Club Member & Runner of the Month December 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for December 2017 

Runner of the month
Michael Lilley for completing 12 Marathons in 12 months and raising a significant amount of money for Macmillan

Member of the month
Adam Holden for pulling together the Andrew Boardman Challenge which has motivated people to volunteer and help with club activities throughout the year. No easy task creating such a large spreadsheet and handling enquiries and posts.

Massive kudos to many others mentioned with multiple nominations including Jason Rippingale and Rachael Gavin, Sue Wolstenholme and Sinéad Whittaker (committee members).  Acknowledgement of all is very much appreciated


1. ROTM: Withouth a shadow of a doubt. Michael Lilley. 12 Marathons in 12 months and the £15K+ he has raised for charity. What a guy! I am in awe mate! Well done!
MOTM is Shafiq Khan. Produces a fantastic calendar of our beloved Blackburn raising money for charity. Well done Shafiq.
John Clayton

2. ROM – Michael Lilly for completing his 12th marathon of the year and raising over £15000 in donations awesome achievement
MOM – Sinead Whittaker for doing a fab job organising Xmas do and kids party
Joanne McClean

3. ROTM – Michael Lilly for completing his 12 marathons, his grit and determination is amazing!
MOTM – you for organising Christmas Eve run and raising a phenomenal amount in memory of our good friend. Also at the same time raising money for east Lancashire Hospice by selling the calendars
Aadila Mulla

4. ROTM: Michael Lilley for his 12 marathons and smashed his target.
MOTM:Sue Wolstenholme for organising Christmas eve charity run.

5. My votes this month, Sinead for member of the month for organising a brilliant Christmas Party and runner goes to Michael Lilley for completing his 12 Marathon challenge.
Anthony Harvey

6. My runner of the month (and year) is Michael Lilley for his epic 12 marathon challenge.
My member of the month is Shaf Khan for the fantastic calendar images. I acknowledge the massive effort that has gone into this also by Sally, you and others. A brilliant product so well done to all.
Sid Makinson

7. I would like to nominate our leader Sue for MOTM for her organising a festive run for everyone.
I would like to Nominate Michael Lille’s for ROTM for his outstanding grit and determination over the past 12 months.
Linzi Duerden

8. I would like to nominate Michael Lilley for ROTM for completing his 12 marathon in 12 months an awesome achievement.
And MOTM Susan Wolstenholme for organising the Xmas eve run. 🙂
Amanda Burrows

9. ROTM has to be Sinead. What determination is shown here just having had a baby. Dublin awaits you. Good luck Sinead in your comeback x PS top xmas do too x
MOTM Brian Cross. Hardest part of the year and he massively succeeded. This is no easy task but he has shown determination and pure strength. This guy is stronger than any of us om this club to overcome what he has in the last 6 months is awesome. Well done Brian. Keep going. You are an inspiration to me and to our club x
Tracy Davies

10. ROM: Rose Kay and Amanda Burrows. These 2 ladies set there own challenges and always see them through. 1000 miles over the year and 10 Park Runs done. Well done ladies.
MOM: Brian Cross. A big pat on the back for coming so far. Stick with it Brian, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Jeanette Baron

11.Member of the Month for me has to be Adam! He has worked tirelessly on the AB challenge and done a fabulous job all year. A big well done to Sinead too for all her hard work on the awesome Christmas Party.
Runner of the Month for me has to be Jason Rippingale….. 3000 miles! Just wow! X
Joanne Croasdale

12.Runner of the Month: This isn’t something that can be done in one month but Jason Rippingale deserves Runner of the YEAR! Having followed some of the guys doing the 1000 mile challenge and seeing the dedication that took, to complete 3000 miles in 12 months is something special! Well done Jason.
Member of the Month: Sinéad Whittaker for the awesome organisation of the Christmas Party. Special mention to Matt too. Can’t have been easy but they executed it perfectly. Great job.
Nicola Murphy

13.My nomination for runner of the month is Carla Jenkinson for doing the 3 miles a day in the month of December which is tough but especially at this time of year…. truly amazing !!
Member of the month goes to Sinead Whittaker for all her hard work at organising the BRR Christmas party …. it was amazing and a credit to her.
Catherine Horne

14.My nominations are
Runner of the Month
Rachael Gavin- Lots of fabulous PB’s and strong running – getting faster and faster, such a lovely person too x

Member of the Month
Susan Wolstenholme – organising the Christmas Eve run and raising such a great amount for the Stroke foundation
Debs Clucas

15. Rotm Michael Lilley for his amazing 12 marathons in 12 months for his charity
Motm Susan Wolstenholme for all the hard work and time she gives to our wonderful club throughout the year, December seem a perfect time to thank her.
Special mention to Sinead for organising the Xmas party too
Joyce Weeks

16.ROTM has to be Michael Lilley for his massive achievement of running 12 marathons in 12 months & raising all that money for charity.

