Club Member & Runner of the Month February 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for February 2018

Runner of the Month – Graham Jordan / Member of the Month – John Clucas

So many worthy nominations below both running and supporting and a massive team effort by the whole club on the Winter Warmer led by Race Director John.


1.ROM – Linzi Birch-Dearden for just getting her head down, sneaking off and entering what looks like very tough races and for her constant advice about running technique and stretches.
MOM – Tracy Slater for organising the amazing cake stall at the Winter Warmer and for all the fab photos from recent races.

Nickie O’Hara

2.Runner of the month – MALINI CRAIG. Over the past few months her running has come on leaps and bounds. She takes on John and Dave’s runs every Sat when she can and is now loving a hill !!

What she will not tell you and which I admire about her is she has suffered a debilitating illness where she was unable to walk. To be running her 1st half marathon in March is simply amazing.

Member of the month – JOHN HANNON

He is always there for advice and a run when needed and is a massive inspiration. Always helping other people. He is a true gent.

Claire Taylor

3.ROM: Graham Jordan. He’s improving week in, week out and really enjoying his running.
MOM: Jane Matthewman. Did a fantastic job at the WW.
Cheryl Schofield

4.ROM – First a mention for David Haworth and Samantha Badland, Running and training together. It’s going to be interesting when they finally run a race, PBs by a country mile I suspect. However, my nomination is for John Verity. He go his first PB at the Blackpool Half after months and months of demoralising injury.

And MOM Joyce Weeks with or without her clackers (and Gordon for that matter!). Support is BRR’s greatest strength and nobody sums that up more than Joyce. Such a welcome sight and sound on race day.😊😍😊
Anna Barcroft

5.MOTM – Jane Matthewman she works so hard dealing with all the WW entries as well as the championship and now she’s also club secretary, We as a club are very lucky to have her.

ROTM – Anthony Harvey he ran back for all of us constantly checking on us to make sure we were ok at run & eat
Aadila Mulla

7.MOM John Clucas ROM Anna Barcroft
Martina Rimmer

Mom – John Clucas for being instrumental in sorting the winter warmer and keeping the day running smoothly

Rom – Michael Goodliffe for smashing the winter warmer in a great time!
Adam Holden

8.Can I nominate Sinead Whit for MOTM & Michael Goodliffe for ROTM, Chris Almond

9.John Clucas MOM for the Winter Warmer
Chris Almond for his ever improving times and commitment
Craig Douglas

ROTM Graham Jordan. This is why…. had chats, run together and are now marathon training. It’s fair to say that sometimes Graham has been too keen at the start line zooming off and this has burnt him out later on in the race. We have talked a lot about pacing. I am so impressed with the way Graham has turned his training around for marathon purposes. He is so inspirational to watch and I am learning a lot from him. He is so positive, is really listening to advice and is overall for me the best runner of this month. Graham keep going like u are and London will be yours.

MOTM this is hard because I am receiving so much support. I am gonna have to go with Linzi Birch-Dearden. We did our 16 miler with Linzi ON Darwen hertigage. She came prepared with protein bars and gels for us all and gave us brilliant advice. Advice that will get me though the first 20 miles of my marathon. She is a trooper and a tough nut. Thank you Linzi Birch-Dearden x

Tracy Davies

11.Member, John Clucas for all the time and effort he puts into the WW and his constant advertising of Park Run.
Runner, Liz Skupski for her PBs at St Anne’s and Blackpool.
Thanks, Graham Jordan

12.There’s been so many worthy contenders for both Runner and Member of the month. It’s been a really difficult month to choose. Loads of PB’s already in the challenge and loads of outstanding performances, but I think Rachael Gavin gets it with her podium finish at Oulton Park Half. Added to her parkrun win and really strong PB performances in January, she’s running really well.

Member of the month for me goes to Tracy Slater. So many people worked so hard to make the Winter Warmer a success but I would like to nominate Tracy Slater for her hard work on the cake stall at the Winter Warmer. A lot of money raised by some fantastic bakers and a complete sell out. Also, her post the other day about not being able to nominate this month as there were just too many people hit the nail on the head. A very nice message from a very nice lady!

Michael Goodliffe

13.I’d like to nominate Erika Grech, she is running so well, last week she joined John Hannan’s Saturday gang at Entwistle. This was her first ‘off roader’ and she was fab !! The route isn’t the easiest and she never moaned once, she just dug in & got on with it !! Well done !! Laura King

14.I would like to nominate John Clucas for his non stop work for the club and its members. A bit stuck for picking runner of month but I am going to go for Sinead Witt for never giving up on training after having a baby and fighting the gremlins to run no mater what life throws at her.
Adele Mauback

15.Runner- Graham Jordan. He knocked 5mins off his half marathon PB and is training really hard for London.

