Club Member & Runner of the Month June 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for June 2017 

Runner of the Month – Steve Duckett.  He completed a 100 mile ultra race which we are all just in awe of.

Club Member of the Month – Matthew Simpson.  He arranged 9 teams last week in the Witton Trail Relay.  A great event and well organised.  No easy task.

Special mention must be given to Ellie Wright who got a number of nominations for some super fast performances this month ( There’s still more to come from her) and Ashley Weir and Margaret Morley who arranged our 4 teams in The Bradford Millennium Relay. Another super event and just as worthy of a win.

It’s the nominations and acknowledgement from other club members that really counts so thank you for sending them in.


1. Runner of the month without doubt Steve duckett for his epic 100 mile ultra…member of the month..Ashley Weir for his tireless efforts in all aspects of arranging bradford this year not to mention he’s a top bloke. Jason Cook

2.Steve Duckett runner, 100 miles in one go, unbelievable!lMargaret Morley/Ashley Weir members for sorting the relay teams- highest number of teams n lots of substitutions and planning and training / reconnaissance runs John Clucas

3.Rotm…Steve Duckett…wow, just wow!
Motm…Ashley Weir…fantastic job organising the BMW teams under super pressure with people getting injured etc. But the club fielded its highest number of teams and had a really successful day.
Thanks Margaret Morley

4.Runner if the month:
Steven Duckett – how he did that ultra 100 miles i’ll never know, amazing
Member of the month
Sheryl Wild – bride to be, staggering efgort in raising over £8k for charity
Chris Hardy

5.ROTH – Chris Hardy. He is progressing well and is an exceptional runner producing some very good PBs. Also gives good advice out to other runners and is very supportive.
MOTH – Sheryl Wild – her fundraising was amazing. Although the fundraising wasn’t for the club who knows what this woman could do for the club fundraising wise in the future. Great fundraising Sheryl
Tracey Davies

6.Runner of the month – Ellie for smashing her PBs and going from strength to strength.
Member of the month – Chris Hardy for always giving good advice and looking after his group on a Wednesday almost every week.
Emma Wright

7.Runner: Steve Duckett for his epic 100 mile Pennine Barrier Ultra. Totally in awe of anyone who has the mental and physical strength to achieve anything as challenging as this.
Member: Sheryl Wild for her extraordinary efforts to rally everyone together and raise so much for Cash for Kids in such a short space of time.
Nicola C Wright

8.MOTM – Margaret Morley for sorting the BMR for sorting the teams, and being at the end of the legs supporting everyone with cake and drinks and generally running around.
ROTM – Lee Denton (Mayor of Pilling) for another stirling performance at the BMR bettering last years performance with his partner in crime Matt Wales Adam Holden

9.Mom. Sally Heppenstall. The constant twitter stuff and EA stuff. She is always doing.
Rom. Rose Kay. Always racing. Mainly alone. 10k half marathonsix. Just gets on with it. Great to have in the group runs. Always happy and trying. Natalie Chatterton

10.ROTM Steven Duckett for his 100 miler. After witnessing Mark Lord do 68 miles round Witton Park and seeing the effort it took I have a new appreciation for anyone who can do this. Superb effort.
MOTM Ashley Weir for the enormous amount of preparation involved in the Bradford Millennium Relay and recces.
Michael Spencer

11.Runner Of The Month is Stephen Duckett for his amazing run and Member Of The Month is Margaret Morley for organising BMW. Well done to you both. Thanks xx Jeanette Baron

12.ROTM Ellie Wright. She’s placing in lots of races and going from strength to strength. Nice to see she’s giving the fast lads a run for their money!
MOTM Matt Simpson. A really stressful task taking on team manager of Witton Relay with lots of last minute changes. Managed to keep his cool, get all teams entered and sorted whilst going through a stressful month himself! Sinéad Wright

13.ROM – Epic Ellie for her superb running results this month. Too many to count – I’m in awe.
MOM – Massively impressed by Jason Rippendale for his amazing support to other BRR members at Pilling. I lost count of how many Road Runners he ran back for, motivated and ran with over the finish line on a hot, hot day. Then he fed everyone with yummy Birthday cake. In addition, Jason & Kate organised a brilliant Run & Eat to Darwen Tower.
Cathy Kilshaw

