Club Member & Runner of the June 2016


1. Could I nominate Kate Rippingdale as MOTM for stepping into the breach at very short notice for the Millennium relay – I was so gutted to pull out at last minute and she did an amazing job

2. Michael Lilley for Runner! He had a superb run at Freckleton leading the pack that ‘just got off the coach’ and ran a brilliant time.
Member for me Sinéad Whittaker for constant social and volunteering support throughout the month whilst being injured. Organising a camping trip, getting up at 6am after Suzanne’s big 40th to follow the Bradford race, organising the decoration for the Barn dance and supporting at the Trail race in the pouring rain! She can’t do any more in a month to make sure this club is a ‘happy place to be’ !

3. Hi sue can I nominate david haworth for runner of the month his running has gone from strength to strength and he is so caring of others when they are facing challenges. Andrea Orme-Wright member for the dedication she gave to the social run.

4. Runner: Matt Wales: superb time at Freckleton
Member: Steve Lyth: for doing a fantastic job with the kid ordering. The clubs getting bigger and he’s getting busier

5. My ROTM is Matt Wales. He is going from strength to strength and had an outstanding run at Bradford as well as previously having a good race at Freckleton the week before and taking part in the trail race. He seems to be improving all the time and I think we’ve got a lot to see from him yet. Special mention has to go to Jason Cook, Matt Simpson and Lee Denton who were all record breakers on Sunday. These lads along with Matt have definitely done us proud.
My MOTM is my mate Kate Ripp. This woman suffers with her confidence and this year I’ve seen her tackle countless half marathons despite her telling me (whilst running at the side of her!) she can only run ten! Kate stepped up to run the Bradford millennium relay. Without her doing this, we would not have had a team. She found it tough but still got herself round the course and finished with a smile on her face. She stood in when needed most so that our club could compete. Well done and thanks Kate.

6. my member of the month is Ashley Weir, the effort he puts in behind the scenes is unfaltering. Well done.
My runner of the month is Joanne Weir, her running has improved immensely and a big pat on the back for stepping in at Bradford.

7. Hi Sue, sorry for the late nomination, thanks for extending the deadline this month. I would like to nominate Joanne Brown for runner of the month, for her determination at Freckleton. An awful day but she pushed through to complete her first half marathon with pure gritty brr style.
For member of the month I would like to nominate Lisa Ingham for the fab organisation of the trail race. I know that lots of people were involved but Lisa led from the front and delivered an awesome brr squad.
Thank you xxx

8. ROM: After witnessing her determination at the Witton Trail relay I have to give it to Kate Rippingale. Such a lovely person who never gives up.
Member of the month: she does so much for the club and never fails. It has to be Sinéad Whittaker again.

9. Hi Sue. My nomination for runner of the month is Joanne weir. I feel runner of the month is not always about breaking records. Getting pb’s. Or being the fastest. It’s about embracing running and not being afraid to try new things. Joanne this month left the comfort of road running and took to the hills. She did so with a positive attitude which should be applauded. She ran Bradford and was positive in her run and i believe she has found a different aspect to her running .thats why she gets my vote. Member of the month .i don’t know if she has been nominated in the past is Lisa for her continued hard work for the club and for organising tonight’s run. Always being available for new members to help and advise with a smile on her face phew….thats it!

10. I nominate sinead and matthew for member and runner of the month. Blackburn Roadrunners very own posh and Becks!!
Sinead for all her race support and organising of race supporters and barn dance work.
Matthew for a club record Bradford Millennium leg and all round general fast running.
Kind Regards

11. This week’s member of the month I think we’ll need to go to sinead for organising the big barn bash & rotm is a 4-way, Matt Simpson. Matt Wales. Lee Denton & Jason cook for their club record at the Bradford millennium relay.

12. Sinead for Member of the Month – this is for all her hard work in organising the social events and for the support for the trail race last night
Jason Rippingale for Runner of the Month – this is for his outstanding results this last month – especially running Pilling 10k on the 18th and then Freckleton half the day after.

13. Joanne brown for her frecklton half marathon and leading group 6.
Sinead for her support and sorting out the barn dance.

14. Runner of the month – Matthew Simpson a couple of second places
Member of the month – sinead whit for her enthusiasm and support she has given – a legend

15. member of the month Lee Denton for sorting Bradford Runner Kate Rippingale for stepping up and having a go

16. Lisa Ingham for organising relay teams and sinead for barn dance

17. Good evening – hopefully I am not too late this month’s nominations are:
Mom: Lisa Ingham for an amazing job organising the witton relay.
Rom: Dave Short for running a half marathon as Milo followed by a 10k as himself – now that is great running.
Here’s to another great month x

19. Noms below, can’t think of a motm this time
ROTM – Matt Wales is making amazing progress, running Freckleton in sub 1.30

20. Like to nominate Micheal Lilley he’s put in some terrific performances just lately Motm double wammy sinead and matt for organising a fantastic weekend away

21. Second thing. Probably too late, but forgot my nominations for member and runner of the month.
Member has to be Sinead Whittaker! Organised camping trip, barn bash and enthusiastic supporter organiser. Energy knows no bounds.
Runner of month is my partner in crime Matt Wales. Gone from strength to strength in last few months. Sub 1:30 PB in Freckleton Half. Record on Leg 4 Of Millennium. Just gets faster and faster!!