Club Member & Runner of the Month June 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for June 2018

Runner of the Month – Michael Goodliffe – for completing the 12 in 12 year long challenge by month 6, totting up 1000 miles and double day racing on Father’s Day before leaving for a new life in France!

Member of the Month – Ashley Weir for a sterling job organising the Bradford Millennium Relay Team, no easy task with 30 runners and a number of last minute runner changes

Both your dedication to running and the club didn’t go unnoticed by our members.

So many worthy nominations who are equally applauded this month and can be read below:


1.Please could I nominate Neil Fraser for ROTM the bloke is on fire at the moment. Well done keep it up
Please could I also nominate ashley weir for MOTM for the organisation of the Bradford millennium relay race a massive task and perfectly executed on the day even with hick ups along the way. Thanks again ashley for a brill day and night in the butlers afterwards.
Jon Turner

2.MOM – Ashley Weir for organising Bradford!
ROM – Mark Vaughton for just being awesome and smashing all his PBs (as well as dragging me through a few runs too).
Emma Wright

3.Runner Michael Goodliffe for doing 12 in 12 already and PBing all over – will be missed
Member – Ashley Weir for the great job with sorting the Bradford Trail Relay – so many substitutions that they had to scrape the very bottom of the barrel to allow me to complete leg 5 (thanks to Chris Almond for getting me to the end in one piece)
John Clucas

4.This month I’d like to nominate Neil Fraser for ROTM. He has smashed some great times this month and PB’d 3 times in a week. On fire. He is also probably one of the nicest Conservatives I know.

MOTM for me goes to Kayley Almond. She helped out loads behind the scenes for my leaving do. She knows how easily stressed I get from working with me at Aircelle, so she pretty much took over and sorted the lot! Top lass!
Michael Goodliffe

5.Rotm linzi Birch-Dearden. This woman is made of steel. Top effort all round with her current marathon. Top work linzi

MoTM Chris Almond who works effortlessly doing the progression group giving up his time and providing practical support. He is also an amazing running buddy
Tracy Davies

Jeanette Baron keeps smashing records gets better and better think shes the mini pocket rocket
Sinéad Whit shown guts and determination after having the beautiful Arthur and still finds time to go out of her way to support people
Tracy Slater

7.ROTM – Linzi Birch Dearden – always taking on challenges and tough ones! Brave and fearless.
MOTM – AshleyWeir – for organising BMW what a difficult and logistical challenge! Then you have to run it too!
Sally Heppenstall

8.Runner of the month
Has to be Linzi Birch- Dearden
For completing Gargrave Marathon on her own and struggling like she did on the home straight

Member of the month
Ashley Weir for his organising of the Bradford Relay Teams
Deborah Clucas

9.Runner, Mark Vaughton, the guy is going from strength to strength with his running, posting some great times. Plus he’s doing fantastic with his weight loss and is genuinely a top guy who is totally dedicated.
Member, Ashley Weir, for sorting out the Bradford runs and keeping his cool with what could have turned into a very stressful task.
Graham Jordan

ROTM – Jen Allen. Jen joined the BMW relay team for the first time this year. She was swopped from leg 2 to leg 3 and then due to a team-mate’s injury, swopped at last minute onto leg 5 to run with the brilliant and very speedy Jo Sharp. Leg 5 is tough even when you’re an experienced trail runner, it’s one of the longest legs and has a ridiculously difficult uphill start which seems to go on for miles! She did a fantastic job to get round in a very respectable time and hot conditions. She didn’t make any fuss about swopping the leg and although daunted by the prospect of running with someone very fast, just got on with it. Huge respect!

MOTM – Shell Sears. We’ve had 2 emails into the club this month from members of the public offering praise for one of our runners – and on both occasions it turned out to be Shell. Shell has a fantastic attitude, and is obviously giving a positive impression of our club ethos to others. Well done Shell!


Kate Rippingale

11.ROM – Linzi Birch-Dearden for her astounding solo accomplishment on her marathon in the heat

MOM – John Hannan for organising all the interesting off-road routes and keeping his “flock” rounded up with all the different ability runners getting involved.

Kudos mentions to Rowena for assisting John on the off-road runs, Ellen Pope and Andy Chatterton for their mobile refreshment stations during the half-marathon training sessions on a Friday and to the people who’ve really given me encouragement and a kick up the backside to get the training done PROPERLY for this next half marathon (they know who they are).

