Club Member & Runner of the Month June 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month: Harry Catherall
Placing 1st Vet 55 in The Tour of Tameside, an event over 4 days and consistently running over 70%

Club Member of the Month: Mick Wignall
Driving the Bradford Millennium Relay Bus for the whole day- A busman’s holiday !

So many worthy members for both the awards as nominated below
Special thanks this month to Ashley Weir organising the relay and Matt Simpson the Trail Race.



My nominations are mick wignall for mom . He is heavily involved in c25k celebration organization ( I know it’s not BRR but hey he steps up and volunteers ) he gave up his whole day on Sunday to ferry the BMW relay runners to their start positions and often volunteers his time in other ways .
ROM I nominate John Crellin hes on a streak of breaking barriers with PBS, well done John .

Karen Coram

Please can I vote Harry Catherall for his Vet No. 1 at Tour of Thameside as runner of the month.
I’d like to vote Ashley Weir as member of the month for organising all the club runs.

Adele Mauback

ROTM: Harry Catherall for his recent Tour of Tameside, where he ran magnificently in a series of some rather challenging courses. Many congratulations to him for winning the 1st spot in his age category, and for his brilliant overall position. Superb performance and he seems a really good guy as well.
MOTM: Matt Simpson for his role as Race Coordinator for the BRR Witton Trail Relay Teams. I was lucky enough to watch all of the BRR relay runners fly through the finish line at Witton Park (27/6) and it was tremendous to see in our home town. Well done to everyone who took part, particularly to Matt, who not only ran brilliantly himself, but for his organisation role. He made it look seamless and managed a team to be proud of. Special mention to Ashley Weir and John Clucas as well for their key roles and for keeping us all informed.

Karen Rishton

I would like to nominate Harry Catherall for ROM. He has been running road and trail races and recently ‘smashed’ the Tour of Tameside Event. 5 out of 6 of his events in June have all been over 70% AG with his highest being 77.16% for a 20:02 5K! Outstanding! I’m sure when the BRR Championship figures are done again he will be challenging for top spot. Fantastic running Harry! Also have to mention Chris Almond, your recent 5k and parkruns have been inspirational, keep up the good work.

John Dey

ROTM: John Crelin for smashing PB after PB this month.
MOTM: Matt Simpson for organising the trail relays.

Joe Gleave

My nominations for June are;
ROTM: Joanne Weir- for being a ‘Mrs Motivated’ partner at Bradford. Once she knew we had a 12 minute head start on the mass start (thanks to Trevor and Jeff’s speedy Leg 1 run) we were off!! It was non stop….we were definitely on a mission! She was an absolute star! And we got a PB by over 4 and a half minutes.
MOTM: Mick Msm Wignall- for being an amazing team minibus chauffer for the Bradford relay teams (especially when he was actually hoping to run it). Special mention also to Ashley Weir for his fab organisation once again.

Debbie Bolton

For Runner, I’d like to nominate Karen Rishton, she had a really good speedy month, picking up PBs and generally being a good representative for the club.
For Member, I’d like to nominate Mick Wignall, I know he would have preferred to run the BMW Relay, but volunteering to expertly transport our runners to their start points, giving up his own day, was brilliant. Thank you Mick

Ashley Weir

Tough one but Harry Catherall has had a cracking month winning age cat and I think a lit more wins to come from Harry.
MOTM – Another tough one because a lot of deserving people Ashley for organising Bradford Matt for organising relay but my nomination is Hayls runner for travelling far and wide for parkruns along with Gary Blackburn the only reason I haven’t nominated Gary because he’s had it before but hats of to you both tremendous achivement

Tracy Slater

Rotm for me is Gary Blackburn again, going wherever it takes to get a parkrun letter and consistently getting faster. Being at our marathon do on Friday night and running in London at 9am Saturday, the guys a nutter 😂
Mom is hard, there’s so many people doing some amazing work. I’ll nominate Ashley though for organising Bradford, but any one of a dozen people could easy be as worthy.