MOTM Sinéad for her excellent organisational skills in putting together the Road Runners Christmas party.
Sheryl Wynne

17.Member of the month: Without a doubt this must go to the poor long suffering Adam Holden. I am sure when he took on the role of organising the points challenge thought it would just that !
I think it has proved to be fun and games in so many ways !!!
I know there have been ups and downs with it but I have loved seeing everyone take part and taking in part in things they might not have – only to find they enjoyed it ie marshalling/bagpacking.
So well Done Adam I think you shoug get an AB reward for all your work Thank you.

Runner of the Month: Sinead – I think that the picture of her and Matt running park run in the snow shows the determination of a runner getting back into after taking time out to make a little person.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year XxX
Rowena Falcon Doherty

18.Hi Sue please can I nominate Michael Lilley as ROTM for his mammoth achievement of his 12th marathon in 12 months.
And for MOTM can I nominate you, for all the hard work you do for the club, but still managed to arrange a massive Christmas Eve event that raised so much for charity. Thank you also, to all of the committee who do so much all year. Xxx

19.I think ROTM should go to Michael Lilley for his commitment to his charity and also his achievements over the year.
MOTM I would put Sinéad for a flawless Christmas party
Lorna Bowes

20.Susan W member of month for another awesome year for BRR and organising the Christmas Eve run, Jason R runner for 3K in 365 days
John Clucas

21.Please could I nominate Carla Jenkinson for Runner of the Month.
Please could I nominate Rose & Amanda for Member of the Month.
Laura Malpass-Weir

22.ROM Michael Lilley for completing his 12th marathon in 2017 and his fantastic charity work.
MOM Sinead Whit for organising excellent Xmas parties for both the grown ups and kids
Gordon Weeks

23.Runner of the month has to be Micheal Lilley. An amazing year doing 12 marathons, a staggering achievement.
My member of the month goes to BRR itself and what a year it has been for all the clubs runners.
Chris Hardy

Neil Grunshaw

Michael Lilley for his awesome achievement running 12 marathons in 12 months – I do not know how he did this – just incredible
Sinead for all her hard work with the Christmas Party – not an easy task but to take it on with a new baby to look after as well – well done Sinead it was a great night
Thanks Sue – looking forward to 2018
Lisa Rowe

26.MOM – Adam Holden please for his tireless efforts coordinating the AB challenge, can’t have been an easy task, special mention also to Michael Lilley for organising the bag packers at M&S.
ROM – Jason Rippingale for his (slightly bonkers) 3000 miles this year!
Annika Halsall

27.I nominate Michael Lilley as Runner of the Month and
Sinead Whittaker as Member of the Month.
Debbie Bolton

28.Runner of the month is Sinead whitt and baby Arthur with their parkruns
Member of the month is Adam Holden for the job of sorting all the points out
Katrina Grunshaw

29.MOTM Susan Wolstenholme
ROTM Michael Lilley
Happy New Year.
Wendy Byrne

30.ROM Micheal lilley MOM Rowena
Martina Rimmer

ROM I know Jason has somehow done something like Superman WELL DONE to Mr Rippingale but I want to vote for Rachael Gavin! She has most certainly done it for the girls this month winning all those ‘fab’ prizes, hats off to her she gets my vote!
And MOM though I have been poor at adding points for the AB challenge Adam Holden has done a manmoth job with collating all that info from all the waffle and banter!! Well done Adam
Happy New Year, I am feeling the love and positivity after a very emotional roller coaster! I am on the up! Heres to a fab 2018 of running!!
Shell Sears Hardy

31. ROTM – Rachael Gavin, she’s on fire!!
MOTM – Sue Wolstenholme for organising the Christmas Eve We Remember Run and for hard work promoting/selling the charity calendars. Special shout out to all other members who helped to get the Christmas Eve run together. It was brill! And also special mention to Shafiq for his amazing photography work in those calendars!
Lizzi Watton

