Club Member & Runner of the Month December 2018

Congratulations to
Runner: Michael Goodliffe
Club Member : Sinead Whittaker

Congratulations to all nominated for the work and effort you have put in, again so many deserving members

Thanks for all the below


1.My nomination for ROM my seem to be a bit of nepotism, but I think the Michael Goodliffe deserves it. This month he is running an amazing 268 miles to bring his run every day to an average of 10k a day for the year. He has also flown the BRR flag while in France and also had 2 PBs this month alone. Plus he’s my son and I love him.
MOM can only be Sinead Whit.
Ian Goodliffe

2.Rotm – Sheryl wynne. Amazing weight loss and super running. Always smiling and generally getting on with achieving her goal to run the London marathon. She is an asset to the club. Never a dull moment with our Sheryl around.
Motm – Michael Goodliffe. Whilst he has done an amazing running challenge, his dedication to the club remains. He’s an asset to the club even though he’s in another country. What a fantastic achievement and inspiring many people along the way. I cant even imagine doing the challenge he has done. Much respect and much admiration.
Tracy Davies

3.I would like to nominate Aadila Mulla for MOTM organising Sues baby shower and collection.
ROTM is Michael Goodliffe for his 365 challenge.

Can I also give a mention to Karen Turner Coram for her RED in December. Most of us need motivation especially this time of year, she’s an inspiration to us all.

Linzi Dearden

4. Rotm – Richard Slater. Well since this guy has turned 60 there is no holding him back
Smashed 4 club records this year, and this month alone won is age category in 6 out of 6 park runs

MOTM – There are an amazing lot of people that deserve this award the amout of work that the committee put in over the twelve month is awesome so hats of to you all . My nomination is Sinéad for organisations of the xmas do
Tracy Slater

5.My nomination for ROTM is Joanne Weir, continually doing PBs, or helping her her friends get round races.
MOTM is like to nominate Sinead for her hard work organising the Christmas party and also helping me with announcing at the charity raffle.
Congratulations to everyone this year for some fantastic efforts, there’s been so many fantastic achievements. Special mention to Michael Goodliffe for his RED for charity, an awesome effort.

Graham Jordan noms for December are ROTM Michael Goodliffe and MOTM Sinéad Whittaker.
Chris Almond

7.ROTM is Jason Rippengale, 2000 miles for the year and PBs galore, a real machine.
MOTM is Sińead Whit for organising such a well run Xmas Party for all the runners, it looked amazing as always
Chris Hardy

8.ROTM Michael Goodliffe
MOTM Craig Douglas
Thank you
Wendy Byrne

9.Runner of the Month: Shell Sears. So many achievements this year including knocking 3 mins off her 10k PB and completing the 1000 Miles Challenge this month.

Member of the Month: Susan Wolstenholme! Can’t think of anyone who works harder or does more for the club. Even throughout the latter stages of pregnancy you’ve been as active as ever.

Nicola Murphy.

10. ROM, it’s been tough to decide this month as there are so many deserving folk out there that are running so well but my nomination is Our Ged, he has took his time coming back from injury even though he has been chomping at the bit to get back out there. Well done.

MOM is Annika, she sorts us all out with our uniforms and it must be such hard work with the amount of members growing in size. Her running is improving too and she is looking very trim, well done Annika
Jeanette Baron

11.please can I nominate Sinéad Whittaker for Memeber of the month after organising the brilliant Xmas do.

Also please could I nominate Joanne Weir for runner of the month after plenty of PBs in December and breaking that 55 min barrier on boxing day.

Matt Chester

12.ROTM Michael Goodliffe for running everyday this year, what an achievement!
MOTM Sinead Whit for organising the Xmas do as well as working full time, looking after Arthur and getting some great running in too!
Mick Wignall

13.ROM – Claire Brewer for smashing sub 50 at the Ribble Valley 10k and having a great year, well done for all your determination x

MOM – Graham Jordan for all his fantastic charity work and for always putting others first, don’t know how you do it!

Angela Coulter

14.ROM I’d like to choose Shell Sears as she is going from strength to strength and achieving one fabulous PB after another.
MOM has to be our Sinead for the fantastically organised BRR Christmas Party… literally one of the best nights of the year!
Joanne Croasdale

15.ROM: George Bell – going from strength to strength and loving his running. Would like to mention Claire Brewer too – so much hard work and smashing RV 10k. And Shell Sears for finishing off her running year with a clutch of achievements PB’s and a smile on her face.

MOM: Craig Douglas for all his super hard work with the raiders raising money. I’d like to mention Aadila too who puts in so much hard work behind the scenes

A wonderful BRR year. So many great people & achievements to choose from.
Sally Heppenstall

16. Please can I nominate Sinead as member of the month for the great work on the Christmas do, fabulous organisation as always. Thank you Sinead.
And for Runner of the Month can I nominate Michael Goodliffe for his RED year! an amazing achievement and I am sure he is proud of everything he has done (if a little tired).
Christine Warrington

Chris Almond. He’s been smashing PB’s all year then to come out of hospital and getting a good time at the RV 10K

Sinead for sorting the Christmas do out

18. Member Chris Almond for overcoming a health scare and finishing the year strong in the Ribble Valley 10k

Runner Think it has to be Michael Goodliffe for his daily running achievement in 2018

John Clucas

Kate Pomfret for completing her 100th Park Run

Sinead Whittaker for planning a fantastic Christmas party

Happy New Year Everyone
Deborah Clucas

20.ROTM – Shell Sears. Her running has been fantastic and she set herself goals and smashed them. Brilliant.
MOTM – Sinead Whit. Another fantastic Christmas party. It was so good I enjoyed it in France. Great photos!
Michael Goodliffe

21.ROM – Claire Brewer – epic running achievement 🏃
MOM – Sinead Whit – Christmas 🎄 doooooooo👏🏻
Cathy Kilshaw

22.Michael Goodliffe for both. Runner for his awesome achievement for RED2018 and Member for being inspiring whilst doing RED2018
Nickie O’Hara

23.Runner : Michael Goodliffe – awesome, Unbelievable, committed, determined! # RED365
Member : Aadila Mulla for arranging my baby shower without a sign, loved it and thanks to all the club for contributing, also mention to Sinéad for seamless organisation of the Xmas Party and Craig Douglas for his 4th year fund raising making Reindeers for East Lancs Hospice.
Susan Wolstenholme

24.Rom – Ian Goodliffe. For coming from near death to smashing all his challenges
Mom – Susan Wolstenholme. After having a baby she’s still on it for new ideas for next year
Joanne McClean

25.Runner – Michael Goodliffe.
Member – Shell Sears.
Amazing year for both runners.
Caroline Slater