Graham Jordan

Rom – Gary Blackburn turning up all over the place on park runs – took over from John on the where is he today
Mom – Matt Simpson for organising what looked like a fab Witton trail run

Debbie Clucas

Rom – George bell.. legend with or without shoulder problems
Mom Trudi Jenkinson – Someone who always encourages

Wayne Rushworth

MOM Matt Simpson for sorting the trail relay teams. Especially during a very busy time. Special mention to his helper daughters too!
ROM Chris Almond absolutely on fire at the minute. Incredible effort and great times all round especially at the relays

Matt Chester

I would like to nominate Wayne Rushworth for ROTM he has been going from strength to strength with his running, he just quietly gets on with it doing fabulous with his races and getting faster each time….well done and keep going
Ashley Weir for his awesome organisation at the Bradford Millennium Way trail runs and recces…everyone involved did awesome and he did a fab job bringing it all together

Claire Brewer

Rotm – Gail Bamber. She is doing just awesome with her running.
Motm – Graham Jordan. Fab challenge in June and what an inspiration in the charity world

Tracy Davies

I would like to nominate Mick Wignall for MOTH for giving up a long full day driving us all safety to the starting points at Bradford. This was a godsend and took away a lot of stress for everyone. Special mention to Ashley for seamless organisation of the day and reccies despite having the run from hell on one date x
And thanks to Matt for sorting the Witton Relay which he dones brilliantly.
I would like to nominate Karen Corram For ROTH for not being scared to go for something completely out of her comfort zone. We are blessed to have a great diversity of runners at BRR and have some fast elites who fly up the trails like mountain goats. Karen conquered this leg, it was tough but she wasn’t phased at all and finished after swearing with a smile on her face.
Special mention to Gemma McCauley for doing both the tough trails this month, another determined lady who will put herself forward for anything.

Linzi Dearden

Another excellent month of running by everyone
ROTM is Graham Jordan for running 3 miles everyday in June, awesome effort.
MOTM is Matt Simpson for organising the Witton trail relay on what went down very well

Chris Hardy

Nominations for June
MOM I know she probably won’t accept it but Susan Wolstenholme. The Summer Marathon Celebration was pretty much down to her from the initial idea to the organisation. I’m sure she’ll point to the help she had but it was a great party and much fun was had!
ROM So many to pick from this month. I think Karen Rushton, John Crellin, George Bell, Kate Pomfret, Gail Bamber and Gemma McAuley all deserve great praise but I’d like to nominate Donna Mazur who has been rewarded for all her work doing the hard training miles with lots of PBs and super performances this

Anna Barcroft

My Noms for June are MOTM Matt Simpson, ROTM Karen Rishton

Chris Almond

Member – Matt Simpson for organising Witton Trail Run. Can’t have been an easy job as he’s had a few things on recently!
Runner of the month – David Birtwistle for managing to do the trail run in under 17 minutes. Incredible…

Caroline Slater

20.I would like to nominate Ashley Weir for member of the month for the BMW relay and also a mention to Matt for the Witton Park relay. A huge amount of time was put into organizing these relays and ensuring everything was arranged, well done guys and thank you.

Gail Bamber

I’m I too late to nominate? Just realised I’ve not done it…if not I’ve popped them below 👍
I’d like to nominate Ashley Weir for MOM, he did a fantastic job organising the BMW Relay Race and recce’s.
ROM Graham Jordan for his 3 miles a day, hes done fantastic and has inspired me to give it ago myself

Gemma McAuley

Gary Blackburn ROTM for his park runs captain Z
MOTM Mick Wignall for ferrying all the Bradford millennium team not an easy job or drive

John Hannon

Runner – got to be Gary Blackburn for me with kudos to his side kick Hayley for the Parkrun alphabet success with 25 letters including Poland, took the challenge to another level and could easily choose Harry for a superb placing in the Tour of Tameside
Member – Mick Wignall for spending a full day driving members around the Bradford Millennium, big clap to Ashley for organising and Matt for the Trail

Susan Wolstenholme