Club Member & Runner of the Month February 2016

Runner of the Month : Joanne Sharp
Member of the Month: John Clucas


Can I nominate Carla Jenkinson for her leadership and commitment to group 5 and previous leader posts x

Member of the month has got to go to John clucas he’s a fab bloke whom thinks of other people and goes out of is way to help everyone he did a absolutely fab job of the winter warmer hats of to you John runner of the month has got to go to madeline haworth this lady always takes time out to speak with me and what a cracking month she’s had.

ROM: Michael Lilley. Perfect pacing in the Winter Warmer, completing the Great North West half marathon in awful conditions and getting a new 5k PB all in one month.
MOM: Andrea Baynes for helping make the comedy night such a roaring success.

ROTM Madeline Haworth for a second first in age category this year! Missed it last month
MOTM John Clucas for a well executed Winter Warmer with a lot if behind the scenes work

My MOTM has to be John Clucas for the months of hard work and commitment, making the Winter Warmer a spectacular success.
ROTM is Madelaine Haworth, I think she’s had 2 consecutive age cat wins in last few weeks? Great runner!

I’d like to nominate Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for her two running performances last month..outstanding running..well done . Can I add on for runner of the month Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner smashing today’s run. She has worked so hard and achieved so much in January and February xx

I’d like to nominate the Saturday morning guys dave Short and John hannon for their great Saturday morning organisation of the group of all abilities and the amazing energy and encouragement they provide…sorry I couldn’t just pick one of them

Jeanette barron for runner of month to get under 50 mins and a placed position is fantastic must also say Kathyrn gardner has done fantastic well and was a close call between both.
Allison fellipes for supporter she turns up to support at races and was a star at comedy night.

Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner – runner of the month for her fantastic PB at Stanley Park, her encouragement of other runners and for just being so lovely.
Member – John Hannan for leading fantastic runs always with lots of smiles and encouragement.

Member of the month. Carla, she is a great run leader and puts in 100% on the Monday evening session.
Runner of the month. Micheal Lilly. He is really packing the miles in.

So Runner of the Month would be Kathryn AG for her all round efforts and improvement culminating in a 51.30 today at Stanley Park 10k taking a full 4 mins off her previous best. She’s trained like a demon, embraced the speed sessions and improved so much over the last few months.
Member of the month has to be the guys that sorted the new timing system out, I know a number of people were involved (Shaf, Kathryn, Joanne Weir, Jane Matthewman and possibly more) but I’m told Ashley Weir manually put everyone’s results in which must have taken forever so he nicks my nomination.

For winning twice in her age category I must nominate Madeline Howarth. This is a major achievement.
MOTM is John clucas for his tireless work in making the winter warmer a total success.

Member of the Month. John Clucas for the meticulous planning of the WW. Took time of work on race week which exemplifies his dedication. Was equally dedicated to the fruit cider in the HH later too!!!
Runner of the Month: Kathryn Gardner. Another significant PB yesterday on top of the sub 2 hour half earlier this month. Completely transformed herself over months by getting the nutrition and exercise balance spot on which she is now reaping the rewards of. Shining example and always understated ????

Runner of the month
I think she had a good shout for it last month but was narrowly beaten. However, continued effort and success means Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner is my choice.
Member of the Month
For the attitude, effort and implementation of the Winter Warmer I think the whole membership deserves a team award. Above and beyond this though is John Clucas’ perfect organisation.
Gets harder and harder. I’m going for Jo Sharp for 1st lady this morning and Miss Gavin for member of the month. Rachael does a good job leading groups and her contribution to WW to be commended. Getting all those kids to take part above and beyond the call of duty.

ROTM was a tough decision with some outstanding performances. There was the guys up at the Lancaster 10k earlier in the month, Jonny Finney winning a Parkrun & smashing his 10k PB, Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner smashing her PB & all the others who put in a shift this weekend! But I chose Jo Sharp as I think she is a worthy winner finishing not only as First Lady at Stanley Park but also breaking a club record at the same time!
MOTM was easy! I’m choosing the Gaffer, Susan Wolstenholme! Fantastic month for the boss not only pulling off another spectacular WW 10k but also put on a great show in the charity comedy night! Well deserved if she accepts it!

My nomination are Madeleine for her regular race results but particularly today’s result as runner of the month .
I will again nominate Andrew boardman for member for on a personal note his constant support of a group of women of a certain age , he constantly encourages us all and will never leave us even when we say you go the long route we’ll be fine he just says no I’m not leaving you lot round here ??????
He is a constant support to each of us AND the poor lad has to listen to us every week going on , he deserves a halo let alone a trophy.

ROTM – Scott Slater for breaking sub 40 & 39 at Stanley Park 10k plus for his recent efforts training for the Bolton Ironman.
MOTM – Shaf Khan for his efforts on the club website and WW media production.

