Club Member & Runner of the Month July 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for July 2017 

Margaret Morley / Jimmy Hindle / Craig Wilkinson
For the first time in history we have awarded it to more than one person following the shear quantity of nominations

Member of the Month 

Aadila Mulla and Jonathan Mallinson for the amount of planning and co-ordination they put into arranging the Ironman marshals which secured club funds and resulted in a smooth feed station on the day.

Special mention to Sally Heppenstall who also received a large number of nominations for her unwavering support of the 3 Ironman. 

Congratulations to all the above and all nominated which are all important to recognise.


1.Hard one this month. So many fabulous performances but here goes.
MOTH Sally Heppenstall for her support with Ironman and other people training. She gives out some good advice. Her commitment and support for Ironman was truly remarkable.
ROTH. I can’t pick. So I will put all 3 ironmen/woman down for this award. What am achievement that shows pure strength both physically and mental. Well done guys x
Tracey Davies

2.I would not usually vote but this month I want to nominate all 3 inspirational iron men who had trained so hard and remained resilient throughout the training they have done BRR very proud with their results xx
Lorna Bowes

3.ROTM ; UK GB Iron Men & Lady 2017
Craig, Margaret & Jimmy dedication & awesome achievements. Superheroes
MOTM; Sinead Whit for her passion, enthusiasm and effort for BRR & all of its club members.
Cathy Kilshaw

4.ROM Andrew Chatterton. Winning handicap and PB at Lancaster.
MOM Spenny. Monday night group and the fine job at iron man
Natalie Chatterton

5.Runners of the month, can’t split them up. Needs to be our Ironmen and Woman. Fantastic achievement, well done to all.
Member of the month is Aadila for her organisation of the Marshalls at Ironman and the work she puts into sorting her side of the club kit and accessories.
Jeanette Baron

6.Runner of the Month – this month its been tough to choose, our ironmen were incredible however I can’t bring myself to choose one as they all were amazing. So for me it has to be Andrew Chatterton for coming first in handicap. it was a shame he didn’t qualify for the trophy and also let’s not forget his PB at Lancaster, he is on fire right now!
MOTM – Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner – for organising handicap and keeping the clubs financial affairs in order, both are time consuming jobs and she does a brilliant job!
Aadila Mulla

7.My nominations are
Member of month is Sally heppenstall for all her support for the 3 Ironmen.
Runner of month (So hard to choose) is Margaret Morley for her strength and hard work becoming a Ironman
Katrina Grunshaw

8.What can I say runner of the month has to be the collective IRONMAN BRR 2017 squad! I cannot choose one out of the 3 because I am in awe of them all..amazeballs is all I have to say
Member of the month sue Wolstenholme for her megaphone support. Didnt stop for the whole of the evening shift and I hear the day too. Supporting all runners
Sharon Short

8.Member(s) of the month for me have to be our 3 Ironmen; Margaret, Jimmy and Wilki. They are inspirations to us all and I have loved following every step of their journey
Rachael Gavin

9.Rom Iron man lady Margaret..Mom you sue for running round like a lunatic with that speaker on iron man day. Also taking pics and sorting out sineads baby shower..
Martina Rimmer

10.I have found it totally impossible to single out people this month.
ROTM – All three IronMen/Woman – unbelievable performances!
MOTM – Every single person who marhsalled and supported on the route of IronMan – what a proud day for the club!
Gillian Rushworth

11.My ROTM is a joint one this month. It’s for Jimmy, Margaret and Craig, our IRON MEN. For being mega starts at the Bolton iron man…
MOTM is for Tracey Slater. For being at lots of events to support and provide excellent photos. She also provides lots of food in the form of cake…
I also want to mention aadila as she does a lot of organisational things for events (ie the iron man marshalling) which worked perfectly and got lots of great feedback.
Andrew Chatterton

12.This months nominations:
ROM Ellie Wright – this girl is going from strength to strength winning prizes left right and centre so I think she deserves a trophy for it
MOM So many members going above and beyond this month so I am going for a curve ball – I nominate Jason Rippingale for his ‘unofficial lost property department’ ensuring none of us leave anything through fear of what will happen to it !
Rowena Falcon-Doherty

Jimmy Hindle
Absolutely smashed the Ironman race and someone i look up to with awe and it’s such a shame I can’t pick Craig or Margaret either as all 3 of them deserve a special mention this month.
Motm – Ashley Weir
Bringing out a brilliant newsletter every week, organising events within the club all in his spare time
Chris Hardy

14. Motm
Jonathan mallison for organising the feed station for the iron man for going over to Bolton the day before and organisations throughout the full day on the Sunday
This is a tricky one doing an iron man is one of the most grulling events so I would like to nominate the 3 iron man finishers this year but feel only far that we also had last year’s finishers who missed out on any awards to be also recognised
Tracey Slater

