance or obstacle, John’s got your back!

Runner of the month goes to Brian Cross for training through horrific weather and completing the pennine moors challenge.

Linzi Birch Dearden

Neil Grunshaw

47.Runner of the month: Nickie O’Hara
Nickie’s running is going from strength to strength – to conquer Darwen
heritage as your first half and then go on to smash your next park run and
knock 10 minutes off your time in the same week is some going! Well done

Member of the month: Karen Almond and Lisa Byrom
Fantastic knitting… so talented and so thoughtful to give up the time to do
it. Thanks girls!

Thanks very much

Tracie Wilson x

48.ROM Nickie O’Hara on her achieving her first Half marathon
MOM Jeanette Hickey for setting up walking group
Joanne McClean

49. ROTM – Chris Almond. Fab runner and has proved himself to be just that in his training for Manchester marathon.
Big shout out to Brian Cross and John Hannan for their massive challenge.

MOTM – Lisa Fraser. Her support during marathon training has been emmense. Fab runner too.
Big shout to Margaret Perkins who undoubtedly going to smash manchester

Tracy Davies