Club Member & Runner of the Month December 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for January 2018

Runner of the Month – Shell Sears / Member of the Month – Brian Cross


1.Rom Tracy Davies. The way she has thrown herself into marathon training
Mom Rowena for all her compare stuff

2.My ROTM is Joanne Weir. She has had a great month, very strong running in January. And…a very smiley and happy person, aleays to help everyone, just lovely company. And she won her age group at Lancaster…!! Well done that lady.
Natalie Chatterton
MOTM is Tracy Davies (hope I’ve spelt her name right). I don’t run with her group at all but she’s always posting in the marathon training to help and encourage others and organising groups. The true spirit of team running xx
Margaret Morley

3.ROTM – Linzi Birch-Dearden. Linzi is proving to be one to watch with her love for hills and mud I can see her doing a really tough marathon and her mindset is just awesome. Linzi one day I.ll do a hilly route with you x
MOTM – Brian Cross. I have had a couple of training runs with Brian something I haven’t done before. I have been inspired from afar but to run with him felt like I was running with a legend of the running world. This man is powerful and strong both in body and mind. A true inspiration on our marathon training runs. Some fab advice and enormous support. I hope you can join us on many more when yhe going gets tough. Thanks Brian x
Tracey Davies

4.ROTM – Michael Clucas. Great performances at all three distances he has raced this year.
5k’s – Two great performances a sub 20 and a sub 19, getting in the top 6 at Lancaster 3-1-5.
10k – A sub40 at the ELH
HM’s – A great performance at the Central Lancs Half. Would’ve been a PB if it wasn’t a slightly long course. Then followed up by a great race at Helsby in tough conditions. A top lad who is working hard and deserves the results.
MOTM – Susan Wolstenholme. Great support at the ELH despite not feeling too well in recent weeks. Not only that, still managing to create daily polls for the Health Challenge, organising the PB bash and generally just being a credit to the club. The boss!
Michael Goodliffe

5.Madeline Haworth won vet 60 a ELH 10k so id like to nominate her for ROM and say well done on that Madeline .
I’d like to nominate the no nonsense just get on and get it done Wilki for his attitude to his ultras , he is a quiet unassuming fella do you like that wilks ? Who always has words of wisdom along with some not so wise ones to share on a Wednesday night in the club ? For me Wilki is MOM for January .
Karen Coram

6.For runner of the month I’d like to nominate Ellen Barkworth, she was on fire at ELH run
Member I’d like to nominate Anna Barcroft for helping Ellen find raise because she but a ballot place the VLM. Really nice thing to do

7.ROM: Shell Sears-Hardy. No matter what life has thrown at her recently she’s put her trainers on and run. Smashed 100 miles this month.
MOM: Mick Spencer & Nicola Murphy for all the time and effort they dedicate to the BRR open run on Mondays.
Cheryl Schofield

8.Runner – Caroline Weisters – a model of marathon training, committed and getting stronger each time I see her, as well as club runs and group training she is also doing solo runs.
Member- Annika Halsall, just took over the club kit liaison role and making it happen, quietly and efficiently getting on with the job
John Clucas

9.Michael Goodliffe then for breaking 150 miles this month 🙂
MOM – Andy McArthur for leading Wednesday Group 9 in his own unique style, making us all feel like champion runners
Nicki O Hara
Rotm Lisa Ingham

10. Motm Graham Jordan fir his amazing fundraising efforts and total and how he has now gone on to support other’s with theirs, a great relatively new member of the club
Joyce Weeks

11.ROM – I’d like to nominate Craig Wilkinson for his brilliant performance in the Fell race. The conditions looked very tough. Well done
MOM – I’d like to nominate Tracy Davies. She is giving so much time in supporting the runners training for the Manchester marathon. I don’t think she realises how much this helps everyone.
Tracey Hickey

12.ROTM: I would like to nominate Margaret Morley for her excellent consistent running in the cross country series. It’s only when you race off road that you appreciate how hard it is compared to Road running. Thanks for the inspiration x
MOTH: I would like to nominate Sue for making sure everyone gets their PB pin badges and ELH medals and for her part in the PB night which was great fun x
Linzi Birch- Dearden

