Club Member & Runner of the Month January 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Lynne Knowles
2 PB races this month and a stunning sub 1:30 10 mile race. Strength to strength running !

Club Member : Andrew Gardner
Challenges at home and still he carried out a precision role as pacing co-ordinator for the Winter Warmer 10K with Training, practice runs and advice to all involved resulting in perfection on race day!

Thanks to all who nominated so many worthy members as below:


1. Rotm – Lynne Knowles. She is on fire and deserves all her achievements. She has worked so hard since coming back from injury. An inspiration to many and most of all a lovely beautiful lady.
Motm – Andrew Gardner. With all the stress in his life at the minute he still continues to run. It is so hard running when life deals you a hard time but he is out there doing what he does best, banging out fabulous times. Big shout out to Kathryn, Scarlett and Grace. They should all have an award for family of the month. So inspired by them all. Keep going.

Tracy Davies

2. ROTM and MOTM: Andrew Gardner. Despite incredibly challenging personal circumstances, Andrew still managed to successfully organise his pacers and pacing practises as well smashing his 10 mile and half marathon PBs. Amazing ??

Joe Gleave

3. Hi I would like to vote Tracy Slater for runner of the month for all her many park runs.

MOM Stuart Wadsworth for consistently leading the 10.30 group.

Adele Mauback

4. Please can I vote for ROTM – Lynne Knowles for her determination on achieving her sub 1.30 at St anne’s 10 miler and sub 2 hr half marathon time
and MOTM – Nicola Murphy for organising all us marshall’s for tbe WW race

Well done
Linda Wilding

5. Runner of the month – Lynne Knowles. She is running really well gaining PBs. She always has a smile on her face.

Member of the month. Gemma Mcauley. She is running really well lately gaining her PBs and looking fabulous too. Also arranging the long weekend runs for the marathon training.

Claire Taylor

David Birtwistle come back from injury stronger and smashed club records fantastic to watch at central lancs. Special mention to my Son Scott Slater whom has also had some cracking runs and smashing the park runs.
Special mention to Karen Sid Donna and Gail for donating baking ingredients means a lot. We have a few social members that get involved and we sometimes forget about these people so Denise Brogden gets my vote for top supporter x
Tracy Slater

7. My nomination for MOM is Stuart Wadsworth.
Weekly volunteering as a run leader on Wednesday nights, bang on pace every week, always looks after everyone and no nonsense approach perhaps should be recognised. He will be missed.
Big mention to Anthony Grady for Parkrun stats. Epic job. Brilliant!

My ROM nomination is Gemma McAuley
She is getting faster with several PB’s on the board already this year. Really well done.

Shaun Makinson

8. My Runner of the Month is David Birtwistle, who has had an phenomenal start to the year, with a 2nd place at the Central Lancs Half, followed by his 1st place at the Park and Run 10k. Plus, he’s breaking Club records… including his own. Just, wow!

Special mention to Alexander Curran and Fiona Lynch, who are also in very fine form and getting stronger and faster.

My Member of the Month is Anthony Grady for his awesome Parkrun contributions to the Club newsletters. His recent Parkrun report for 2019 was such an enjoyable read and so well put together – his continuous great work is applauded and appreciated. He’s also a really supportive Club member.

Special mention also to Ashley Weir for his 2019 Club Records and PB reports. I appreciate the time, effort and his interesting analysis.

Karen Rishton

9. Please can I throw two nominations into the hat for this month’s awards?
ROTM: Andrew Gardner. Andrew hasn’t had this award before and despite currently facing some big personal challenges has managed to bag himself a couple of great PB’s. I know for a fact he didn’t feel like turning up
at these races. I think that getting himself out running and getting those PBs is probably the best thing he could be doing and is a really positive promotion of what running can do for your mind and body when you’re having a crappy time of things. I’m sure there’s more to come from him this year, but deserves the award this month for his endeavours & for putting in the effort during a time of adversity. Well done Andrew.

MOTM: Nicola Murphy for taking on the Winter Warmer. Lots of prep done as demonstrated during feedback at the committee meeting and as seen on Facebook and messages. A million things to think about, and all taken in her stride. Well done Nicola and I’m sure we’ll have a great race.

Kate Rippingale

10. Runner of the month: David Birtwistle for his fine performance at Central Lancs Half when he came 2nd and his win at Preston last week.

Member of the month: Nicola Murphy for all her behind the scenes organisation for the upcoming winter warmer.
Alex Curren

11. ROTM: Lots of superstars shining this January, some very much improved times. Karen Rishton quietly chipping away manages to get her first age category win. Fantastic news, well done Karen.

MOTH: Nicola Murphy for all her sleepless nights, behind the scenes work taking on the organisation of the WW on Sunday. I’m 100% confident it will be another great event with everyone pulling together. Let’s make this a great event for every entrant peeps.

Linzi Dearden

12. Member of the month for me would be Gemma McCauly – Gemma has gone from strength to strength with her running , but my main reason for nominating Gemma is her inclusive approach to the training runs , she always aims to please all levels of ability and sets some great training runs opening them up to all members and ensuring they are all well looked after and supported on each of the runs , extremely encouraging and I have really enjoyed the runs with the Spring to Marathon groups

Runner of the month would be Chris Almond – after a major operation last October Chris must have been really frustrated at having to rest for so long but to see him back running is really inspirational and brave of him to have done some races during his come back , it was amazing to see him run St Anne’s so strong and to see him buzzing afterwards with a huge smile on his face – he will come back stronger and fitter amazing well done

Kath Jump

13. Runner: Kath Jump, goes from strength to strength. She has improved so much in the past year and I am looking forward to running in Barcelona ½ marathon this month with her and the many other BRR runners taking part.

Member: Has to be Nicola Murphy for all her hard work in organising the 2020 WW.


Chris Jolliffe

14. ROTM – David Birtwistle
Although I do not know David, I find his achievements and focus for running, inspirational. A great runner, who is dedicated and always ‘gives it his all,’ even through tough times.

MOTM – Anthony Grady
Anthony literally works ‘his socks off’ behind the scenes of BRR parkrun stats. His work and efforts do not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.
His most recent email displays his attention to detail and his clear enthusiasm in gathering and sharing all of this data. Thank you.

Special shout out, of course, to Nicola Murphy, for all of her work with directing the Winter Warmer.

Hayley Duckworth

15. ROM David Birtwistle
MOM Nicola Murphy
Kathleen Brayshaw

16. My RoM David Birtwistle for breaking his own club record in between running to and from the race… Amazing humble fella
My MoM Chris Almond, well on the recovery route.. determination and inspiration
Wayne Rushworth

17. Member of month:Nicola Murphy for all the hard work for the winter warmer

Runner of Month :Gemma Macaulay for organising the spring marathon plan and making the runs inclusive for all BBRing members ??
Donna Mazur

18. ROM – Chris Almond it’s great to see him back out running and what a brilliant start to the year he’s had too!

MOM – Anthony Grady for his fantastic Parkrun report and all of the hard work he puts in throughout the year to collate data each week.

Gemma McAuley

19. ROM
Chris Jolliffe
Quietly getting on with upping his mileage whilst training for Barcelona half- looking forward to watching the race

Gemma McAuley for organising runs and supporting lots of other runners

Deb Clucas

20. ROM – David Birtwistle for coming first at park and ride 10k, wow! Inspirational

MOM – Nicola Murphy I’m a little premature with my vote with it only being two days away, but all the same well deserved for all the time and energy you’ve put in so far to make the race a success and I’m sure it will be! Can’t wait!

Kayley Almond