Club Member & Runner of the March 2016

Runner of the Month : Steven Duckett
Member of the Month: Andrew and Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner


Runner of the quarter Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner she has pb’d every month which is amazing she has absolutely worked very hard and will smash Manchester
Member of the month dave Short for his insane decision to run as milo….looney lol

I nominate Sam Oates as she is so mentally strong she runs in pain every run I ran with her this morning and you could tell every step hurt

ROTM – Andrew Boardman. Clearly working really hard and flying this month, had 2 great races at Haweswater and Trimpell and paced another member to perfection at silverstone. Despite working on his own improvements he’s always offering to pace others and does a brilliant job with group 6 every Wednesday. Top bloke!
MOTM – Dave Short, for being half of the Saturday Dave and John show. Some really tough runs as club mascot Milo, and helping a random lady who was struggling to finish at Trimpell.

Far too many people to choose from this month as everyone is doing so well…Kathryn is on fine form and has had some fab runs, Jimmy knocked 9 mins of at Coniston and Michael Goodliffe is clearly training hard and being rewarded with some crackin times! Runner for me though has got to be Andrew Boardman- he ran so well at Trimpel and just quietly gets on. He always supports others and willingly paces others in training and races- true gent! ????
Member for me is Dave Short… Like many he leads groups to encourage new members- he ran Trimpel in that heat dressed as Milo- and was still smiling when he finished! Mad as a box of frogs but such a lovely bloke!

Runner of the month: Nicola Halsall. Her commitment to running and the sheer number of half-marathons she has entered amazes and inspires me.
Member of the month: Joint This month between Andrew Gardner and Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for organising the speed sessions to everyone’s benefit.

Rotm – Andrew Boardman, where to begin! He has triumphed over an illness that would have knocked the toughest of people, he has continuously strived to get fitter with his strength and conditioning work alongside his running, he is now churning out amazing running times, including pb’s. He really is a true Blackburn Road Runner.

Motm – I’d like to nominate the Slater’s, simply because they open their home to everyone, they invite members and non members to join them for Sunday runs as an alternative for those who can’t make the ‘official’ runs. They provide advice and help to those who would benefit. I ran with them
Last weekend as a non pressurised come back from injury run, they made me feel very welcome and helped me through the run. It was ace.

I would like to nominate Dave Short for MOTM. He was awesome completing 20 miles on a warm day like that. Always puts smiles on peoples faces.
For ROTM, i would like to nominate Steven Duckett. A long way 62 miles!!!

For runner of the month. Deborah CLUCAS who has put in lots of high mileage solo runs.
For member of the month. Jeanette Hickey for taking on the now Saturday progress run.

Hi Sue my nomination for runner of the month is Steve Duckett. He PBd at Garstang Gallop and has ran an amazing distance in the 100k ultra run. Amazing.
My member of the month nomination is for Jeanette Baron. Jeanette is such a lovely lady, and is always so encouraging to others during runs. Although she has been quietly training for a marathon and working hard she will still take time to encourage anyone and run with them to get them round.

I would like to nominate Steven Duckett for runner of the month, for his 2 fantastic performances in the last 2 weeks in the garstang gallop with a 46:22 and the canalathon that happened at the weekend running 100k

Another month of outstanding performances making it increasingly difficult to narrow it down to just one runner and member of the month ! It does make me very proud to be associated with such a great bunch of people

ROTM: Emma Walton for smashing the club record at Silverstone 🙂
MOTM: the Slaters for not only organising some runs from their home but also for providing refreshments afterwards.

ROTM – Dave Birtwistle for some great times this month.
MOTM – Sue W for excellent stewardship of the club.

Rotm Steve Duckett
Motm Ashley Weir

Rom – Katerine AG again for me
Mom-Ashley quietly gets on with organising runs all the time

KAG for runner and you for member Susan, under rewarded and have moved the club forwards

I would like to vote for Steven Duckett for his performance at Garstang Gallop. Great running in his first ever race below half marathon distance! Great effort in Tel Aviv and topped by an epic Canalathon Ultra! A top lad too!
Member of the month again I’m voting for Andrew Gardner. He is a great asset to the club. Always encouraging others. The speed sessions he has organised has definitely helped people achieve their goals and PB’s. A top lad too!

Runner of the month – Jimmy Hindle. Consistently good long race runs including PBs.
Member of the month – Ashley Weir. Organisation of runs, email, website just fantastic.

ROTM- Tough one with some great efforts across the board from Jeff’s cracking Haweswater PB, Emma breaking yet another record to Phil & Steve smashing the Ultras…..but I would like to nominate Kate Rippingale for the effort she has put in to come back from various injuries sustained last July in the Manchester 10k. The woman who said she would never run more than 10miles has bounced back with 2 half marathons knocking over 4 mins off her first effort when she did Silverstone & has Manchester booked for next week. She also let me buy 3 pairs of trainers in the last 7 days…..but that did not sway my decision! #bribery #bitbiased
MOTM- I would like to nominate Natalie (Natters) Chatterton for the great massage service she provided up at Lancaster when she could have been out on the course heckling runners or doing anything other than touching up sweaty runners. My massage was much appreciated!