15.Runner of the month – Ellie Wright. What a little superstar runner she is and a real ambassador for the Club; her running is absolutely brilliant.
Member of the month – Aadila Mulla and Jonathan Mallinson – for their organisation of the Ironman marshalling which isn’t strictly running club so they didn’t have to do it, but is so absolutely key to being a BRR member now – it’s become such an iconic event for us in July.
Margaret Morley

16.This months runner of the month is tough. Real tough. However, I’d like to nominate all 3 ‘Ironmen’ for running 26 miles after their mega swim and cycle challenges Craig, Margaret Jimmy. They were out there making us proud be Blackburn Road Runners and are truly inspirational Just don’t know if its allowed???
And for member of the month, Jonathan Mallinson for his care and co – ordination of all the marshals at the Ironman event. He checked we all had food and drinks and were stationed with clear instructions!
Shell Sears-Hardy

17.Hi Sue, my nomination for member of month is Gina Smith for helping me run last Wednesday and holding back and going a shorter route to power walk with me. For runner of the month Michael Lilly for all his Marathons
Adele Mauback

18.Hi Sue,
ROTM. I would like to nominate Jimmy Hindle for completing the Iron Man! What a legend.
MOTM. I would like to nominate Sinead Whittaker…despite being heavily pregnant and ready to pop….she’s been there to support BRR at races over the past month!
John Clayton

19.Member of the month: Sinead Whit
Sinead has been fully involved in supporting and organising Club events
throughout her pregnancy … She sets an amazing example to us all .. A totally yummy mummy!
Runner of the month: Margaret Morley
Margaret totally smashed Iron man .. Total inspiration to the rest of the girlies in BRR Loved how she is running again already after such an immense achievement! In awe!
Tracie Wilson

20.My votes for the month.
MOTM – Richard Slater – He could easily get ROTM for his 220 miles but I think personally what he did for me at Fort William should be recognised as he was truly a legend to stay with me for over 5 hours in the pouring rain to make sure I finished the run and kept the challenge on track
ROTM – simply has to be the 3 Ironmen. Jimmy, Margaret and Craig. No more description required
Michael Lilley

21.Noms for ROM is all 3 who completed the Ironman
Margaret, Craig and Jimmy. Just unbelievable performance from all 3, who smashed their training from day one and on the day itself, they never stopped smiling from start to finish.
MOM, hope this is OK… It’s Andrew Boardman. His inspiration throughout the club continues and there are many more races and performances from members to come yet, that will emulate Andrews determination to succeed x
Jeanette Hickey

22.ROTM – It’s got to be all 3 iron man finishers for me, I can’t choose one of them! Jimmy, Margaret and Craig are just awesome athletes. It’s an amazing achievement and they all did brilliantly. A massive well done them.
MOTM – Sally gets my vote for being a totally fabulous supporter and organiser of the iron men. She was great with updates on the day and also does a great job with social media.
Gina Smith

23.Nearly forgot, rotm Andrew Chatterton loads of pbs recently and getting faster all the time.
Motm Ged Johnson, struggled back from injury and now improving. Always supporting and has probably deserved it already this year.
Adam Holden

24.My vote for ROTM goes to Emma Wright she’s done fantastic knocking some great times out and smashing PBs for fun always pushing herself to improve and helps others in group runs.
MOTM mister motivator himself Richard Slater back running to his best supporting at countless races taking some fab photos although Tracey gives him a race in that department now haha. He’s been pacing runners in race’s and assisting other’s in training plan’s and has just finished a Incredible Months mileage by running with Michael Lilly at fort William
John Hannon

25.My nomination for ROTM is Barry Skelton. Newish member who has done 2 pb’s in July. 10k at Lancaster and Delemere park run.
MOTM Jonathan Malinson for bossing the Ironman marshals.
Littleman Johnson

26.Runners of the month has to go to our amazing Ironmen, Margaret Morley, Jimmy Hindle and Craig Wilkie. Just phenomenal…
Member of the month – Sally Heppenstall who was an amazing support to them all and kept us all updated with their progress – also big shout to Tracy Slater for fantastic photos of the day.
Caroline Slater

27.I would like to nominate Jonathan Mallinson as member of the montg for his fantastic organisation of the BRR Iron Man Marshalling, great job!
This is a tough one but Margaret Morley takes my vote for rotm as she is an inspiration to us lesser females. Her courage and motivation is outstanding. It was a pleasure to do some of the training running with her and her running tips are really valuable.
Linzi Dearden

28.Couldn’t possibly decide between the three of them so would like to nominate Jimmy, Margaret and Wilki for their amazing Iron Man achievement for ROM
MOM I’d like to nominate Natters for her continued support & encouragement for those of us in group 6/11+ minutes per mile every week.
Annika Halsall

29.Runner of the month
Margaret Morley ironman / Craig Wilky ironman
Member of the month – Addila Mulla / Jonathan mallinson
Organising the marshalling at the ironman
Jimmy Hindle

30.ROTM three way tie. The Ironmen. Jimmy, Margaret and Craig. Can’t separate their achievements sorry.
MOTM Chris Hardy. Coming on well as a run leader and organiser. Great to see.
Anthony Grady

