Club Member & Runner of the Month July 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for July 2018

Congratulations to Runner of the Month Kelvin Sole – 2018 Ironman
Member of the Month – Dave Short, double shift marshalling Ironman, carrying water and cleaning toilets is not a glamorous job but you did it!!


1.Rotm – has to be Kelvin Sole. Here’s why….. I remember Kelvin having his knee operations and after recovery asking if he could test his knee out on one of my training runs…… A successful 5 miler for him. I know Kelvin from the gym and have seen him train when out of running action. What kelvin has demonstrated is when u can’t run train another way and then come back stronger. He did and he came back to be an Ironman. Massive well done. Such an inspiration and who better to be an ambassador for fitness.
Motm – Dave Short. True gent….. Worked his backside off at Ironman. Funny and most of all determined. He is a good all rounder and looks after us all when out on a run and nights out.

TRACY Davies

2.The Ironman has to be runner of the month ! Dave Short has to be member of the month he worked like a workhorse all day at Ironman feed station ! Without him it could not have run so smoothly. Tev has to also have a mention he worked hard all morning !
Margaret Perkins

3.ROTM had to be our ironman, Kelvin. He made that superhuman feat look like a breeze. He had a huge smile every time he came through our feed station.

MOTM this had to go to Dave Short , our little work horse at ironman . He kept the toilets clean, was up and down all day keeping us stocked up as well as making us all laugh in his usual cheeky way and he was there from start to finish.

Special mention goes to Trev too, who was another workhorse too from the start until 5 or 6pm.

Nicola Halsall

4.For runner this month I’d like to nominate Kelvin for his amazing performance at iron man.

Member I’d like to nominate Dave Short, he was there from start to finish at Bolton, helped with all the sing up, he humped buckets of water up and down all day, made sure there was enough electrolyte drinks made up, made sure every one was OK for everything all day and really went above and beyond by cleaning the disgusting porta loo’s on several occasions (1 athlete commented how much cleaner our toilets were)
Special mentions should also go to Trevor Jowett and Graham Henry, they both also really mucked in on the early shift, they just weren’t there as long.

Annika Halsall

Dave Almond for smashing the Vet 50 5K club record 👍
MOTM Sally for organising the open water swim and all the hard work she does behind the scenes

6.ROM – Kelvin Sole for iron-man – What a massive achievement… and humble and grateful to the club for support too! There’s not really anything else I can say.

MOM – Denise Brogden – always there giving support whether it be at a race or just some words of encouragement on Facebook. Having club members that really support each other whether running, injured or whatever means everything to those of us who sometimes need that extra boost of confidence.

ADDITIONAL MENTIONS – I wanted to nominate Joanne McClean and Annika Halsall for organising the Ironman Marshaling team but I can’t choose between them. What a task to undertake and the whole station ran without a hitch – the feedback from other Ironman runners goes to show that!

Nickie O’Hara

7.This has got to be kelvin sole the only one from the club to do the Iron Man this year. But a lot of personal goals achieved from numerous people this month well done to those who achieved this
This is a difficult one has so many people helped out with marshaling the Iron Man from the organisation to carrying the water to feeding the runners so my nomination goes to Deborah Clucas for her constant support to other people
Tracey Slater

8.I’d like to nominate
ROM Kelvin Sole for his Ironman achievement. All the hard work he put in. Fantastic.
MOM Dave Short for his fantastic work all day and evening at Ironman he barely stopped to draw breath From water carrying, Cleaning the disgusting loos and buying ice creams. What a Superstar 👍
Joanne McClean

9., my nominations this month are Iron Man Kelvin Sole for runner of the month and Joanne McLean for Member.

Anthony Harvey

10.Hi chuck, my noms for this month is the ironman theme.
So ROTM is Kelvin sole for a fantastic marathon run after the gruelling swim n bike ride, he made it look effortless, brilliant.
MOTM goes to Joanne McLean for her top organisation of the Ironman marshals, special mention for every single marshal on a fantastic day, as always.

Dave Short

Got to be this years Ironman Kelvin Sole
Sue Wolstenholme for leading by example and tidying the streets of Blackburn
Deborah Clucas

12.Runner I would nominate Kelvin, he is going really good at the moment and after his iron man he has continued to be strong in races.