Member- The lovely Jane. Everyone worked so hard to make the Winter Warmer so amazing but Jane stood out for all her hard work with the race entries and results. Can’t have been an easy task.
Rachael Gavin

16.Hi Sue, my nominations are:
ROTM, Jeanette Baron for getting her 10k PB at Stanley Park and smashing the club record for her age category. She is amazing and I have so much respect for her as a person and as a runner.
MOTM, John Clucas for another successful Winter Warmer and also for back Running at the Run & Eat. Special mentions for Sinead (organising the marshalls at the WW) and Joanne and Ashley (organising a brilliant run and eat) thanks, Anthony Harvey

17.My noms for February are:
ROTM – Rachael Gavin
MOTM – John Clucas
Gina Smith

18.ROM this month is Graham Jordan, he has got his head around the Marathon training and is reaping the rewards with his increased pace. Stick with it Graham.

MOM is Stuart Wadsworth for being a superb and consistent run leader. Thanks
Jeanette Baron

19.ROTM – Linzi Dearden for her Stockport trail Half marathon, for going it alone and getting a PB!

MOTM – Tracy Slater for bringing together the cake stall at the WW raising a cracking about of money! Amazing!!
Gillian Rushworth

20.I’ve seen some exceptional running this month including fantastic running by Tracey Davies at the winter warmer, superb running and pace by Micheal Goodcliffe and Jason Rippendale and Sue is definitely on it with her training, acing the Darwen Half Hills and completing 100 miles per month so far, stepping up the challenge for March! Anna Barcroft won her 1st vet race and has been flying recently. My vote though goes to Jeanette Baron for not only winning a vet 1st but breaking the club record, go girl!

Member of the month has to be the 3 amigos for the winter warmer organisation!

Linzi Dearden

21.ROM – Rachael Gavin for an amazing performance at the weekend. Her training is really paying off!

MOM – Ged for just always being so supportive of everyone.

Emma Wright

22.please can I nominate John Clucas as MOM, he does so much all year for the WW. And I struggled for ROM, given the amazing club bests set by Rachael and Jeanette etc. But I have been so impressed with Nickie O’hara, I think she deserves a nomination. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

23.Runner – Rachael Gavin – very no nonsense and methodical approach and gives her all for the club in races. She’s also inspiring the children she teaches to be the best they can be. Flooded the junior winter warmer race. You can’t do that unless you’re held in very high esteem.

Member – John Clucas for staging what is now becoming the best 10k race out there. I had the privilege of running it this year and given the choice between the London Marathon and the Winter Warmer I would choose our race every single time. Takes his role extremely seriously and reaps the rewards.

Well done to everybody involved with BRR for making each month very special
Rick Wilson

24.My nominations are ROM John hannon , for his efforts at ww , did the 2nd safety reccie then ran as back runner as well as organising the pace team .

MOM Anna barcroft for her fundraising support to other members of the club for their London charities . Just shows want a generous kind lady she is not just supporting the fundraisers but always a kind word of support to others .
Karen Turner

25.Noms for this month..
ROTM- michael goodliffe. Putting the hours in training and reaping the rewards, getting faster and faster! I’m predicting more PBs from him in the next few months! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke too 👍
MOTM- john clucas. I’ve seen at home the amount of hours he puts in for the winter warmer and it was an absolutely massive success!
Michael Clucas

26.I would like to nominate Jeanette Baron for ROTM for getting a Pb and breaking the club record at Stanley Park 10k. Fab running.
MOTM John Clucas for organising the fantastic Winter Warmer race.
Amanda Burrows

There’s so many people getting PBs but i’d like to nominate
Linzi Birch Dearden who is not only doing fantastic with her own running but is also helping other runners with their marathon training

It has to be John Clucas for his involvement as Race Director in the WW – the whole club pulled together under John’s fantastic leadership and it was a brilliant day for our club 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Lisa Rowe

28.Runner Rachael Gavin Some immense times and improving
Member – Jane M, no one works as hard as her for the club, ( with one exception, our Chair) all the Winter Warmer tasks, minutes of meetings, championship, etc etc a true stalwart!
John Clucas vote this month goes to Michael Goodliffe . He has worked extremely hard this year and pulled off some fantastic results. He always encorages fellow runners and has started Thursday morning track sessions .
my member of the month goes to Jane Matthewson . she works quietly away in in the background at the club and works very hard pulling the club championship together
hope this is ok
Phil White

30.Gotta be Miss Gavin for ROTM
Nicola Murphy for MOTM organising and posting the runs for Monday’s Open Run every week (Spenny I know you do this too!) but I like Murphy’s commentaries, the one this week got my arse back down there to run
Sally Heppenstall

31.Runner of month – Rachel Gavin who just gets faster and faster, she’s looking strong for London

Member of the Month – Tracey Davis – for her constant enthusiasm, motivation and dedication to getting people out there and running.

Lynda Barker

ROTM : Jeanette Baron for her PB and club record, awesome lady!

MOTM: John Clucas for his great job on Winter Warmer.
Rose Kay

33.ROM Id like to nominate Andy McArthur
He has embraced his marathon training and is really trying hard so I think he deserves some recognition!

