Club Member & Runner of the Month July 2021

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Alex Curran
Club Member : Family Simpson


1. ROM = Alex Frankish for his win at the Tolkein Trail

MOM = Phil White for all his encouragement and comments on people’s posts and sharing of “top tips” links that are of interest to all of us.

Nicki O’Hara

2. Before I forget – please can I vote for ROTM/MOTM for July

ROTM – this has been coming for a couple of months now and how can we not award this fantastic runner !!! Alex Curran wow, running has come on leaps and bounds over the last 6 months even longer. Very conscientious training and with a new addition to the family, smashing times left right and centre !!! Double Witton Trail run – who thinks of running that twice in an evening not alone even twice in a year !! And then a cheeky Tolkien Trail 1st place – Bertie and Jase this mans coming for you !! Well done

MOTM – can we do a double for the Simpsons ?!?!? great to be back running back with BRR for some fun round Witton Trail, if we have to choose one person it would be Sinead as she’s taken the lead with this and lead the line

Well done all BRR – you don’t realise how inspiring you all are 👍

Anthony Furnell

3. Rotm – Sheryl Wynne. She is just incredibly determined and so jolly to run with. Makes our running pleasurable. She has done so well after her operation and is a credit to this club.

Motm – Bev Clemson. Kept her lejog under wraps when she had completed it and just a good all rounded. A pleasure to run with and her humour is amazing.

Tracy Davies

4. MOM – The Simpsons for their organisation of the Witton Trail Relay. Fantastic event thoroughly enjoyed by all (apart from the big hill 🤣).
ROTM – George Bell. He’s run a couple of great times in 5K races this month showing the rewards of his efforts at the track sessions.

Daniel Hill

5. ROM -Please could I nominate my running bud Sheryl. She is so determined to get back running following lockdown and a major operation. She turns up smiling even though she is struggling, and today she smashed 12 miles. She has sheer determination to finish what she starts, and I can’t wait to run a half marathon with her next week!

MOM is Sinead for organising what looked a fabulous 1st event for BRR since lockdown. Everyone who attended obviously loved it!

Joanne Croasdale

6. Runner of the month Alex Frankish
Member of month yourself and Deb Clucas for organising summer bash 👏
Gary Mitchell

7. Just going to nominate Alex again for the runner of the month. Literally smashing everything he does. Ran twice at the Witton trail run and came 1st at the Tolkien Trail run! Insane runner and fully deserves to win.
Gary Blackburn

8. Runner of the month for me would be Alex Curran he makes it look so easy and effortless an amazing win for him at Tolkein Trail goes from strength to strength
MOTM Tracy Davies is how she encourages everyone , her positive attitude and opens ups her training runs to all
Kath Jump

9. Runner Alex, awesome at the Witton Relay and won the Tolkien Trail 10k. Well overdue this honour.
Member Jo Croasdale, always smiling and set up some great routes on a Monday night for that group including a couple of shower stations!

John Clucas

10. My nominations for July’s ROM/MOM are

Alex Curran for Runner of the Month for his fantastic achievements this month, winning the Tolkien Trail and not only leading the winning Team at the Club Relay but also stepping in to run another leg for the team that finished third! Well done Alex 👏🏻👍🏻

I know we don’t usually nominate twos for nominations but want to nominate the Simpsons, Sinéad & Matt, for organising our first club event since before the pandemic. It was such a great evening and enjoyed by everyone who took part, both runners and the support crew.
Ashley Weir

11. Runner OTM: Alex Curran for his incredible Tolkien Trail 10k win. He’s in top form and that has been evident for some time. Well done to the Lord of the Rings King!

Special mention must go to Joshua Crowther for his outstanding Ultra win and his other recent performances.

Member OTM: Sinéad Simpson for her wonderful organisation of the BRR Relay Race. Thanks to her and Matt for a fun, friendly and slightly freaky (in the best possible way 🙂 ) event. We’ve missed all of this and it’s so good to be able to partake in competitive Club events again.

Karen Rishton

12. So many amazing runners this month it was really hard to choose!
However can I please nominate Sheryl Wynne for ROM, after being unable to run for months due to medical reasons she has built up the mileage and smashed 12 miles, a challenge that has took a lot of determination and its great to see her running confidence coming back. Also shout out too for Alex for his outstanding run at Tolkien Trail.
MOM – got to be the Simpsons (not Marge and Homer). Sinead and Matt excellently organized the BRR Relay and made it impossibly for anyone to get lost.

Gail Bamber

Alex Curran for a 1st place win at the Tolkien Trail and a trail relay double

MOTM Sinéad Simpson and special mention to co pilot Matt for a super evening of organisation and fun at the trail relay
Susan Wolstenholme