Club Member & Runner of the Month January 2019

Congratulations to

Runner – Adam Booth – he has raced every weekend this month including Parkruns securing a number of PB’s and breaking a time barrier. A really keen newer member
Member – Anthony Grady for producing a superb special edition Parkrun newsletter which took weeks to prepare and updates the Parkrun section weekly monitoring all the statistics of club runners

Thanks for all the below


1.MOTM I’d like to nominate Nickie O’Hara for park run take over Clitheroe Castle outstanding organisation

ROTM I’d like to nominate
Adam Booth he’s had a cracker January with some awesome times in race’s
John Hannon

2.My vote would go to Graham Jordon for RED January

Member -Karen Almond Chris Almonds wife not sure she’s a member however she does lots of volunteering and supporting of races
Kath Jump

3.Rotm – I am gonna have to give this one to Chris Almond. Despite a massive health scare before Xmas Chris has shown true grit and determination to continue to be strong, continue with his marathon plan and is just so fab at pacing people. He has seen many through in gaining their pbs, me Included. He is a fabulous runner, friendly and very inspirational. He’s a true gent always wants to help others. He is fab in his encouragement and I am so glad to be training with him again and I know I speak for others. He continues to grow as a runner. He.s one to watch.

Motm – I.m going to give this one to Matt Simpson. Matt reassured Karen, Chris Almonds wife, that Chris was ok whilst running St Annes on Sunday. Karen was overwhelmed that Matt had taken the time to give her reassurances that Chris was ok and looking strong. For Karen that put some anxious worrying moments to bed and she was confident Chris would finish the race ok. It’s those little things that make BRR what it is. Looking out for each other. I found that so bloody lovely . Big shout out to Matt
Tracy Davies

4.January Nominations:
ROM Adam Booth. Working so hard to get some amazing results, one to watch in 2019 I think.
MOM Claire Haworth. Chief organiser of the Lisbon massive and currently planning and directing the training to get us all into shape to actually run the thing!
Anna Barcroft

5.Runner of the Month: I’d like to nominate Graham Jordan for sticking to the RED January and smashing it. His fitness appears to be increasing and he has been inspirational getting out in all weathers.

Member of the Month: I’d like to nominate Tracey Davies. Not only has she organised an amazing Manchester Marathon group but further sorts our track sessions, long runs and training plans. It’s like another family within a family and the support in the group is phenomenal. I’m loving my first marathon journey so far. Reanna Evans

6.ROM – Jason Rips for running with as many as he could over the finish line at St Anne’s 10 Miler

MOM – John Hannon for supporting/ recce running with the pacers for the WW
Kayley Almond

7.My nominations for January are
ROTM Adam Booth
MOTM Anna Barcroft
Amanda Burrows

8.Runner Harry Catherall, he’s absolutely smashing every race he’s doing and just keeps getting quicker and quicker.

Member Sue WOlstenholme,
It can’t be easy being in and out of hospital with a baby, but to still be as focused as she is helping run the club is admirable.
Graham Jordan

9. please can I nominate Andy McArthur for runner of the month. He had no clubmates running with him at the St Anne’s 10 miler and isn’t one of the faster runners, but he kept plugging away and every time we passed him he had a smile on his face. We also weren’t at the end to welcome him in as it was so cold that we had to go inside for injury prevention which was a shame after such a great run. To run for 2hrs plus in that wind and finish is brilliant. Fantastic running, huge respect.
Please can I nominate Jane Matthewman for Member of the Month, not only did she run with me at St Anne’s but I know how busy she’s been with Winter Warmer entries. She handles everything professionally, with the minimum of fuss and still has a smile on her face.
Thanks, Kate Rippingale

10.My nomination for runner of the month is Jon Turner (for smashing sub 1:30 at Central Lancs New Years Half Marathon at first time of asking)
My nomination(s) for member of the month are Anna Barcroft/ Nickie O’Hara (for organising such a great away day at Clitheroe Parkrun)
Adam Booth.

Adam Booth
New member seems to be breaking records all the time

Joanne McClean
thanks for all your hard work totalling the AB points for 2018
Deborah Clucas

12.My Rotm has got to be Jon Turner he has worked is socks of for the PB that he achived with the added bonus from Jason cook pushing him all the way top job done
Like to nominate Gillian Rushworth no matter were you go Gill is always there either running or supporting and always lifts your spirits with her joyful zest for life
Tracy Slater

13.please can I nominate Jon Turner for ROM incredible half PB and on fire with training. And Anna Barcroft for MOM after the brilliant takeover and the malt loaf before the ELH 10k!
Matt Chester

15.ROTM: Adam Booth
MOTM: Anna Barcroft for organising Clitheroe parkrun take over.
Rose Kay

16.please can I nominate Kath Brayshaw as runner of the month and Anna Barcroft for member of the month . Thank you
Christine Warrington are the nominations from the O’Hara camp…

ROM = Kathleen Brayshaw for her achievements in the V70 category at recent races – she’s like a little whippet!

MOM = Anna Barcroft for organising an outstanding BRR Takeover at Clitheroe parkrun.
Nicki O’Hara

18.ROTM. For me this month I’m choosing Adam booth, he’s absolutely been smashing everything this month, dbl pb’s at half marathons, dbl pb’s in park runs and 10k pb’s, he’s on fire.

MOTM . There’s a few yet again but this month I’m choosing Sally hepp, she’s been doing so much behind the scenes and as well as running herself she’s been up n down everywhere supporting many.

Dave Short

19.ROTM for me is Sińead Whit
MOTM is John Clucas
Chris Hardy

20.Runner of the Month – Adam Booth
Adam has an amazing month and its been very inspirational seeing his performances across multiple distances, breaking 1:30 in the Half Marathon and getting a Parkrun 5k PB also.

John Dey

21.Runner : Adam Booth- A newer member who has thrown himself into racing with some outstanding results, PB’s, breaking a barrier and a regular Park Runner, well done Adam

Member- tough as so many contributions from all directions in Jan including fantastic organisation from Anna and Nicki for the Clitheroe take over, Sally, Jane, John, Dave, Sinéad, Aadila in their Committee capacity preparing for the WW but I have chosen Anthony Grady who has spent a few weeks on his own accord preparing a Parkrun special email which was enlightening and interesting !
Susan Wolstenholme

22.Can I nominate Adam Booth for runner of the month please, he’s had an outstanding month.For member can I nominate Anthony Grady for his top notch parkrun round upThanks
Annika Halsall

23.Runner – Adam Booth, getting quicker and quicker each week, a couple of great times recently, to go well under 19mins on Preston parkrun is amazing. I’ll try and follow him next time! He asks for and listens to advice, going to create plenty of PBs this year. Nice guy too.
Member – Sally, I know part of her committee role is the social media side but I’m getting the hang of Twitter and she’s putting the club on the map on there. Some excellent cyber-stalking and internet witchcraft going on.

Matt Simpson