31.Rotm – a hard decision this month so many to choose from but going for jimmy hindle for is ironman challenge. Motm going for sally happenstall for all her commitment and encouragement for the 3 ironman in there training.
Neil Grunshaw

32.ROTM- Margaret Morley for an epic journey and result on the Ironman UK securing a time anyone male or female would be proud of, to finish with a smile, give a tremendous speech at the party, organise the 2 men in their goal with spreadsheets and look absolutely amazing off the back of it, my hero
Member of the Month – Aadila Mulla and Jonathan Mallinson jointly who quietly went about organising and executing over 80 marshals at the Ironman, attending cancelled meetings, picking up t shirts, answering messages at all times of day and liasing with organisers. Result was precision on the day thanks to them. They don’t do it for any appreciation but for the good of the club
Susan Wolstenholme

33.Hi chuck,
ROTM for me has to be emm Wright, she’s been running really well lately, smashed pb after pb at all different distances and is also running further and further every week.
MOTM for me has to be Sinead, not for having the little one but for supporting many races right up to giving birth and also all the hard work she’s been doing behind the scenes on numerous things as well.
Dave Short runner of the month, or should say runners of the month, are all 3 of the ironman finishers, simply amazing
my member of the month is Brian Cross, this month he has shown the determination and commitment that i could learn from, 4 pb’s, well done
Joanne Coulthard

35.All 3 Ironman runners !!! And andrew for still being there encuraging and motivating his running family.
Margaret Perkins

36.Hi Sue, I’d like to nominate Jimmy, Margaret and Craig, our three Iron Men/Women for runner of the month, because what they have done is equal parts amazing and crazy! For member of the month I vote Sinead & Matt for creating a future Road Runner!!
Anthony Harvey

37.Runner- despite the magnificent achievements of our Ironfolk I will nominate Ellie Wright, more placings, more phenomenal times, she just keeps getting quicker.
Member- Tracey Davies organising training runs for Elswick and chester metric to support some of the less experienced runners train and complete longer runs
Matthew Simpson

38.In my opinion Wilki, Margaret and Jimmy should share it for their outstanding achievement at the Iron Man.
Member of the month for me is Sally H from what I have read helping with the iron man.
Graham Jordan

39.ROTM – Jimmy, Craig & Margaret for all smashing IMUK after months of solid training.
MOTM – Sally & Lorna for supporting them all the way!
Jeff Whitfield are my nominations.
Runner – Michael lilley for another marathon smashed
Member – Adilla for her organisation of the Iron Man marshalling
Michaela Douglas

Apologies for lateness of this month’s nominations!
I’m not sure who to vote for this month! Whilst the magnificent efforts of our three Ironman finishers should rightly receive many plaudits, I’m not going to single any of the three out! For me ROTM is all about the running so my nomination this month is going to Ellie Wright (again!), this lady continues ploughing on month after month, picking up top three race finishes but has still to actually receive a ROTM award! There always seems to be something preventing her from winning, so I think this month she can’t continue to be overlooked!
For MOTM, I would nominate you Sue, in addition to many other things, for the tremendous effort collating the weekly newsletter, but I know she won’t accept it so I’m going to nominate Sally Heppenstall, who’s stepped up to assist with putting together the newsletter and taking some welcome pressure off Ashley on Thursday nights over the last few weeks! All whilst marathon training too.

42.Member- Jonathan for organising ironman and ensuring everything went smoothly on the day .
Runner -John clucas for his park runs and keeping us guessing with his location every week .
Amanda Dean

Jimmy the superman hindle. Would’ve like to have voted for all 3 of the Iron man contenders.
MOTM – Aadila for all her hard work sorting out the iron man marshalling

44.Sorry it’s last minute
The three Ironmen for ROM and Nicola Halsall for being her usual wacky self marshalling the Ironman for MOM
Lisa Rowe

45.Hi there my nominations for this month for motm is Sally Heppensall for her unwavering and amazing support for all three of the Ironman athletes – well done to you!!
Rotm has to go to the brr Ironmen and ironwoman for their absolutely amazing achievements…out of this world…marshalling at this phenomenal event was fantastic and so inspiring to me!!
Claire Brewer

46.Runner of the month Ellie Wright for her tremendous race win that was slightly overshadowed by the Ironman buzz
Member of the Month Sally Heppenstall for all her support and organisation of the Ironman competitors
Nicola Murphy

47.Yet another difficult month to choose ROM & MOM … so many members excelling in different ways!! ROM …has to be Jimmy for me ….hero …awesome & so deserved Iron man …MOM Sally!! Amazing support of all the team from beginning to end! Leader of the Nessy marathon adventure, Netball team player….never ending list!
Trudi Jenkinson

Hi Sue please can I nominate annika halsall as MOTM for fab organisation of the ironman and dedicated hours of dancing like a knob! And I would like to nominate Rose Kay as ROTM. This month Rose has taken part in several races and always runs with her heart. Rose has also completed a 100 miles challenge in July with loads of time to spare. She is a great running buddy and fab runner. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington