Club Member & Runner of the December 2016

Congratulations to the final Runner and Members of the Month for December 2016

Runner: John Clayton
Member: Rowena Falcon Doherty

Special mention to David Birtwistle who will be receiving an annual award for breaking the club 10k record this month at Ribble Valley.


Runner – record breaker David Birtwistle, his time on the Ribble Valley 10k was awesome and he is so humble with it, I think there is even more to come from him in 2017.
Member – Rowena Falcon Doherty for standing out in the cold on #runforandrew to help organise rather than run, she has done this on a number of occasions over the past few months for the club!arent we lucky to have an entertainer amongst us to bring professional atmosphere to every event.

I’m nominating John boy clayton for rotm especially for his Ribble Valley 10k PB top effort come on leaps and bounds

I’ll nominate Jason Rip as ROTM. 3000 miles is just a ridiculous (phenomenal)  amount of running!
MOTM this month Rick #Wilsonnotastley for pacing my pal Sid to an excellent pb time at RV10K

I nominate John Clayton as runner of the month for December. His running has improved immensely and he shows great dedication and focus to his training. He has ended the month with a fantastic time at the Ribble Valley 10k, giving him a pb of 44.57 On top of that, he always offers support, advice and encouragement to less experienced runners along the way!  A worthy member for this month’s award!
I nominate Rowena Doherty as member of the month She always supports events with her humour and amazing outfits … lovely to see her at the Santa dash at Corporation Park and the run for Andrew. The time she puts into supporting and cheering other runners on is amazing –  thank you Rowena!

Runner: Gotta be Bertie! Absolutely phenomenal time on Tuesday’s race in Clitheroe. Totally inspirational.

My nominations are ROTM Sheryl Wild. Very dedicated to her marathon plan and has done well in keeping up her distance.
MOTM Spenny he is always there supporting if not running

Susan my nominations for this month – Member of the month – Claire Fahey for always encouraging new runners and organising social runs/walks .
Runner of the month -Jason Rippingale for his fantastic achievement of 3000 miles this year.

My nominations are…. Jason Rippingale for ROTM….3000 miles clocked up in a year!!
Sinead Whit for MOTM….for putting her time & effort in to organise the fantastic Xmas party.

Hi Sue please can I nominate Jason Rippingale as runner of the month – 3000 miles? Really?
And the lovely Sinéad as member of the month, how many things does she organise? Fab Xmas do and loads of other events this year. Thank you xxx

ROTM – David Birtwistle, club record 10k nuff said.
MOTM – Rowena Doherty, consistently gives extra to club but nominated this time particularly for mc’ing the Run For Andrew event on Christmas Eve. In less than ideal weather conditions.

ROTM: Andrew Raynes (The Flying Vicar)  Superb PB  44:44 at Ribble Valley 10k!  Well done Andrew!
MOTM: Rick Wilson, once again, he was on hand to help members achieve PB by pacing them on Ribble Valley 10k. Well done Rick!

I would like to nominate John Clayton for runner of the month – his 10k race times keep getting better and better
For member of the month it has to be Sinead for all her hard work organising the xmas party – especially when she was so poorly too x

Runner – Birty for that club record 10k.
Member – Rowena as she turns out constantly doing compere / PA duties for BRR, at both “home” and “away” meets. She turns out regardless of how much she has going on in her life, and even despite her own ill health Its not like its her “role” like it is a committee members.

Hiya Susan I would like to nominate michael clucas for ROTM for amazing performance at christmas cracker 10k
I would also like to nominate rick wilson for coordinating and organising  the run for andrew event a massive task well done

So it is that time again – here goes  MOTM Susan Wolstenholme- as well as the job of chair, which is no mean feet. I have also seen her genuine compassion for the sport of running and those involved. Supporting new runners on their journey whilst not forgetting the established members of the running community is not easy.
Runner of the month had to be John Clayton – he has trained hard and received great results.

