Club Member & Runner of the March 2017

Congratulations to the Runner and Members of the Month for March 2017

Runner of the Month : Dave Short
Club Member of the Month: Natalie Chatterton


1. Please can I nominate Claire young for runner of the month , her performance today was nothing short of fabulous. I’d like to nominate ellen I’m not sure which , the one that’s running London . She regularly supports Claire in her training runs and races and I know from experience how much support from others means in training

2. ROTM Dave short for his back to back Marathons then his ultra the week after. Mad man
MOTM Rick Wilson for organising the Manchester marshalling.

3. I would like to nominate josh crowther for ROTM for his fantasic performance at sliverstone half marathon bringing his pb tumbling down considerably well done, can i please nominate ashley weir for MOTM for the revamp of the club run groups, its been a brilliant suggestion and taken off really well

4. Runner Dave Short ran more miles in one day than most do in a month, excluding VLM training
Member Adam Holden for compiling all the scores for the AB Challenge

5. ROTM – Jeanette Baron, supportive and helpful. Ran an amazing Marathon in Cyprus.
MOTM – Rick Slater, did a fantastic job selflessly pacing Chris and Trudi on the Hawsewater half

7. My nominations for this month are Susan Wolstenholme if volting for the chairperson is allowed, for all her fab running achievements and all she does for the club, the highlight being her photo in the paper and all round Blackburn.
I would also like to vote for the two Ellens, Ellen pope for her amazing weight loss and all her fab training for the London Marathon and fundraising for Mencap.
Ellen Barkworth also getting some great miles in this month, showing the young un’s how it done as she has celebrated her 60th birthday, she has looked out for me since i joined BRR

8. So many good runners to go for but looking at the pb list helped. I saw Andrew Gardner s name and remembered his post about pushing to the end when the course was slightly longer than expected. Made me remember that even the really good runners are human and push the limits of agony. So Andrew gets my vote for ROTM. Thank you xxx

9. Here we go for March;
Runner – Dave Almond, nearly nominated last month as well but after some speedy parkruns and that sub 36 min 10k last wkend I think it’s well deserved. Raising the bar for the fast lads.
Member – Adam Holden, I gather he volunteered for it but the Andrew challenge points collation looks like a minefield! Working out who has done what and if they met the criteria must be tough.

10. ROTM chris hardy – massive improvement in his running in last 2 months but -14 mins on his 1/2 marathon time on Haweswater course and he’s only been in club 5 mins!!!
MOTM Carla ‘jenky’ Jenkinson for her time in organising BRR netball and making a fab Captain!

11. Member and Runner of the month:
ROWENA DOHERTY – Throughout her troubles of losing her glasses and her cars have had broken down she has still carried on running in races and in training, amazing achievement

12. MOTM Karen Jayne – not only did she stand in the miserable weather at Trimpell – she also did not complain when I threw my sweaty buff at her
ROM – Jane Matthewman – she is quietly going from strength to strength – month after month her times are improving and she is running very strong.

13.ROM: Andrew Gaskill. His persistence and determination got him a much deserved pb at Arley 10k.
MOM: Tracy Slater. cake baker extraordinaire for always being willing to help out on any and all occasions.

14.Could I nominate Dave Short as runner of the month. One, for his phenomenal ultra runs and, secondly, for being a great support/guru on the Saturday morning runs. Keeping us all going on the A59 in the driving rain was above and beyond.
Member of the month – could I nominate Carla Jenkinson for suggesting and organising the BRR netball team and being a great coach in our first session last night.

16. Runner of the month- Dave Short for the amazing runs his has done this month, what an achievement, but also the support he gives the Saturday morning group.
Member of the month- Judith Barnes, who quietly supports other runners, and is such a kind member of the group.

17. My runner of the month is Joanne Croasdale. She had a fab race at Trimpell and has worked so hard towards the Manchester marathon.
My member of the month is Karen Cotham for her fantastic support at Haweswater and Trimpell. Turning up and supporting when I know she’d love to run them but can’t due to injury.

18. ROTM Ellen Pope lost weight, running twice the normal distance progressing so well, MOTM Natalie chatterton, easing pain, stretching muscles and generally improving wellbeing amongst the runners with her brilliant massaging! Thank you

19.Hi Sue
R.O.M Dave Short
M.O.M Natters
Thank you.

20. Hi Sue, R.O.M. I nominate Sally Heponstall as it is great to see her back running and running well. M.O.M. Natters as she is always so supportive with everyone she comes into contact with and is a great assett to the club in the massage department. Thanks xx

21.My nominations
MOTM – Aadila Mulla for her hard work on the Monday runs and for stopping with me after my fall the other week
ROTM – can I be cheeky and nominate Michaela and Anthony Harvey. They both have come back from injury, done the C25k again and then got a PB both at Witton park run

22. ROTM – Dave Almond – Cheshire 10K PB 35.54 1st M50
MOTM – Carla Jenkinson, for setting up the BRR netball team! We’re all looking forward to representing the club and winning trophies, having a laugh in the process!!

23. My nominations are Runner of the month Dave Short, He has had an amazing month of running and still manages to stay grounded
Member of the month, Natalie Chatterton, Always there to cheer on, Listen and help when needed

24. Hi sue ROTM Chris Hardy. New start fab runner showing off his runner skills with super speed. MOTM Ashley Weir. Lots of work he puts in for brr and it doesn’t go un-noticed.