14.I would like to nominate for ROTM Steven Duckett for running the 100 mile ultra.
And MOTM Ashley Weir for organising the BMW relay teams. Amanda Burrows

15.ROM Ellie MOM SInead Martina Rimmer

16.Runner, nicked off her own post but fair play that’s one hell of a month! Ellie Wright. ‘162 mile this month, most miles a month ever! 64 consecutive days running! Plus a 2nd lady, two 3rd lady and a new 10k pb! June has beat May!’
Member, you. I don’t know how you organise the entire club without committing at one crime per week, it’s like herding cats! Matt Simpson

17.Hi Sue,
ROTM : Steve Duckett, for running 100 miles in the Pennine Barrier Ultra.
MOTM: Matt Simpson, for organising BRR at Witton Park Trail Relays.
Thank you. Rose Kay

18.I would like to nominate Steve Duckett for runner of the month, anyone who can run 100 miles, deserves a trophy!
I would also like to nominate Matt Simpson as member of the month for organizing the Witton Park Relay. With so many members jumping on the bandwagon and then cancelling due to injuries etc. it was a huge task to get this organized, even on the day itself!
He’s a good motivator and fantastic supporter who is inclusive of everyone! Thanks Matt.Linzi Dearden

19.Hi Sue . Hope you are well . My vote for runner of the month has to go to Stephen Duckett . He did brilliantly in his ultra. I more than a lot of people know what mental strength and determination is needed to do a race of that calibre and Steve proved he was up to the job . A great achievement for him. I’m not sure for member of the month but Ged deserves a mention as he’s always there to support everyone on his crutches. So I think those two
Phil White

20.Rom – Rose Kay for always being friendly and encouraging .
Mom – Christine Warrington for that great picture of her on the track !!
Amanda Dean

21.Rotm. For me can only be the amazing n mental Steve ducket, what an achievement on a very tough long and scorching weekend. What it took to do that !!! Immense, I’m in awe. (maybe I’ll join you one day lol). Well done bud.
Motm. Think this month my vote goes to Margaret Morley, for the organisation n time spent on the Bradford relay while ironman training, where do you find the time. Well done chuck.
Dave Short

22.Rotm nomination for me is stephen ducket for his super ultra earlier this month
Motm nomination goes to Andrew chatters for precise organisational skills of Chester coach booking.
Brian Cross

23.After much consideration I wish to nominate Steven Duckett for Runner of the Month – 100 mile penine run – 100 miles that is just crazy, crazy running !
Member of the month I nominate little old Ged Johnson – even though he has been out of action – he seems to turn up to every even and is always there to support Rowena Falcon-Doherty

24.hope ur well, ROTM Steven Duckett, MOTM Ashley Weir. Thank you , Wendy Byrne

25.I’m going to vote !
Runner of month – Ellie wright
Member of month – Ashley wier lisa Byrom

25.Joint MOM Ashley Weir and Margaret Morley for the organisation of the Bradford Relay Race
ROM the whole Bradford Relay Teams – Lisa Rowe

26.Hi, I’d like to nominate Ste Duckett for runner of the month for his massive achievement in completing the Pennine Barrier 100m Ultra. Just incredible.
For member of the month it’s Ellie Wright for her recent Pb and 2nd lady placing at Pilling, followed a few days later with a 3rd lady placing at The Tor Fell Race.
Jeanette Hickey

27.Runner of the month – Steve Duckett for his amazing ultra challenge.
Members of the month – Ashley Weir and Matt Simpson for organising Bradford and Witton Park Trail teams.
Caroline Slater

28.Hiya sue please could i nominate ellie wright for ROTM she has gone from strength to strength this month after finishing on the podium 3 times then another 10k pb well done ellie
Could i please nominate matt simpson for MOTM for organising another fantastic trail race at witton massive task to do and seemed to do it with ease with all the chopping and changing at night well done mate
Jon Turner

29.I would like to nominate Ashley Weir for organising the Bradford Millennium Relay Teams. I wouldn’t normally nominate my husband for this but the amount of time end thought he put into the pairings and the teams was massive. He has had one or two sleepless nights over this right up until the very last day. The number of changes being made, reserves having to pull and drafting in other reserves!! Logistical nightmare which all came good in the end. Even on the way there in the morning he was panicking that everything would go ok especially around the transport. Brilliant job 👏👏 He has plans around next year already 😄
Runner of the month would have to be Ellie Wright for her achievements this month, fantastic running. Well done Ellie.
Joanne Weir