Hope I’m not too late.  Runner of the month Bertie for smash the club 10k time.
Member of the month Sinead for organising the Oscars and Christmas do

Hi Sue, runner of the month is John Clayton for his commitment in his weight loss and the amazing times and PBs he is pulling out the bag. Well done.
Member of the month is DJ Row, for putting her all into everything she does and her dedication in her DJ roll. Thanks Rowena.

My nominations for December : Runner of the month John Clayton
Member of the month John Clucas

ROTM – got to mention Jason Rip for his 3000th mile! Although it would have been more if Malaga had happened! ha ha.
David Birtwistle for his record at RV10k. All the 30 race people are fantastic.
But I’d like to vote for Trudi Jenkinson who has been running some fantastic times and smashed the RV10k.
MOTM – has to be Mr John Clucas for his additional core & exercise classes, a fantastic resource we are so lucky to have, and great we can invite family & friends.

Runner of the month for me has got to be David Birtwistle for his incredible achievement, breaking the club record at the Ribble Valley 10K.
Member of the month… I would like it to go jointly to the members who have completed the 30 races challenge. Ashley, Joanne, Kathryn, John, Michael and Jason.  An awesome commitment by all

Sue I’m struggling with Dec cause not been running. Runner I’d say Craig Douglas for stepping up and running on my behalf when injured smashing his PBS.
Member I’d say you Sue for turning up and encouraging everyone and offering advice every week despite being poorly.

ROTM John Clayton running from strength to strength collecting PBs on the way promoting what a healthy diet and exercise can do.
MOTM For me I think Jason Rippingale running some Extraordinary Miles helping other runners in races promoting the club ho…

It’s getting tougher each month; Rotm – I’m going David Birtwistle but it was close with Michael Clucas and Mr Rippingale.
An all time club record and a huge PB shows how hard he works, fantastic runner, I wish he wasn’t in my age cat!
Motm- Sinéad, for the Christmas party. Huge amount of work and co-ordination plus a fair bit of grief absorbing goes into a cracking night.  Bring on 2017!

ROTM for me is Joanne Weir. This woman has been phenomenal this month and achieved some amazing goals. Her mileage, her completion of challenges and her general spirt have never faulted. Joanne has to be one of the most selfless runners I know. On more then one occasion she has sacrificed her own PB to help others cross that line.
Special shout out to Kathryn who also completed some amazing things this year. I feel that 2017 will be her year. She’s worked tirelessly and there’s definitely more to come from her.
Well done to Ripp on a mental mileage clocked up too!
MOTM – Rowena for me. A reassuring phone call, a run at the side of me, a message and a smile have really kept my spirits up. We are lucky to have this diamond amongst us.

Runner of the Month – Has to be David Birtwistle for his record-breaking effort at Ribble Valley 10k. Awesome to see!
Member of the Month – Ashley Weir for keeping on top of everything, as always.

Trudi Jenkinson for Runner of the month – consistent running and John Hannon for member of the month been absolutely fantastic with the Saturday morning runs

Runner(s). Kathryn A-G and Joanne Weir for completing 30 anniversary races.
Member – John Hannan for awesome Saturday runs and great maths.

Member of month: Row …sound advice giver, encourager of all groups/abilities within BRR.
Runner Linzi Birch-Dearden – Doing so well  …speedy now too…should be moving up to group 4 now

Hi sue my runner of the month is Joanne Weir for completing her 30th race of the year and a PB at Preston park run!! Fantastic running! Also a mention for Kathryn Ashcroft Gardener for also completing her 30th race!!

Club awards for Dec: David Birtwistle for ROTM after beating the club 10k record at RV10
I’d like to vote the entire committee for MOTM for their selfless dedication to ‘running’ such a big club.

Having just read Kathryn Ashcroft Gardners post  summing up her year in running I would like to nominate her for runner of the month, what a fabulous year she has had.
I would like to nominate Ashleigh Weir for member of the month for all the organisation he does week in week out setting up the groups, invites and weekly emails etc so everybody knows what is going on and what they are doing. Great Job Ash!

ROTM John Clayton, he’s  just getting better.
MOTM Rowena for all she has done and supported this year