32. Runner of the month
Has to be Michael Lilley, what he has achieved over the last 12 months is phenomenal as well as inspirational, the money he raised along the way will make a massive difference for his charity as well
Member of the month
Has to be Sinéad Whit for the organising of a brilliant Christmas do this year, literally sorting everything to make sure we all had a top evening.
Mark Vaughton

33. ROM: Michael Lilley
I can’t believe what Michael has achieved … completing Marathon number 12 is
just testament to what an awesome runner he is.. really well done Michael
MOM: Shafiq Khan
Amazing photos and fundraising … great contribution to the club
Tracie Wilson

34. Member of the month for me is Jason Ripp. He has really helped me get my confidence back with his wise words and positive encouragement on Wednesday nights
Runner Carla Jenks. I’ve loved following her 31 days of marcathon. Very inspiring!
Rachael Gavin

35. My runner of month is John clucas. Just gets on with it, no fuss. Turns up anywhere in country and runs for BRR. Not overly bothered with time just loves running and encouraging others. A true inspiration.
My member of month is Ged Johnson. Has helped us boardettes with triathlon training. Given up his own time to help others. A true gentleman.
Jen Allen

36. Please can I nominate Rachel Gavin for ROM as she has raced amazingly this month and has had so many pbs and Sinead for MOM for all her inspirational Facebook posts this month, helping motivate everyone x
Ellie Wright

37. Runner – Michael Lilley what an amazing journey in 2017, 12 Marathons and over 16k raised, awesome!! Special mention to 3000 from Jason R and awesome times from Rachael G
Member – Adam Holden for orchestration of the AB points challenge all year, no easy task and you’ve answered the queries with humour and pleasantry!
Special mention to Rowena for her constant compáring at short notice including Xmas Eve and the kids party, Natalie who is creating and ordering our splendid badges and Sinéad for the Xmas Party !

38. Runner – Michael Lilley for his 12th marathon and finishing it in style in Malaga. Well done Michael on your massive achievement. Have a rest fella!
Member – Sinead for sorting the Christmas party again – great job, well done.
Gina Smith

39. ROTM & MOTM December 2017
My nomination are as follows:
For ROTM – I’m going to nominate Michael Lilley for his fantastic achievement in finishing his 12 in 12 Marathons. A worthy mention is to Rachael Gavin for his continued top performances in returning to racing. Other mentions are Carla for her personal daily challenge for December and Jason Rip for a good month culminating in completing over 3,000 miles for the year….that’s some going!
For MOTM – I’m going to nominate our Chair Susan Wolstenholme for the magnificent effort in raising funds for both the Stroke Association and ELH in arranging both the Christmas Eve run and Blackburn Calendar, with great support from the club. A big shout out to Sinead for another fantastic Christmas Do, thank you.
Ashley Weir

40. ROTM Rachael Gavin. Tons of PB’s this month. Special shout out to Carla Jenkinson and Linzi Birch Dearden who’ve also achieved tons this month.
MOTM Jane. Tireless work on the WW which goes unnoticed by so many as it’s behind the scenes, we miss so much that this Wonder Woman does for the club.
Sinéad Whitaker

41. ROM – Definitely Rachael Gavin for me. She is absolutely killing it at the minute and getting PB’s galore!
MOM – Sinead Whit for her awesome efforts again with the Christmas Party. The time and effort she puts in to the organisation of the event is clear from how successful the night is. Just brill.
Carla Jenkinson

42. Runner – Jase, 3000 miles and managed a sub 40 on Boxing Day! Worthy of a shout out.
Member – Sinéad for the months of work that go into the cat herding known as the Christmas party.
Thanks v much and happy new year!
Matt Simpson

43. ROM: Marathon and 1000 mile woman Lisa Byrom. A truly awe inspiring running year
MOM: Sinéad Whittaker social secretary extraordinaire. Another fabulous Christmas do and all round top girl.
Cheryl Schofield

44. ROTM my vote goes to Jason Rippingale he has run his socks off this year with an incredible 3000 miles racing pacing and helping others with running tips.
MOTM my vote goes to Richard Slater for his supporting at race’s and pics. Plus helping other’s with plans and training
John Hannon

45. Hello Sue, pretty sure I am past the deadline but if I can squeeze in a vote I would like to mention the following:
Member: It HAS to be Adam Holden for monitoring the Andrew Boardman Challenge throughout the year!
Runner: No doubt it my mind, it has to be Jason Rippingale for his 3000 mile year. Shows outstanding perseverance and determination over 365 days.
Joshua Crowther