MOM Graham Jordan because he has demonstrated his all round club commitment. He sells the club, is dedicated to fundraising, promotes BRR fully and is running really well.
Well done you guys 👍🏼
Shell Sears

34.My nomination for feb are;
Runner: Sally Heppenstall, keeps going at her marathnn training despite hiccups and head wobbles. Never giving in amd instead focusing on other attempts to ensure fitness on the day.
Member: very difficult to choose between John and Sinead for their fantastic efforts organising a fabulous race our winter warmer. If possible id lile to nominate both
Michaela Douglas

John Clucas – doing a local tour of every park run and organising an awesome Winter Warmer
Sinéad Whit – is there anything this lady can’t do, this club would suffer if it weren’t for her, a lot of behind me the scenes help with others for the Winter Warmer and upcoming presentation night
Chris Hardy

36.MOTM Sid Makinson
ROTM Michael Goodliffe
Sheryl Wynne

John Hannan for checking the course and being the back runner on the winter warmer. Top man 👍
John clucas the race director for all his hard work on the winter warmer. It ran like clockwork. Another top man 👍
Michael Spencer

38.Member of the Month: No explanation needed – a perfectly planned and executed Winter Warmer says it all. No fuss, no drama and modesty by the bucket-load. Well done John Clucas.

Runner of the Month: A gentleman and a great runner who gives his legs freely to anyone in need 😄 Ran the Winter Warmer numerous times (including once patiently pacing my mum!) amongst countless other runs, (solo, Club runs, Open runs, Saturday morning goat-herding runs) the legend, John Hannan.
Nicola Murphy

39.MOTM John Clucas
ROTM Rachael Gavin
Wendy Byrne

40.Hiya Sue please could i nominate Michael goodliffe for ROTM he has had a fantasic month with some pbs along the way and getting stronger plus running every day since the 1st of jan.
For MOTM please could i nominate Michael lilley for raising awareness of the charities that people are running for in the London marathon.
Jon Turner

41.MOTM. John Clucas for managing a flawless Winter Warmer, with special mentions for Jane Matthewman and Sinead for their professionalism and support to John.
ROTM. Michael Goodliffe seems to be on a mission this month / year and it’s paying off big time. Never thought I’d see him as a role model!
Graham Henry

42.Member of the Month – Sally Heppenstall for doing such great marketing to get the Winter Warmer full for race day, she twittered non stop! A massive mention to the immense work carried out by the best Race Director in England John Clucas, the best entries co ordinator Jane Matthewman, treasurer that gets on with it to precision Aadila and Marshall co ordinator extraordinaire Sinéad. The event was off the scale and that is also down to the hard work of all the people who contributed, showed what a strong team we are.

Runner – I want to acknowledge Jeanette Baron winning an category prize and Rachael Gavin for must astounding me with her race times . Michael Goodliffe deserves a Runner of the Month ( a second time) for his last ditch hard working attempt at star runnerdom before he hits France running 🇫🇷

43.ROM & MOM

King of the park runs
Where’s John Clucas ?

Queen of cool running do’s & epic effort
Sinead Whit
Cathy Kilshaw

44.Please could I nominate Graham Jordon for runner of the month… he has really got stuck into his marathon journey, training really well, achieved a PB by 5 minutes on his last half marathon and has raised a fabulous amount of money over £2300 for his charity to help children with cancer.
Please could I nominate Ashley for member of the month as he gives a lot of time helping with the weekly newsletter which I love to read every Friday, and his Sunday running group is fun and provides encouragement and support to many.
Joanne Croasdale x

45.Member of the month Graham Jordan has done a fantastic job fundraising for children with cancer UK hitting 93% of the target £2,341.00.And for his training for VLM his furthest distance ever ran this month. And into the bag A Great Northwest half marathon PB by 5 mins as well and on track with all training fantastic what you’re doing Graham. Keep on keeping on.

Runner of the month
Dave Almond for 1st Veteran 50 cat at Oulton Park Half Marathon impressive
Brian Cross

46.Runner of the month – Rick Slater – constantly smashing out amazing times and
always getting out there regardless! Total inspiration

Member of the Month – Nickie O’Hara – Nickie has not only found her own mojo
but is also spreading it round! Totally love her infectious attitude and love
of running – this girl is on it!!! – just don’t know how she finds the time for
podcasts, blogs and involvement in charity work too! Great work Nickie!

Thanks very much
Tracie Wilson

47.My ROTM vote goes to Jeanette Baron this little power house is getting faster and winning prizes too a lovely lady always smiling and willing to help others.

MOTM I’d like to nominate Shafiq Khan for his fantastic WW video as his all round Awesomeness
John Hannon

48.ROM for me this month is Michael Goodliffe. He’s always out there!
MOM is Nicola Murphy. Although I haven’t been down much recently on a Monday, I always see her posts, route planning and general motivation for the Monday night runs.
Carla Jenkinson

49.ROM. once again I going for Rachael Gavin
Every time I look she is rather getting a PB or First Lady or placed in top three in a race. Lovely lady too

I don’t normally vote in House but I think John Clucas deserves the member ( I know lots of others deserve a mention too) however the hours and hours put in to making sure every element of the Winter warmer is in order is unbelievable unless you live with him!
Deborah Clucas