Club Member & Runner of the February 2017

Congratulations to the Runner and Members of the Month for February 2017

Runner: Trudi Jenkinson – Great running getting faster and faster and breaking sub 50 on a 10k for the first time last week
Member: John Clucas – The Winter Warmer race Director and Class instructor extraordinaire.


1. I would like to vote for joanne sharp for her stellar performance at the great north west half marathon becoming the first female to cross the line well done Jo
I would now like to nominate john clucas for MOTM for his dedication and hard work for directing the winter warmer. i know it takes months of planning and without that we wouldnt have a race in blackburn great work john

2.Hi ROTM Trudi Jenkinson. She has gone from strength to strength her times have beem amazing and her recent pb is a true reflection of how awesome and determined she is.
MOTM John Hannan and Dave Short. The dedication and feedback after a Saturday run stands before them. Giving up their Saturday mornings in all weather’s ceases to amaze me. True gents. Fab runners

3.Feb – MOTM – John Clucas organised a fantastic Winter Warmer this year and so helpful and supportive.
ROTM – Trudi Jenkinson, yet again going from strength to strength with 2 PBs this month and getting a sub 50 at Stanley Park – truly inspirational

4.ROTM is Dave Almond for me. He’s made a phenomenal start with the club and has worked hard coming back from injury. He’s knocking out some superb times & im excited to see exactly how fast he can go. Also great to see him embracing club life.
MOTM is our beautiful unassuming Jane. The sheer amount of work that went into her job was crazy. She is super organised. She works tirelessly for the committee and just quietly gets on with everything.

5.ROTM for me is Trudi Jenkinson. She’s had some great times this month including a Sub 50 min 10K. Fantastic running.
MOTM is John Clucas. Fantastic Winter Warmer 10K and for all the great sessions he puts on for us at Ivy Street.

6.I would like to nominate Trudi Jenkinson for runner of the month for her awesome running, she just seems to get faster and faster every time she races.
I think John Clucas deserves a big thank you for member of the month, not only does he run a fabulous Core Strength and Aerobics session every week, he really puts the effort into making sure all runners are fully supported by doing a zillion run backs on long Saturday morning sessions.

7.ROTM – Trudy she has improved massively and scam first in her age category at Stanley
MOTM – this is a tough one as everyone pulled together to make water Warmer happen however for me it has to be John the time and effort that goes into putting an event on and it ran so smoothly credit to the race director

8.Shame I don’t know how to send. But yet again the BRR have had a lot of runners who have had great races and improved their running ommensely. i think Trudi Jenkinson has been outstanding, broken her pb,s few times and getting under 50 mins nowand been amazing for runner of the month. Joanne Crosdale has knuckled down with training for manchester marathon and deserves some recognition for it MOTM.

9.I’d like to nominate Dave Short for runner of the month for his unfaltering commitment to his training for upcoming races.
Member of the month is Gina for her support of the long runs at the weekend and providing alternative routes when necessary

10.So many to choose from but…
Member of the month – Mr Clucas as he headed an amazing team and pulled off yet another fantastic Winter Warmer to make the Boardman’s proud. Also his contributions to building core and aerobic strength for the Roadrunners. Never has so much fun been had ‘chopping people’s heads off, booting in doors and squatting’ to some catchy tunes. Also maintains a smile throughout!
Runner of the month – Trudi Jenkinson. Going from strength to strength and so unassuming.

11. Dave Short and Dave Hannan for member and runner of the month, both tremendous with their running challenges and Dave for always running back for and with us sloths on a Saturday and John for adding support and organising the runs.

12.ROTM Trudy for getting a sub 50 but not just for that, she’s been smashing it for months now! Most improved running in Group 4 over the last couple of months.
MOTM John clucas for the support he gives other runner and his core sessions and all his hard work on the Winter Warmer. He’s a good all round guy!

13.Motm for me is Andrew Chatterton, great job at the winter warmer and always a strong supporter.
Rotm, kelvin Sole, back after a long injury and PBs flying all over the place with some really quick times!

14. Am I correct in thinking Jane BRR has not won member of the month. Lovely inside and out works hard behind the scenes and running well herself. Nailed on MOTM

15. I would like to nominate the following ROM Anna Barcroft who is going from strength to strength with her running and her times in races reflect this
MOM Dave Short he is a real team player he does a brilliant job sorting out long runs with different cut offs depending on the mileage you need. He offers really good advice and is really encouraging and supportive

Here we go again, difficult task of trying to choose worthy nominations for February!
For MOTM, I’m going to nominate Claire Incutti, she has been a great foil for Ashley and helped him achieve successive race PBs in St.Annes 10m and Blackpool Great North West Half, even picking up one herself at Blackpool too!
For ROTM, again the club has seen some impressive performances in February, Jo Sharp 2nd lady and club Record performance at the Great North West Half was brilliant, Trudi Jenkinson continuing her awesome running, but I’m nominating Janet Weir for her outstanding sub 2hr time at Blackpool Great North West Half.

17.Hi Sue. rotm is a toughie this month as so many PBs and cracking performances. Michael Lilley is smashing his Marathon Challenge, but will inevitably receive the award later in the year, Janet Weir and Tracie Wilson for destroying their PBS at GNW Half Marathon, but based on a performance on this month alone and especially after her injury problems later last year it just has to be Jo Sharp for smashing the all time club record for half marathon – and inspiring me toy PB in the same event!
MOTM has to be Jane Matthewman who has worked tirelessly on the Club Championship – a daunting task indeed

18. Morning! Rotm has to be Dave Short for the endless but fantastic running routes, support and encouragement that he gives! Even down to running at the back at a distance making you feel that your running strong!
Motm Tracey slater for the fantastic cakes! Support and smiles on most race days!

19.nomination for Runner of the month is Trudi Jenkinson. She’s getting stronger and stronger, had a fantastic result at the weekend with a PB and a prize First Lady vet 50. She’s also a truly lovely woman and very supportive towards the newer runners.
Member is Ashley Weir for all the work he puts in with the Facebook events, the new info page, routes on Sundays, etc

20.Sorry I’m late with this… I’m gunna vote for Kelvin for runner of the month. He’s on top form since getting back running!

21.I would like to nominate Trudi Jenkinson for ROTM as she keeps improving and smashing out PBs
MOTM for me is Ashley weir for all his hard work behind the scenes and planning runs for the club

22.ROTM. Trudi Jenkinson for some impressive PB’s and 1st V 50 Stanley Park 10k
MOTM. Ashley Weir fir organising Wednesdays run and eats and Sunday club runs, always with his lovely nature and smile

23.MOM John Clucas again for me …superb Aerobic/Core classes for all … how lucky are we!! ROM Lots of progression in speed and miles a difficult one to call but the Manchester Marathon crew are doing fantastically well In upping their miles i would like to nominate every one of them ….but to pick one ….Joanne Croasdale …there’s no stopping her.

24.ROTM Trudi Jenkinson. She has being going faster and faster and broke 50 for the first time I believe at Blackpool on Saturday and won her age category
MOTM The entire BRR committee for the phenomenal effort and success of the Winter Warmer