Club Member & Runner of the Month June 2021

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Lesley Dewhirst
70 mile Ultra smashed with precision training for over 18 month without injury and finished with a smile!

Club Member : Ashley Weir
Arranged Bradford millennium relay to precision this year again! No easy task with various team changes along the way but got 3 full teams representing BRR

Kudos to Lee Denton, Jason Cook and John Crellin who completed ‘The Wall’ Ultra along with Lesley (all have achieved Runner of the month previously) and Alex Curran who is on an upward curve and getting faster and faster.


1.Before I forget I want to nominate Alex Curran for the runner of the month. He keeps smashing out amazing times and seems to be under the radar! Sub 1:20 today at Southport too! As an added extra he’s just about to pass 1000 miles for the year and all this with a new born baby! Insane!
Gary Blackburn

2.Runner of the month to Gemma McCauley, always out there training and getting back involved with the racing, very inspiring for the non-elite 👍
Member Kieran for all his efforts with the booking system. Hard work to get us back out there 👍
Special thanks to all the committee for keeping it all together 👊
Michaela Douglas

3. Rotm – Gail Bamber. Fantastic marathon and just a good old rounder. Gail has joined me on some of our runs during the half marathon plan. She reduces her pace to run beside us, chatting all the way. It has been a pleasure to hear of her successful races and also a pleasure to run with her. She supports all the group ensuring she chats to everyone.

Motm – Joanne Croasdale. Her Monday runs are great. If anyone has lost their confidence in running with a group then it is a must you join Jo’s group. It feels like old times and has restored alot of people’s fears of returning to group running. She is also very patient and so lovely to run with.
Tracy Davies

4. I’ve not been on FB for a couple of months so went onto the club page to see what everyone had been doing to help choose this months noms. All I can say is wow, I missed seeing what everyone has been up to. So…..
MOM – Gemma McCauley on her fabulous 3 peaks challenge she smashed it and raised a fabulous amount for charity.
ROM – Lesley Dewhirst for doing the Wall Ultra, what an inspiration. With a special mention for Margaret Morley. Margaret is just brilliant and the perfect person to run with.
Tracy Hickey

5. Member – Ashley Weir – Tireless dedication to organisation of BRR BMW Relay teams and reccies. Hard work getting three teams together over a race unlike any other I’ve ever ran in. Top work!

Runner – Alex Curran – A sub-1:20 at Southport half says it all. The lad doesn’t know how good he really is which is quite frightening. He’s knocking a ridiculous amount of time off every PB he attempts and he’s only going to get better. He’s surpassed many runners at the club. I want some of what he’s on! 😁👍🏼

6. I would like to nominate Donna Mazur for Member of the Month. Over the past couple of months she has stepped up to leading groups on Mondays and Wednesdays. She is always smiley and encouraging even though she has maybe been a little out of her comfort zone at times. Whilst she just carries on with the minimum of fuss, I feel she has become a real ambassador for the club.

For Runner of the Month I would like to nominate Deborah Robinson. This girl just runs and runs! Really great run at Windermere Marathon recently where she looked fresh as a daisy at mile 20.

A massive well done to the group who completed the 70 miler last week.
Sid Makinson

7. Alex Curran – RoM and/or MoM
I would like to nominate Alex for RoM and/or MoM. Alex has made amazing personal improvements and has contributed hugely to the club and its members during his time with BRR. Despite his personal goals, work and family commitments, he continuously offers his time and support to others.

His support ranges from contributing to our brilliant newsletter, yoga classes which he started to do and share on Youtube as we all adapted to the world of COVID and personally he had a massive contribution to my 10k PB and first sub 45, with training runs and pacing me on the day of the event.

Alex has been smashing it on his runs and I think there is more to come. He recently achieved a PB at Southport HM 1:19:12 (73.71%) Amazing!

I did the same event and really struggled, I listened to my body (and maybe my mind a little too much) and stopped at Mile 9. Mile 9 was adjacent to the finish line and Alex was there, after recently finishing and achieving his PB. Alex being Alex without hesitation offered to run the last 4 Miles with me. What a Star and Team Player! Don’t go changing Alex! Well shave the beard off! You never know you might gain a few seconds! Less weight and more streamlined LOL

BIG SHOUT OUT! to Trundi Jenkinson who achieved another HM PB at Southport. I’m starting to think I might be her lucky charm as I was at both of these recent events. Keep up the amazing work Trundi!

John Dey

8. ROTM for me would be Lesley Dewhurst tremendous ultra run her training was epic and wow wow wow

MOTM would he Tracy Davies how she has formed her running group on Friday evenings and encouraged all types of runners to attend and she is so supportive – just wish I could get to one of her Friday night runs
Kath Jump

9. Runner of the Month:
Hard to beat running 70 miles but I know I can’t nominate all 4 BRR who took part so I’m going to pick one and that’s Lesley Dewhirst for no other reason she’s always inspired me and I’ll be forever grateful for the foot massage she gave me whilst I was struggling in the middle of Chester marathon 😄

Member of the Month:

Cathy Gardener for being a great support to Tracy Hickey, getting her back running after her medical treatment. Good job Cathy and welcome back Tracy.


10. Member of the month
Caroline Slater for always looking after all BRR as they pass her house, offering drinks and jelly babies Also for being the BRR Womble
Runner of the month
Trudy for her superb running at Southport half