Club Member & Runner of the Month December 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Janet Weir
Finished the year on a high smashing a 10K PB at Ribble Valley and running at a super 70%

Club Member : Anthony Furnell
For marshalling Parkruns weekly when our injured and taking on the mantel of volunteer co-ordinator for 2020.

Thanks to all who nominated so many worthy members as below:


1. ROTM – Janet Weir. She has worked so hard all year really trying to hit her challenges. Through hardwork it has paid off. Fab running and to top it all Janet is such a lovely person.
MOTM – Lynne Knowles. Her positive attitude and ‘get up and run’ has inspired many. I have loved watching her on her running journey. Big things for Lynne are yet to come. She just needs to believe.

Tracy Davies

2. can I please nominate this month; runner of course has to be my best friend Janet Weir, I have followed her all this year watched her smash her goals and put an enormous amount of time and effort into achieving all she has. A fabulous end of year triumph sub 54 PB at Ribble Valley 10k and smashing her 1000mile challenge.
For member I nominate Tracy Slater, wherever BRR are strong, shes right there with her encouraging words, long lense and fabulous cakes, the lady’s a legend.


Michaela Douglas

3. Runner of the month for me is Michael Clucas. Smart guy who trains smart. Had the pleasure of running 600’s with him on one of the track sessions.

Member of the month Hayley Duckworth, very encouraging to others, but getting stronger all the time.

Well done,

Ben Johnson

4. Nominations for December

I would like to nominate ROTM
Janet Weir
for accomplishing her PB at the Ribble valley 10k , going from strength to strength in her age catergory
well done Janet

and MOTM
I would like to nominate
Sinead for organising another fabulous Christmas party 🎉 the rugby club , it was very well organised , Good food and such good fun

Thank you

Linda Wilding

5. Runner of the month Jeanette Baron. Fantastic performance at Boxing Day 10k and Ribble Valley 10k.
Member of the month. John Clucas for C25 and supporting other runners.

Kathleen Brayshaw

6. ROM
Runner of the month has to be Alex Thomas Frankish. He’s just going from strength to strength.

Sinaed Simpson for organising do Christmas do.

Ian Goodliffe

7. I’d like to nominate my Twinnie, Janet Weir for ROM, she has tried so hard to get her Sub 54 on the 10k and at the last minute with the great pacing of Rick Slater she achieved her goal and also managed her first 70% Age Grading. Fantastic, well done.

For MOM I would like to nominate Hayls Runner for selflessly pacing lots of different paced runners to get their PB’s even though she hasn’t been well enough to push herself she used recovery time into helping others. Well done Hayls

Jeanette Baron

Gail Bamber what a fantastic year this lady has had PB afterPB always with a smile. Gail has proved to the club her determination to succeed well done x
Sinead for a fantastic xmas party best one ever. And a massive shout to kieran for doing the gingerbread houses and faces brilliant x

Tracy Slater

9. ROM
Janet Weir for chipping away at the targets she set herself this year – finishing them by achieving her sub 54 min 10k yesterday
Richard Slater for pacing other runners to achieve their own goals – fantastic
Deb Clucas

10. Runner Alex Curran, totally devoted to his running and getting faster and faster.

Member Liz Skupski for her tea party fundraising at the end of November. Special mentions to her and Deb Clucas for selling raffle tickets whilst I was on holiday, i knew i could relax as they had it covered.

Well done to everyone this past year, there’s been some phenomenal stuff going on, you just cast nominate everyone sorry.
Graham Jordan

11. ROTM – Scott Slater
I have loved following Scott’s comeback journey and he has excelled himself this month especially. Managing to get back to sub 20 pace, after his very unfortunate time out, is an amazing achievement. His dedication, perseverance and determination to hit this again, has been infectious. Keep going, Scott!

MOTM – Anthony BRR (unsure on real surname, sorry)
Since injury, Anthony has thrown himself into many marshalling posts, setting a great example to us all. He has helped support others in ways that he probably doesn’t even realise he has.
What an amazing person to have in our club; always so positive, kind and helpful. You’re a star, Anthony.

A big shout out to the speedy Michael Clucas on his RV10k PB, just wow! Also, a big thank you to him for his detailed overview of the race itself. Having never done it before and pacing someone on the route, using this really helped!

Hayley Duckworth

ROTM is Carla Jenkins on for getting that amazing achievement of a time under an hour for 10k

MOTM is Sinead Simpson for organising an awesome Xmas party for the BRR

Chris Hardy

13. please can I nominate Jeanette Baron as runner of the month. Has anyone checked if she wears heelies on her runs? 70% consistently amazing runner.
Special mention to Janet Weir for her amazing RV10k time.
For MoM please can I nominate Tracy Slater, she bakes, photographs, hands out leaflets, lends out husbands and all while getting back to running herself. She is an inspiration and real lady.
Special mention to everyone who had helped me improve this year, from chasing Amanda Burrows around numerous parkruns and training runs to Rose Kay getting me training miles in and feeding me loads of delicious and sometimes healthy food.
So looking forward to next year with my running family xxx

Christine Warrington

Runner OTM: ‘PB Magnet’ – Gail Bamber for her many race and Parkrun achievements. She’s been storming the PB challenge since it began in Jan, and has picked up lots more in December, ending on a high.

Special mention to Donna Mazur as well who has also been phenomenal.

Member OTM: Anthony Furnell for picking himself up following an injury and supporting his team members at races and Parkruns. He’s been a massive support to myself when marshalling at Witton, and now he’s encouraging fellow Club members to also get involved. He’s a kind soul who spreads positivity.

Special mention to Kieran McBride, who kindly baked special surprises for Club members for the Christmas party. What a guy!

Many thanks

Karen Rishton

15. Such a tough month to chose a runner as there has been some amazing running. However, ROM for me is Jeanette Baron. Jeanette is forever winning age category runs and just gets her head down and gets on with it, pulling out great performances time and time again. Ending the year with a location PB at RV10k and 1000 miles in the bag – just awesome. Special mention to Janet Weir who has done amazing too, securing her sub 54 at RV10k to round off her year.

MOM for me is Hayley Duckworth. Hayley is an amazing runner, yet will sacrifice her own runs to help others. I know Karen Rishton was really grateful for Hayley’s park run with her when trying to get a PB. However, my nomination is more so from a personal level; she paced me not only to a sub 60, but a sub 58 at the RV10k, even though that was like a walk in the park for her! She is so encouraging and is just amazing!
Just want to say well done to everyone for 2019 running, all the best for your 2020 goals.

Carla Jenkinson

16. please can I nominate Michael Clucas for runner of the month. Brilliant PB at Ribble valley 10k and a top guy 👍

For member of the month I’d like to nominate Anthony Furnell. Set a brilliant example of supporting / volunteering whilst injured.


Matt Chester

17. Member of the month: Gary Blackburn for enduring weeks of Apprentice related conversation whenever I have seen him at either club run, park run, or the super market.

Runner of the month: Adam Booth for his great time at the Aintree Half Marathon.

Kind Regards

Alex Curren

18.Runner: Janet Weir – PB and over 70% at Ribble Valley 10k – what a cracking way to finish 2019.
Member: Kieran for making the Xmas party cake without prompt and to spend so long on his creation , special kudos to Tracy Slater for making the Gingerbread and Tracy Hickey the 10 charity cakes ! So much time donated amongst you cake makers.

Susan Wolstenholme