13.Please can I nominate Rachel Gavin for ROM, she’s had a great start to the year with her 10k and 10mile times.
MOM Please can i nominate Joanne Weir. She is always so supportive and did a brilliant job on the last Sunday run, helping me get in the miles I needed
Ellie Wright

14. Runner of the month
Shell, this girl is running so well and is such a lovely lady too. I’m loving following her running story. She’s smashing her miles and is getting quicker every week.
Member- Has to be you, Sue. You work so hard and you have created a running club to be proud of.
Rachael Gavin

15.Runner of the month: Gill Rushworth – she had an operation before Christmas and was struggling to get back running. Set herself a HUGE challenge of 100 miles in January and has been an influence on me getting mine done as inspiration! I think she has been absolutely outstanding!!
Member of the Month:
Karen Turner Coram
She always supports our running whatever the weather and is totally selfless helping others in any way she can! What a superstar!
Shell Sears

16.Please could i nominate shell sears for ROTM shes had a fantastic month running 100 miles and a cracking time at st anns on sunday well done shell
For MOTM please could i nominate jane matthewman for her hard work in sorting out the championship results and organising the entries for our winter warmer race
Jon Turner

17.ROTM – Shell Sears for blasting those January 100miles with conviction and speed (and for helping to keep me motivated to do mine!)
MOTM – Margaret Perkins for continuing to support her fellow marathon trainers despite being injured herself.
Thanks 🙂
Gill Rushworth

18.ROTM for me is Rick Slater
The man is a machine and doing nearly 200 miles in a month is an amazing achievement
MOTM for me is Sinéad Whit as the amount of effort she has put in along with others into the WW is unbelievable
Chris Hardy

19.I’d like to nominate member of the month tracy Slater for her fab photography skills at races
Runner of the month to brian cross for his amazing strength and determination . Well done brian you’ve come along way.
Sharon Short

20.Please can I nominate ROM & MOM to Rachel Gavin. ROM because she just gets better & better at every race she does! She’s doing amazing! And again for MOM because she has been very supportive towards me with her little messages of encouragement while I’ve been getting back into my running.
Emma Walton

21.Runner for me is Paul Barton, who always flies below the radar and is getting quicker and quicker every run.
Member for me is Dave Short, always helping groups with a massive smile on his face.
As I said previously, it’s a difficult task nominating, so well done to whoever is chosen.
Graham Jordan

22. Runner – Once again for me it’s got to be Rachael Gavin. PB after PB and getting faster and faster
Member – Annika Halsall. Taking over with the club kit and going above and beyond by dropping my order off at work
Debbie Clucas

23.ROTM Rachel Gavin for 1st BRR lady at St. Anne’s 10 mile.
MOTM Graham Jordan for his enthusiasm and charity work.
Gordon Weeks

24.MOM – John H for his Saturday morning group (I wish I could go with that group more often!) and special mention to Dave!
ROM – Brian Cross. He looks like he’s doing really well with his marathon training.
Emma Wright

25.ROTM-Shell Sears. Without a shadow of a doubt this girl has had the month of her life, increasing speed, mileage and the size of the smile on her face as she does it. She’s going from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing just how far she’ll push herself.
MOTM Aadila Mulla. Aadila has helped me many times over the months but her patience and understanding on a 6 miler a few weeks ago just proved how amazing she is. Every step seemed a little easier with her words of encouragement and reassurance. She’s a gem.
Sinéad Whittaker

26.My nominations for the month
Shell Sears. She’s had a fantastic month and hit 100 miles tonight and gone out in all weathers to achieve it. Mention must go to the other 100 milers and Rick Slater who hit 200 this morning
Jane Matthewman.
She has been amazing this month sorting out the WW place entries and all the other huge number of things the role of club secretary requires plus sorting the final standings for the club championship.
Michael Lilley

27.My runner of month is Madeline Haworth for coming first in age cat in ELH 10k.
My member of month is Jane matthewman.
Jen Allen

28.January nominations
ROM – Nickie O’Hara, boy what a trooper! Loving belonging to our club, thriving on the support and working so hard to overcome her demons and make it to the next distance, 10 miles.
MOM – Close (honourable mention to Rowena and Claire Haworth) but for me Natalie Chatterton for the massive support she has given Ellen Barkworth and I setting up the charity auction. She really has mustered the troops for us.
Anna Barcroft