Member – Sid Makinson – unassuming hero who always gets on with everyone and sorts out the Monday night run when Spenny and Nicola are not around

John Clucas

13.Runner of the Month : going to nominate Steve Mctigue, he’s been on a weight loss journey and over the last couple of months his times have come down and down. PB’s in a couple of races and on Wednesday he went sub 50 for the first time in a 10k and I watch him punch the air in delight as he crossed the line. Great effort, his hard work is clearly paying off

can I nominate Deborah Clucas. She was heavily involved with John in organising this years Grand Prix, unfortunately work stopped me from attending but it was a great success.
In addition to that the support she gives to all of the runners on the races she attends is second to none. Was great to see her again at the Lancaster 10k last night. She’s a good un

Mark Vaughton

14.My nominations this month
MOM Annika Halsall. Brilliant kit woman, great commitment and determination to improving her running AND one half of the Ironman marshalling mastermind partnership (very honourable mention for Joanne McLean) who carried on in the face of the World Cup final to pull off a very successful team effort.
ROM Mark Vaughton. Excellence, enjoyment and enthusiasm!
Anna Barcroft

15 ROTM Dave Almond. Got a phenomenal time to smash the club’s Vet50 5k record.
MOTM – Joanne McLean for her brilliant organisation of the marshals at the Ironman … on no sleep too! Top job yet again.
Nicola Murphy

16.this months noms are ROTM Kelvin Sole and MOTM Dave Short
Chris Almond

17.Can I nominate Kelvin for ROM and Joanne McLean for mom for sorting marshals and a mention to her glamourous assistant Annika for her work too at iron man x
Karen Turner

17.Has to be Kelvin Sole – Smashed that Ironman. I know its not just a running event, but his dedication and determination, and committment to his training should be recognised!
Denise Brogden

18.My nominations:
Its so hard, So many amazing people doing amazing things – but I want to nominate Mark Vaughton. He is loving being in his trainers so much, he has lost weight to go even faster! PBs galore just so focussed!
Special mention to steve mctigue who also is on a PB high but I voted for him before!
Member of the month I’d like to nominate Natters for both scaring me to death AND exhilarating me at the same time. She organised the Velodrome outing, which went like clockwork, put up with our nervous wobbles then cheered us on!! Brilliant just Brilliant!!
Shell Sears

19.I would like to nominate for MOTM Annika Halsall for co organising the ironman marshalls with Joanne McClean fantastic job.

And ROTM Kelvin Sole for an awesome performance at the ironman.
Amanda Burrows

20.MOTM Annika Halsall.
ROTM Kelvin Sole.

Thank you
Wendy Byrne

21.I have to vote for Kelvin Sole this month as my runner of the month. he has come back from injury and put in an outstanding performance at The Bolton Ironman . Also Matt Simpson and Claire Brewer need to be mentioned as they both are going from strength to strength and have had an outstanding month. member of the month I always find hard as there are always so many worthy people of this award but I have to vote for Deborah Clucas as she continues to be there to support and encourage people week after week. hope this is ok
Phil White

22.Some fantastic efforts this month, but it’s impossible to look past the Ironman. Therefore Kelvin Sole is my nom for ROTM and Joanne McLean MOTM. They both did the club proud in different ways and I hope they both got some well deserved rest afterwards.
Again I’m gonna mention Mark Vaughton for his outstanding training and Harry Catterall, who always flies under the radar as he isn’t on FB but is flying at the moment. Also the Pilling ladies ❤️

Graham Jordan

23.My nomination for ROM of the month has to go to KELVIN SOLE after his amazing achievement in the iron man. He’s over come numerous injuries and trained so damn hard.

My nomination for MOM is Joanne McClean for organising all the marshals for the iron man event ….. not an easy task.

Catherine Horne

24.ROTM : The Ironman Kelvin Sole

MOTM: Dave Short, he worked hard (DOUBLE shifts) at Ironman food station.


Rose Kay

25.Runner: Our 2018 Ironman Kelvin Sole who went about this amazing experience with strength and determination with no fuss and conquered in a magnificent time of 11.38. He came through the feed station with smiles, Then showed his appreciation by buying the club a super bespoke cake. A lovely lad who oozes athletic ability.

Member : A massive mention to Deborah Clucas who was instrumental with John on arranging the Grand Prix, a truly enjoyable themed event which took great planning and organisation. Also Annika Halsall with Joanne McClean organised the Ironman marshals. On this occasion I nominate Dave Short who showed that actions speak louder than words and spared his time for a double shift at the Ironman doing the less glamorous job of carrying water all day and cleaning toilets. Trevor was equally as helpful for the single shift and also deserves acknowledgment. Life’s good eggs!!!

Sue Wolstenholme

26.For runner of the month Angela Coulter
Angela is doing fab with races, she is great to run with and she is turning up and smashing out some fab times and improving on these times too…she is on it and it is great to see, well done lady 🏃‍♀️👍🏻💪🏻⭐️
For member of the month Chris Almond
An awesome running bud to have, he is supportive to all he runs with and to me..thanks Chris 👍🏻 and he puts other runners achievements before his own….top human being and top runner 👍🏻⭐️
Claire Brewer

MOM- Joyce Weeks for getting her running mojo back on track after injury
ROM – Dave Almond for 5k club record
Tracy Eccles

27.My nominations are close to home this month but incredibly deserving.

Runner of the month is Matt Simpson. Matt just gets on with it. He quietly goes about his business and despite getting older, seems to be getting faster. He’s a strong supporter of quieter, no frills races and seems to enjoy these much more then the high profile ones. My nomination comes from his race up at Lancaster on the 21st July where after feeding Arthur he decided to rush up the motorway, paid his fiver and run. He ran a 17.26. That is just unbelievable. Phenomenal running from an understated bloke. To average 5.41 is just mind blowing. Massive massive well done. Let’s get that 36min 10k!