Nickie O’Hara

12.Hi! can I nominate Jeanette Baron for ROM she has been a brilliant runner! Pushing her boundaries, running and helping other feel good and finding them selves to be a runner too! MOM Ashley wier working hard for the club, planning routes, the Relay, motivating others, generally ensuring the club moved forwards! Thank you!
David Haworth

13.ROM – Michael Goodliffe – completes the 12/12 before his move to France as well as hitting 1000 miles for the year. Summed it up on the 17th June when he ran with Pappa G in the Crazy Cow 10k then with Phil at the Feckleton half. Commendable

MOM – Joint one Spenny and Nicola – even though both have been injured they continue to organise and turn up for the Monday open runs, always meeting at the half way point with water for all. I know Nicola is back running now but all who attend rely on their route planning to make it a great run for all. Thanks for your continued efforts
Mark Vaughton

14.I would like to nominate Ashley Weir for member of the month for organising the BMR and Michael Goodliffe for completing all his 12 in 12 challenges.
Linzi Birch-Dearden

15. can I nominate Jo Sharp for runner of the month please,
Annika Halsall

16.Runner of the month – Linzi Birch-Dearden for her fantastic marathon run on a lonely course in sweltering heat.
Member of the month – Cheryl Schofield for organising the design and order for the skorts they look brill.
Lynda Barker

17.Runner – Linzi Birch Dearden for going it alone on an unusual marathon and having the strength to finish in hot conditions. Special mention to Michael Goodliffe who finished his last month in England by completing 12 in 12 and 1000 Miles.
Member – Ashley Weir for an amazing job getting 3 teams to the Bradford Millennium Relay and organising to precision including food after.
Special mention to Graham Jordan who picked up nutrition bars from Manchester with an hr of posting, such a good egg!
Susan Wolstenholme

18.ROTM has to be Michael Goodliffe, to do a 1000 miles and the 12/12 already this year is a phenomenal achievement and we will miss him.

MOTM is Graham Jordan, doing really well in raising money for Theos warriors, an inspiration
Chris Hardy

19.My noms for this month:

ROM – Neil Fraser who has been cracking out some great performances this month!

MOM – Ashley Weir for managing the teams for the Bradford Millennium Relay. Great job!

Lizzi Watton

20.ROTM – Neil Fraser. Getting fitter and faster all the time. Put a lot of work in and rewarded with several PBs. Well done mate.

MOTM – Ashley Weir. BMW relay organising, newsletter, Wednesday runs, this guy does everything.
Anthony Grady

21.Noms for june rotm michael goodliffe motm graham jordan
Neil Grunshaw

22.ROTM & MOTM Nominations
This month I want to nominate Linzi Dearden for ROTM after completing the Gargrave Marathon, a tough route in tough conditions.
I’m going to nominate Reanna Evans for MOTM, stepping into the BMW Relay late on and thoroughly blasting it, thank you
Ashley Weir

23.MOM Ashley Weir. From a distance recruiting and organising the Bradford event looked to be very difficult. Ashley did a sterling job and remained remarkably composed and good humoured…on the surface at least 😃👍🏻😃
ROM Michael Goodliffe, first member to 12 in 12 in only half of the 12!! And many superb results on the way. Bein fait Michel! 😊
Anna Barcroft

24.ROM Linzi Birch-Dearden for her sterling display at Garstang marathon overcoming the heat etc. Well done
MOM sooty struggling this month
Joanne McClean

25.ROTM kartrina duxbury grunshaw this little lady is going about her running quietly and is getting some great results the last crazy cow so so close to a sub 60. MOTM are very own Ashley Weir for his epic work on the BMW not an easy task
John Hannon

26.Hiya. My nomination for Runner of the month is Linzi Birch-Dearden, she’s always out there just getting in with it even when she’s got stuff going on that would stop anyone else.
I’m stuck for a Member of the month as I’m a bit out of the loop at the moment, so I’d like to just take this chance to give a mention all the run leaders who turn up for the Open Run on a Monday night every week. Thanks guys. Spenny.
Michael Spencer

27.Can I nominate Ian goodliffe as runner of the month. Amazing time and determination at crazy cow. And today at Parkrun! Showing up and getting the job done no matter what. Always improving, always smiling!!

Member of the Month – Chris Almond, for always believing in me! Thank you for agreeing to run crazy cow with me. My best 2 miles PB! I just couldn’t keep it up 😀
Katie Haworth

28.ROM – Michael Goodliffe. It’s got to be! Hitting 1000 miles and completing the 12 in 12, with still half of the year to go!

MOM – Madeline Haworth for her organisation of the Guestimator. Although I couldn’t make it, it was clear from the posts that lots of effort went into the event and everyone looked like they had fun!
Carla Jenkinson

29.Linzi Birch Dearden – runner of the month!

3 minutes to spare. Can’t think of a member…

Caroline Slater