30.Member of the month goes to Matt Simpson for last nights organisation of the Relay. Great event and he topped it off with a great run too.
It could’ve been any of the supporters who stayed with Mark Lord till the bitter end in his epic challenge, but Matt tops it. Would’ve been there myself if I wasn’t on dad duties!
Runner of the month is Ellie Wright. She is on fire. Great performances throughout May and June. Extremely talented and I hope she continues to improve and believes in her ability!
Michael Goodliffe

31.Can I nominate Matt Simpson and Margaret Morley for MOM for organising the relay teams! Don’t know how they didn’t have a break down with all the cancellations. Ellie Wright

32.ROTM – Dave Almond for smashing out some cracking times lately, closely followed by Ellie PB Wright!
MOTM – Ashley Weir for organising the BMW plus special mention for Margaret and also Matt on the Witton Relay
Jeff Whitfield

33.Runner of the Month has to be Steve Duckett for 106 mile event!
I nominate Mick Spenny Spencer for Member of the Month. I’m really grateful for his stepping up to help organise the Monday Open runs.
Sid Makinson

34.My first vote – member of the month Tracy Davies – taking training very seriously now and planning the weekly Friday runs, a tough night, and giving all the newcomers plenty of motivation and encourgament. Runner – Ellie Wright just getting faster and faster. Plus (if allowed) steven duckett, never ever met the chap but 100 miles is just silly, awesome, crazy and tremendous feat, wow.
Kelvin Sole

35.ROM – Steven Duckett for his incredible achievement in the Pennine Barrier Ultra – just wow! Well done Steven.
MOM – Sheryl Wild – for raising a huge amount of money in a very short time for a great cause – well done Sheryl.
Gina Smith

How is it June already! Blimey half through another brilliant year for BRR!
Well for ROTM, I certainly recognise Steve Duckett’s phenomenal 100m ultra will sweep most votes and can understand why, however I’m nominating a runner who has blasted running all through the month, finishing in top three a couple of times, a 42min 10k, a PB by over 2mins on the hottest day of the year, so it’s Ellie Wright for me!
For MOTM I’ll nominate Matt Simpson for organising and putting together some great teams for the Witton Park Relays. Also a thank you to Margaret Morley for the on the day support at Bradford Millennium Way Relay.
Ashley Weir

37.No brainer for MOM. Joint award to Margaret Morley and Ash Weir for organising BMW relay. Pre race, race and post race sorted in style. Dealing with I can’t, I maybe, I’m not sure et al. True committee members sorting everyone out.
Runner, Ellie Wright, doesn’t know how good she is
Ged Johnson

38.Oops. Nearly forgot.
ROTM – Steven Duckett. Just amazing running.
MOTM – Matt Simpson. Lots of other great organising this month but I was involved in the Witton Trail Run that Matt organised so well.
Anthony Grady

39.ROTM – Steve Duckett for his amazing 100 mile ultra.
MOTM – Matt Simp for organising the Witton Trail Relay event. Claire Hobson (Fahey)

40.Hello , Dave Almond for runner of the month . Brilliant runner and very nice guy. Terry Beardsworth

41.Andrew Gardner can have my vote for runner of the month for dragging me round Bradford Adam Bateman

42.ROTM: Anthony Grady – brilliant running showing strength of character and tenacity. Good on you Anthony
MOTM: Aadila Mulla – calm under pressure, always an encouraging word or post for another. Lights up my day! And organising Iron Man Marshalling! A+. Sally Heppstall, got to be Steve for me as I just can’t believe he did 100 miles! It is truly an amazing mileage past all our comprehension, hope he has recovered well. I could sing Ashley Weirs praises on a daily basis for the sheer amount he does for the club Week in, week out. Bradford Millennium Way fielded the most teams ever thanks to his organisation. Thanks to Margaret Morley also for helping and spending all day looking after the runners. for My vote goes to Matthew Simpson for organising the Trail Relay for the first year without any help from the committee, got 9 teams there and have offered to do again! A real team week for BRR. Susan Wolstenholme

44.RoM – Steve Duckett for completing that 100 mile ultra in baking heat!
MoM – Margaret Morley for meticulously organising the Bradford Millennium Way Trail Relay teams – I know how hard it is to do and she did a sterling job
Lee Denton