I can’t choose just one this month. I have to nominate both Dave Short & John Hannan for their fantastic Saturday morning runs. Plus they took good care of me after my first running fall!
For runner of the month I nominate Jonathon Finney for getting first place on the revised Parkrun course in under 20 minutes.

Please may I nominate Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner for ROTM? She’s going from strength to strength and working so hard and getting the benefits through her numerous PBs. Must mention Madeleine too-a great month from her.
MOTM Mr John Clucas. That man worked exceptionally hard to make the WW a huge huge success. It was a smooth operation and that along with his team was down to John.

Hi Sue hope you are well. Runner of the month my vote goes to Kathryn Gardener. She is going from strength to strength in her running and always has time to Help .
Guide .Advise people in all aspects of running . And again my other vote goes for you for all your hard work and how you’ve raised the profile of the club to new heights .I know you won’t post your self down but you DESERVE it .

For motm, my nomination goes to John Clucas for his great work in being race director for the Winter Warmer.
For rotm, Jo Sharp – her Stanley Park result was brilliant – but it shouldn’t surprise anyone who sees her running on Wednesday evenings. She doesn’t shout about it – but she’s a class act.

My ROTM is Kathryn A-G. Still can’t believe that time at Stanley Park, wow! I remember when she was desperate for a sub hour 10k and a sub 30 min parkrun, she has come on so much and with sheer hard work, determination & dedication to her training.
Special mention also to Jo Sharp for 1st lady at Sunday Stanley Park and breaking a club record & to Jonathan Finney for his Parkrun win. I struggled to choose between the 3 of them but have gone with Kathryn.
My MOTM is you Sue Wolstenholme and I hope you will accept it. Pulling off another brilliant Winter Warmer, sorting out a fantastic comedy night, all that training for your 4 marathons, fundraising a massive amount for Macmillan & still looking after everyone at the club – you’re amazing!

I would like to nominate Jeanette Baron for runner of the month because of her fantastic PB at Blackpool Stanley Park 10k and she got 2nd in her category. I think Jeanette was still on C25K just 12 months ago. Fantastic runner.
I would like to nominate you, Susan Wolstenholme, for member of the month for your commitment and dedication to your charity night and fundraising, awesome work along with your training commitment. Well done.

Would like to nominate Joanne Sharp for ROTM for 1st Lady at Stanley Park 10K.
Hope I’m allowed to nominate you Sue for MOTM!!!!!!!
I thought what you organised for the comedy night was fantastic and a huge credit to you. A fantastic charity to raise money for and a wonderful social event for all the BRR.

I would like to nominate the Gardners!
Kathryn ROTM
Andrew MOTM
What a lovely couple. Work so hard in their running and put a lot into the club.
Some great performances and PB’s from Kathryn and Andrew’s Speed Sessions and early morning Yassos have been fantastic (from what I hear!).

Runner of the month Kathryn Ashcroft Gardener. Good solid training resulting in some amazing pb’s.
Member of the moth Andrew Boardman for leading group six on the club run, his leadership qualities care and attention to all.

Can I plz put Cathryne ashcroft gardner for runner of the month, for all her efforts to finally get the pb’s she’s wanted n she’s been very close lately.
For member of the month I’d like to nominate a joint one for the wiers for their tireless work that they’ve both done behind the scenes lately, the only reason I also didn’t include Jane is simply because she won last month.

ROTM – Shell Sears Hardy great group running but also huge personal improvements
MOTM – Dave Short an inspiration, good fun, but helping so many others with their running along with the other Saturday morning hero John Hannan

For me runner of the month has to be Joanne sharp for breaking a club record this weekend fantastic achievement.
Motm for me is our kit man steven Lythe always helping and supporting both at the club and at races

I would Like to jointly nominate John Hannan and Dave short for members of the month. I know this isn’t normally the case but the way they manage their sat runs is amazing they are ever so welcoming. They are enthusiastic and get people moving 🙂
Runner of the month Kath Gardner.

Runner of the month – Liam Hindle
Member of the month – Andrew gardener

Easy choice for MOTM for me, I’m nominating John Clucas for his first time out as Race Director for the WW! An excellent choice for RD of our club race and calmly coordinated it all. Thank you John.
Now then ROTM is getting tougher all the time! I want to nominate so many from the so many PBs and winners in age cats to go at!
Worthy candidates need mentioning though are:-
Jointly Jon Turner & Michael Lilley who are improving and pushing each other on week by week;
Jo Sharp breaking a club record and winning Stanley Park;
Madeline Howarth winning age cat again;
Some great 10k PBs witnessed this month though, difficult to remember everyone but quite a few being smashed, Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner is a stand out as well as Cheryl Schofield and Roger Philips!
Jonathan Finney and Emma Walton blazing fast times which are so impressive as well!
However my nomination for ROTM for February is Jeanette Baron who romped to an impressive Gold Award on the new age grading with over 71% for her sub 50 min 10k, taking 5 minutes off her PB!
I’ve probably missed mentioning other deserving members as well, so massive well done to everyone, keep making it difficult to choose!