29.Runner of the month – Shell Sears. 100 miles in a month? So on fire!
Member of the month – Sue Wolstenholme. So much organising of everything. Just look at the Facebook page to see she’s organising every day!
Anthony Grady

30.ROTM : Craig Wilkinson
MOTM: Sinéad W
Rose Kay

31.ROM Madeline Howarth for winning Vets 60 at ELH
MOM Anna Barcroft for helping Ellen fundrais for London
Joanne McClean

32.ROM : Claire Brewer
MOM: Jason Rippendale for supporting Claire
Cathy Kilshaw

33.My nomination for ROTM is Linzi birch dearden, she’s been cracking for the last few months and close a few times. She quietly goes about her business n keeps popping up at all different races by herself, which takes guts and her running has improved 10 fold.
Motm is yet again a toughy, mmm but im gunna go for Tracy slater as she also pops up at all different races to support and take some great photos as well.
Dave Short

34.Can I please nominate Linzi Dearden for runner of the month. She did amazing in the PB challenge with excellent running consistently good times. Well done Linzi.
Member of the month, is Tracey Davies for her continues support. Every post from every runner she always has positive comments to say. Encouraging runners and supporting them when they’re struggling through injury or head wobbles.
Michaela Douglas

35.Runner- Shell Sears – She has triumphed and used running as a way to keep her sane this month! Powering forward with 100+ Miles, racing
and getting faster and stronger!
Member – Aadila Mulla. She had a lot to pay and co ordinate this month and goes about the treasurers with no fuss and precision
Sue Wolstenholme

36.Runner of the Month – Richard Slater
Member of the Month – Tracy Slater
Tracy Eccles

37.MOTM Nicola Murphy for planning the super routes on Monday evening’s
ROTM Tracy Davies for leading the Friday night runs & being totally committed to her marathon training .
Sheryl Wynne

38.My nominations are :
Runner of the Month – Michael Goodliffe for getting nearly 200 miles in for January
Member of the Month – Lesley Dewhirst for getting me through Saturday’s run just gone
Jonathan Mallinson

39.Linzi runner of the month for she constant challenges and achievements she is also a supportive member of the club. Sinead for her great work and commitment to the WW.
Margaret Perkins

40.Runner of the Month for me is Linzi Birch-Dearden who was presented with an award for 17 PB’s in the AB challenge! Well done Linzi, awesome achievement x
Member of the Month … I would like to nominate Spenny for his support in organising fab routes on Monday for the BRR open run, and for leading actual groups on both Monday and Wednesday in the most supportive way. Big thanks to Nicola too xx
Joanne Croasdale

41.ROTM my vote goes to Linzi Birch-Dearden
She has run all over the place my not be the fastest be her commitment to running is second to none
MOTM my vote goes to Brian Cross he’s had a few personal problems been an inspiration to other’sThrough his endeavours
John Hannon

42.ROTM Brian cross
He’s really thrown him self into his running since being 8 months sober. Well done Brian
MOTM John Clayton
He’s really got Murphy motivated this month! Think the new trainers have helped as well He’s always helping other runners. I can’t thank him enough for getting Murphy moving. Cheers mate
Michael Spencer

43. ROM for me is Brian Cross. He’s really racking up the miles in his training and is really putting the effort in on his trail runs.
MOM. Jane Matthewman for her continued work with the results portal?. Special mention to Ashley Weir for all of his hard work behind the scenes with the PB challenge last year which was clear to see at the PB Do!
Carla Jenks

44. I would like to nominate Richard Slater for ROTM. Need i say anymore the guys a machine that never stops. Very commited to his running and has bagged a formidable accumalation of miles for the month of January. Well done Richard bowing out of your 50s with some impresive perfomances. You came back from your injury last year and have not stopped. You was itching at the bit to get running at the time and i think you have more than made up for it now. Long may many more miles continue next month very worthy candidate for me.
Member nomination for me is going to be John Hannan. Simply for his great support and planning of his Saturday runs and moreover for being a great support to me during some tough physical and mental training for my Trail Marathon Challenge. If it wasnt for Johns support and kind words i may have talked myself out of it. So member nom from me is for our JH
Brian Cross