Club Member & Runner of the January 2017

Congratulations to the Runner and Members of the Month for January 2017

Runner: Michael Clucas
Member: Nicola Murphy


ROTM David Birtwistle for winning Garstang half with an amazing time. X please edit if I’ve got the wrong race X
MOTM Sally and Jimmy, for inviting English Athletics to see and experience our amazing club. I wasn’t scared one jott about them being with us because there is nothing to be scared of, we are the best. loved Jimmy in the kitchen at the club supporting Sally X
Big thanks as always Susan X

Hi ROTM Andrew Gaskill. Going from strength to strength and who endured a further 12 miles to make his 1000 miles for 2016. MOTM Joanne Croasdale who is not only training for her own marathon but is very supportive of runners and the club. Frozen I believe at a recent half marathon

Runner – got to be Michael Clucas two PB’s in as many days- just getting faster and faster
Member- Denise Brogden for keep turning up everywhere to support with the famous cow bell!

A fantastic effort to create the starter pack which will be so useful for all, Nicola You definitely deserve member of the Month with the time you must have spent on that.
Runner: Michael Clucas for a couple of really great PB’s to start the year off

Member of the month Nicola Murphy for the great job on the new members introduction guide.
Runner of the month, loads of good performances this month with Inskip and others, Jon Turner, getting quicker all the time and has been down the track loads getting the miles In!

Runner – Michael Clucas – despite being away from this area he continues to represent the club in races and has got PB’s in Jan in both half and 5k distances – leeds parkrun 18.09
Member – susan w – sorts everything n never wins a thing.

Member of the month Nicola Murphy for the great job on the new members introduction guide.
Mick Spenny Spencer! Getting quicker all the time and running well on Mondays too!!

Hi! Runner of the month cheryl Schofield! She works hard helping and advising others while she was coming back from injury and continues encouraging runners! member of the month Ashley Weir for putting information regarding everything that runners/ marathoners require. A great attribute to the club!

I would like to nominate Joanne Weir for runner of the month for her vet win doing it for the girls and her advice and support during week runs.
I would like to nominate Ashley Weir as member of the month for his website/online contributions for keeping us all informed.

Hi Sue , please can I nominate David Birtwistle as ROTM, winning a race, wow! MOTM, I think is John Hannan. He is always there for every runner and whatever the run he offers advice and keeps you going or makes you go faster. Thank you xxx

Runner of the month: Claire Fahey
Claire does an amazing job of motivating and supporting runners of all levels of ability, whilst also seeking to take her own running to new challenges… including Rivington trail run in the dark and races abroad. And she’s smashed
Dry January!!! Inspirational!
Member of the month: Michaela Douglas
Michaela is always one of the smiliest girls out there, whether running or marshalling and she has made a fantastic contribution to fundraising for the club this month. Superstar!

ROTM for me is David Birtwistle. 1st place on Central Lancashire Half Marathon and setting a new club record. Fantastic!
MOTM for me is Nicola Murphy for her hard work on producing the new member starter/info pack. Well done Nicola!

Member had to be Nicola Murphy for all fee hard work producing a brilliant starter pack and Runner Michael Clucas for his constant improvement and great times this month

Runner: Junior Clucas, he’s going to win a race at some point too, just getting faster and faster
Member: Nicola Murphy, that starter pack was like an expert had written it, must have really spent some time researching and writing that and it’s much appreciated

MOM – Andrew Chatterton, great support and great photos during January.
ROM – Trudi Jenkinson getting stronger and faster, great ELH and a massive 5 minutes off giving a great PB at St Anne’s 10 mile

Hi Sue,
I’ve witnessed some great running this month and again it’s proving tricky to nominate individuals! However, for MOTM, I like to choose Nicola Murphy for her outstanding contribution to produce the Club Welcome Pack.
For Runner it’s more difficult, it’s sometimes easy to nominate the faster runners who have been brilliant, such as David Birtwistle’s win along with Josh Crowther and Michael Clucas’ fantastic efforts, however I’ve chosen to look at those who’s improved their running immensely this month! I’ve two candidates to make a decision on, Kate Rippingale and Trudi Jenkinson. Kate has been great this month with some strong performances but I’m going to nominate Trudi who has just edged my vote. She has been pushing on these last few months and has had an brilliant January.

ROTM John Clayton. That guys on fire.
MOTM Murphy for for all the hard work she put in on the starter pack.

ROTM for me could be anyone of many who put storming PB’s over the weekend but in the end I’ve gone for Matt Simpson for his storming sub 6:00 average race at Hunters 10km yesterday
MOTM is Jason Rippingale who organised the Meal after St Anne’s and after finishing his own race went back 3 more times to run in with other club members and offer encouragement to them all

I’d like to nominate Nicola Murphy as MOTM for her amazing work on the BRR club starter pack. And ROTM I’d like to vote David Birtwistle for his PB in the Central Lancs ½ marathon and achieving a club record. Both have done brilliantly for the club this month.

My runner of the month is Matt Simpson for his tremendous PB on Sunday. Set his mind to do it and blew his time out of the water. Well done.
My member of the month is Christine Warrington, always has positive things to say and puts every effort into her races, you can tell that by her running face. Onwards and upwards Christine.

MOM …John Clucas … Core & Aerobic classes for all!
..a fabulous BRR added extra! ROTM hard one so many!.. Jason Rip amazing running … great sense of fun & support of others…. impressed at his “plus” miles at St Annes, running back bringing BRR family over the finish line…brilliant.

My nomination goes to John Clayton yet again knocking that much off a half marathon time is simply amazing. John Clayton your my running hero pal

My nominations for MOTM and ROTM
John Clayton for MOTM for his encouragement to me following my injury
David Birtwistle for ROTM for his fantastic win at the Central Lancs half marathon

I would like to nominate Trudi Jenkinson as ROTM her running has improved dramatically and now is reaping the benefits with some great race times including PBs always helping other runners too.
My nomination for MOTM is for Sally Heppenstall for organising the EA visit fantastic publicity for the club and a fab night too. Also for sorting out #BRR on tweeter

ROTM Matt Simpson. 2 races, 2 pbs, making sacrifices and working really hard to knock off those vital seconds. Just goes about his business pretty quietly.
MOTM Nicola Murphy for a great job on the handbook

Hi, nomination for runner of the month is John Clayton. He just keeps getting stronger and an amazing achievement at Inskip Half.
Nomination for member of the month is Nicola Murphy for all the work she has put in to compiling the new member info pack.

Spoilt for choice to be honest!!
I’m nominating John Hannan and Dave Short SORRY can’t choose between the two but I think runner and member.for both.

ROTM – Trudi Jenkinson (brilliant progress & PB’s)
MOTM – Maggie Ainslie (amazing PMA every time! Top supporter, runner & all round good vibe giver!)