My member of the month is Joanne Weir. I could happily nominate Joanne every month along with my other running mates, but what Jo does for me and for many others is just so appreciated. I would never EVER have got round Southport Half this month without her. She literally ran every step with me. She held my hand, wiped my tears and made me finish with a smile on my face. Joanne is so selfless. She often sacrifices her own races/runs for others and always does it willingly. She is an advocate for all that is good in our club and I, along with many others, really appreciate it. Joanne you’re a star.

Big shout out to our Kelvin too. An amazing Ironman!
Sinéad Whittaker

28.ROTM Kelvin sole MOTM joanne McLean x
Sheryl Wynne

29.Please can I nominate Claire Haworth as ROM over the last few months she has improved so much and shown such grit and determination to improve. MOM I would like to nominate Anika for sorting out all our running gear. Thanks
Ellen Pope

30.Hi. Runner of the month – Kelvin Sole for his Iron Man challenge and for being such a humble guy.
Member of the month – I am going to say Natters for arranging the Velodrome which pushed a few members limits ( and nerves) so thank you to Natters for arranging a fabulous day.
Claire Taylor

31.I’d like to nominate Neil Fraser for ROTM. I don’t like to give him kudos often but he’s again smashed his 10k PB to under 48 mins and is running & cycling loads and has lost 5lbs this month in an attempt to get fitter & faster. That along with parkruns and a general commitment to healthy eating & drinking is paying off. Proud of the lad!

For MOTM I’d like to nominate Michael Goodliffe. I’ve really enjoyed his running posts from France & his commitment to keeping his running up despite all the changes in his life. I know he’s missing us all so I’d like him to know we are thinking of him too.

Lisa Fraser

32.ROTM – Katrina Grunshaw. She is running so well and is quietly chipping away at her PB’s.
Want to mention Kelvin Sole too for his brilliant job at IronMan!

MOTM – Anna Bancroft for being so supportive of other runners.

Gill Rushworth

I’d like to nominate Kelvin Sole for his Iron Man – anyone taking on this event is awesome and Kelvin took this on in style, he always smiled and enjoyed every moment. A lovely, down to earth and very inspirational person.

I’d like to give a special mention to Bev Clemson who is a brilliant consistent runner and amazes me with the amount of events she supports and runs she takes part in and she is always a pleasure to run with.

Loads of brilliant people doing amazing things for the club again this month, to mention a few, Ashley & Tracy D setting up extra sessions for members on Tuesdays and Fridays, Jo & Annika doing an amazing job at IM marshalling, Natters & Andrew for the Velodrome cycling event. All these events make our club extra special with so many options of things to do.
But I’d like to nominate Sue Wolstenholme this month for the littler picking initiative this month, which is already making a huge difference to our town

Sally Heppenstall

34.Runner of the year kelvin Sole
Even that he has youth on his side still a massive achievement for anyone and enjoyed doing some of his training with him good kid

Member of the month
Joanne McClean
Organising all the marshalling for the ironman
Can’t imagine how hard that must be
Well done everyone 👍🏼
Jimmy Hindle

35.ROM for me has, without a shadow of a doubt, got to go to Kelvin Sole. He was absolutely amazing at the Iron Man, such an inspiration.

MOM Joanne McLean for her organisation of the Iron Man feed station. Special mention, also for her help with the Iron Man feed station organising, to Anika Halsall.
Carla Jenkinson

36.I would like to nominate Kelvin Sole for runner of the month for his outstanding achievement at Iron man.
And Matt Simpson for member of month for organising the trail relays.
Adele Mauback

37.ROM is Kelvin Sole for his amazing performance at Bolton Ironman.
MOM Joanne McClean for organising the Marshalls along with Annika Halsall
Jeanette Baron

38.ROTM – Kelvin Sole. Ironman.
MOTM – Joanne McClean. Organising the marshals for the Ironman. Great job!
Michael Goodliffe

39.ROM – Iron Man
In awe – What a cool geezer Mr Kelvin Sole 🏊‍♂️ 🚲 🏃🏽‍♂️ humble champ🏅👌

MOM- Operation Clean up Blackburn
Susan WOlstenholme 👱🏼‍♀️🥇
Always giving and dedicated, leading by example & inspiring others in the club to connect, give back and help others 🥇👌
Cathy Kilshaw

40.Runner- Kelvin for his Ironman
Member – Annika for her role in Organising the feed station, understated and hard working. Joanne just the same but has won this previously
Graham Henry

41.ROTM – Kelvin Sole
Awesome running doing the iron man, an amazing run
MOTM – Ashley Weir
Does so much for the club and its runners, organises club runs, trips to park runs as well as behind the scenes club business, true legend
Chris Hardy