25. I nominate Runner of the month Neil grunshaw because of his PB’s for the BRR challenge and for getting faster In each race
Dave short for member of the month for organizing the run and eat and his awesome altra running

26. ROTM for me is Dave Almond for his recent (1st Vet 50) 35min 10k at Cheshire 10K! Fantastic!
MOTM is: Dave Short and John Hannan! They have helped many runners get their distances in leading up to Manchester and London. Well done guys!

27. Runner: most miles in the Month with a whopping 400 including really testing his physical boundaries with 2 back to back marathons and a 53 mile ultra, he’s shown that the mind carries the legs just as far, has helped others runners distance train, Dave Short has really got t that extra mile ( by far literally!)
Member : Ashley Weir, people see he does a lot but the shear hours so much of this takes is often only seen by the committee, introducing the new groups on a Weds has been a great new addition, his Thursday is taken up every week compiling the newsletter. The calendar has been complied by him and and helping save damsels in distress in long runs in Lancaster just secures the member title for me!

28. I would like to nominate Dave Short for ROTM
Natters for MOTM

It’s another difficult decision trying to choose worthy nominations for March!
For MOTM, I’m going to jointly nominate Sue and Rick for leading the recruitment and arranging all the marshals for the Manchester Marathon, which is greatly appreciated by all the runners taking part!
For ROTM, again the club has seen some great performances in March, but Dave Short’s epic Super Ultra in Chester is too much of a stand out to be ignored! Not only the Ultra itself but the double marathons leading up to it! Well done Dave!

30. ROM – Joanne Croasdale – Joanne has shown total commitment to her training plan for Manchester; from couch to 5k to marathon! She has shown strong running throughout and always supports the rest of her group. Thanks Joanne!
MOM – Ashley Weir – Ashley is so dedicated to BRR and works endlessly to make training runs effective – thank you for the new groupings and for constantly supporting and encouraging all members. The club is lucky to have you

31. ROTM goes to Dave Short for his Ultra Marathon.
MOTM goes to John Hanan for his unselfish attitute to fellow runners.

32. My nomination for Runner of the month is Dave Short. His recent performances in two ultras this month have been outstanding. He’s so strong mentally and such a role model, yet he’s so kind and warm to every single person he interacts with.
My nomination for Member of the month is Natters. She’s such a great member of the team, always in the background, so quietly supportive and continually encouraging newer runners by sharing races to enter and organising transport options.

33. Member Ashley Weir for all of his behind the scenes work for the club, unassuming and just gets on with everyone!
Runner – Andrew Gardner PB in Half and a great supporter of the club – always encouraging others

34. I would like to nominate Dave Short for ROM for his epic weekend doing the West Pennine Moors double marathon – that man is a machine! He’s amazing and gives so much to the newer/slower runners on a Saturday morning. Well done Dave.
For MOM I am struggling to choose one person when so many have raised so much money for charity for their marathons, so I nominate every single runner who has raised lots of dosh, I really enjoyed Kathryn’s gin fizz night though!

35. RUNNER – Dave Short for his inspirational distances. He’s a credit to BRR.
MEMBER – Ashley Weir for putting together the Summer Calendar and all the other things he does for the club.

36. I’m nominating DAVE SHORT for an impressive endurance of the Chester ultra as well as the jackals ultra.

37. Dave Short for ROTM for 50 at 50
Ashley Weir for MOTM for the changes to club run groups

38. MOM ….Rick Slater . . Outstanding support and encouragement at Haweswater….lovely chap
ROM Dave Short …. Awesome 50 at 50 another level of running yet Dave always has time/ advice/encouragement for everyone whatever distance they are doing……boom!

39. ROTM – Joanne Brown – consistently improving on weekly runs
MOTM – Carla Jenkinson – taking the initiative and organising and setting up the BRR netball team

40. Just got a quick 2 mins to forward my noms.
Really difficult month to choose a ROTM as so many people doing great things!
I would like to nominate Dave Short for ROTM for his 52mile ultra marathon (which he rounded up to 53 miles, lol!). That’s some stamina!
I would like to nominate Jane Matthewman for MOTM. Jane quietly gets on with all the results portal work at the same time as her own training, a lot of what she does in the background goes unnoticed as she doesn’t make a big deal about it and I think a lot of members might not realise how much she does on an ongoing basis so I think she deserves a nomination.

41. Can I please nominate Gina Smith for MOTM for her continued support and commitment to Group 5 (now G10) throughout her VLM training. And Joanne Croasdale for ROTM for that epic 20 mile solo marathon training run!

42. Can I add my nominations if it’s not to late please
ROTM – Ellen B
MOTM – Ashley Weir

43. ROTM for me this month is Dave short for his back to back ultra trail race’s then the big one 53miles ultra totally awesome running.
MOTM – Ashley weir puts in some serious work trying to sort routes out for the Sunday social runs and for sorting out the Wednesday club run ie pace groups going well too

44. Nominate john hannon for his first ultra..well done
Tracy Davies for supporter never mind month but of the whole of marathon training think she has done an amazing job supporting the girls on their first marathon a wonderful positive lady

45. Member of the month John Hannon who week in week out leads the Saturday group which has a huge range of abilities. It runs like clockwork, no one is left behind and he has adapted practically all of the runs since Christmas to factor in our training runs for our marathon. He is a legend!
My Runner of the month is Dave short who does all the above with John but runs amazing Ultras as well! Love them both!